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  1. I am amazed that 8 years after I first posted this we would hear from two people (in the last 24 hours) who knew Jacalyn Harp! It would really be something if one day we would hear that they figured out who perpetrated this crime.
  2. Thanks for posting on here! You certainly would know more about this than any of us. I started this thread back in 2009. I first heard about it in an old issue of Drum Corps News, and I was interested to know if anyone was ever arrested. Years ago there was much more about this case that showed up on the internet than there seems to be today. My original post included a link, that apparently is no longer active. It was on the websleuths online crime community, where amateurs discuss old unsolved crimes. I also once saw a website where the suspected person's name was mentioned (sorry I don't recall who he was). He was a suspect in other NJ cases.
  3. Joseph Bernert (Audubon Girls) belongs in the DCI HOF, as do the founders of the St. Ignatius Girls. Perhaps it's also time members of the LaFlamme family (Spartans) should be recognized.
  4. After competing in the smaller divisions for quite some time Roman went back to D-I/World Class starting in '94.
  5. And when Roman was inducted, Pioneer was still Division I.
  6. Brian, I always love your posts. I have some questions you probably can answer about Crossmen history in 70-80s. Could you message me back when you have time? Scott Myers, Hanover PA - Thanks!

  7. You would have to think that some Crossmen alumni would have nominated him at some point over the years.
  8. I agree about Harold. The only thing I can figure is that he hasn't been nominated??? (Hard to believe, if true.)
  9. It was the 1968 Air Force Academy Drum & Bugle Corps that introduced the Kenton Neophonic Orchestra sound to drum corps, when they did Fanfare for the New.
  10. Back on June 18, 2004, I posted this on the soundmachine forum: Frank Minear, who was a drum corps instructor/arranger/member, as well as former lead trumpet for the Stan Kenton Orchestra died yesterday. Minear, who also authored a high-note trumpet playing method book, won the 1991 DCA Soloist of the Year award while marching as a member of Minnesota Brass. Frank arranged the amazing "Fanfare For The New", a Kenton tune, for the Argonne Rebels in 1973..... a chart which ushered in a new era for brass performance on a football field. Despite the fact that the Rebels only took 11th at those 1973 DCI finals, Argonne took 2nd (to the world champion SCV) in musical analysis, showing just how effective Frank's work was. Anybody who was around drum corps in those days knows just what a breakthrough piece of brass arranging that 1973 Minear chart was. He joined the Argonne staff to help teach the brass that season.
  11. My experience is that the state VFW and American Legion most often didn't bother to send any scores to the publications of the day. They just wanted to hold their convention. After the 1971 season the scores that were published didn't say they were Ohio VFW or Legion contests. I probably have many of those scores, but since it doesn't specifically say it was a state VFW or Legion contest there's no way of knowing (unless you know where and when each year's contests were held).
  14. I once wrote about the number of circuits just from the year 1964 for my DCW column. That was recently put on the DCW facebook page. Here are some that were active that year: Northern California, California, Southern California, Northeastern, Hudson Valley, Yankee, Greater New York, DCA, Penn-Jersey, Tri-State, All-American, Interstate, Southern Florida, Southeastern, Gold Coast, Florida, Illinois-Missouri, St. Louis Area, Illinois, Lake County, Badgerland, Central States, Buckeye, Great Plains, Southern States, Northern New England, National, American, CYO, Eastern Massachusetts, Hudson-Berkshire, Mayflower, Wolverine, St. Paul, New Hampshire, Jersey Shore, Minnesota, Garden State, South Jersey, Western New York, New York-Canadian, Central New York, Suffolk-Nassau, Penn-York, Liberty, Genesee Valley, Sounds of Suffolk, Long Island, Family Circle, Midwest, Washington State and Canadian Drum Corps Association
  15. As is the case with most corps that have gone inactive over the decades, there really aren't published accounts as to the reasons the corps disappeared. Offensive Lions did have an alumni group, Tradition, that made appearances through the late 1980s. The US Open ended for reasons like so many other major contests...........the march of time.