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  1. Old Souvenir Programs

    Are you looking for any programs in particular?
  2. Skip Prokop, R.I.P.

    This is sad news. Thanks for sharing. I've written about Skip in my DCW column, and always liked Lighthouse. (If you had a nickel for every corps that played "One Fine Morning" in the early 70s....)
  3. Santa Clara Alumni Corps

    I think we can say that the three corps in the Santa Clara 50th anniversary season are FANTASTIC!!!
  4. Drum Corps Hockey

    In April, 1976, Madison hosted a tournament where: the Scouts beat Royal Crusaders 5-2 27th Lancers beat Cavaliers 10-1 Cavaliers won consolation over Royal Crusaders 5-2 27th Lancers won championship over Madison 8-6
  5. Drum Corps Hockey

    I know Royal Crusaders had a team, and I think 27th Lancers did also.
  6. At least video of 77 Boston has been posted on YT within the past couple weeks. It's not from Boulder, but it's better than nothing.
  7. When you have "Jurassic" as part of your name......
  8. It would be GREAT to have videos of virtually the top 21 from '77!! (I should say non-finalist corps.) I had to include the 21st place Royal Crusaders, just to be able to see Patty Beggy dance during the Chorus Line feature. The crowd went nuts! Anaheim, Oakland, Guardsmen, Boston, North Star all had that Boulder crowd going wild!
  9. I was there in Boulder to see that great Oakland Crusaders percussion performance. One of the great accomplishments in DCI history!

    Remember the General Mills tv campaign that had the greatest slogan in history....... YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY BUGLES!!!
  11. Best Performed Show

    I was always amazed at how brass judge Bill Doyle seemed to be a GREAT fan of Suncoast Sound. In that '89 championship, it was him that awarded Suncoast 3rd place, while at finals Mike Rubino gave them 9th. In '86 Doyle had them 1st at finals, while Dallas Niermeyer had them 3rd at prelims. In '84, Doyle gave Suncoast 1st at prelims, while Bernard Baggs had them 6th at finals.
  12. O.C. Standings 2017

    Way to go, RCR!
  13. Pioneers need our help

  14. March On! - Minneapolis, MN - Aug 1

    I still haven't figured out how the all-age corps are scored in junior corps contests.
  15. March On! - Minneapolis, MN - Aug 1

    And the all-age corps will FINALLY get scored.