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  1. There seems to be lots of Popcorn and Poppycock in this thread.
  2. Unfortunately those open class videos seem to be next to impossible to find!
  3. The top 3 from last year look to be at the top this year, too. With Genesis moving up to World Class, that will open another slot for some deserving open class corps.
  4. Yes, that was during an unbelievable stretch of tragedies that Des Plaines suffered through in 1967/68. On June 10, 1967, Des Plaines lost John Gruber, a member who was fatally-struck by lightning in Des Plaines. On May 31, 1968, Barbara Lutz and Jean Deal, Vanguard color guard members, were hit and killed while walking home from corps practice. December 27, 1968 was the plane crash at O'Hare, that killed Ronnie Pappas of the Vanguard.
  5. I never heard about that one, Elphaba.
  6. Or the old Regal Crownsmen, (Cranston, RI), who were on the field through the '79 season:
  7. I had the pleasure of seeing (HEARING) Cameron Carpenter at the Kennedy Center in 2015. Wow!
  8. A true tragedy. R.I.P., Finis.
  9. This is extremely sad. R.I.P., Finis.
  10. They were still officially the "Pioneers" in '79. They didn't go to the singular "Pioneer" until '83.
  11. For a second I thought the title of this thread was "Do drum corps have a legal right to restrict AS### at their rehearsals." I hope so.
  12. Gale DOES approve!!
  13. That's a good one.
  14. Nice keepsake to have, Linda.
  15. Well...... there was the Odyssey Drum & Bugle Corps from Middlesex County, MA. They wore what appeared to be aluminum foil-like coats that apparently acted like real aluminum foil and heated up to an unbearable temperature. (Kind of like foil-wrapped baked potatoes.) Odyssey was only on the field in 1978, probably because all the members baked to death.