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  2. I always thought marching in cowboy boots must be just about the worst thing you can do.
  3. Which Colts look, Keith? The pre-1977 cowboy uniforms, with vests and cowboy boots.... or the 1977 riverboat gambler uniforms? Most people don't know that Drum Corps World owner Steve Vickers came up with the design for those 1977 orange gambler uniforms.
  4. To quote myself (it originally appeared in my DCW column) from the February 28 posting on the Drum Corps World Facebook page: "The 1950 Magna, UT, junior corps was one of the most secluded corps in U.S. drum corps history. Denver was more than 500 miles away and the corps of southern Montana was equally distant. A few years later a corps started up in Brigham City, UT, to give Magna company. Despite lack of competition, Magna competed at the American Legion Nationals in 1941 (Milwaukee, WI), 1946 (San Francisco, CA), 1949 (Philadelphia, PA), 1950 (Los Angeles, CA), and 1952 (New York City, NY)." Sugarhouse was another Utah corps from the 1940s/1950s.
  5. 5th Maine Regiment (Portland, ME) was active through the 1979 season. 20th Maine Regiment (Oakland/Waterville, ME) was active in 84, 85 and 86.
  6. Corps of the North was supposed to compete at the 1965 American Legion Nationals in Portland, but due to the powerful earthquake that hit Alaska in March, 1965, they had to put their money and energy elsewhere at home.
  7. Maybe have to include Black Gold for Oklahoma, since they did make DCI top 25 a couple of times. Also, the Enid Legionettes All-Girls were a very successful Oklahoma corps in the 50s and 60s.
  8. Maybe have to put Oregon Crusaders with Argonauts. My home state of Minnesota would have to be the St. Paul Scouts. Kansas would be a tossup between Argonne Rebels and Sky Ryders.
  9. Thanks for the photos, Standrews.
  10. R.I.P.
  11. I am amazed that 8 years after I first posted this we would hear from two people (in the last 24 hours) who knew Jacalyn Harp! It would really be something if one day we would hear that they figured out who perpetrated this crime.
  12. Thanks for posting on here! You certainly would know more about this than any of us. I started this thread back in 2009. I first heard about it in an old issue of Drum Corps News, and I was interested to know if anyone was ever arrested. Years ago there was much more about this case that showed up on the internet than there seems to be today. My original post included a link, that apparently is no longer active. It was on the websleuths online crime community, where amateurs discuss old unsolved crimes. I also once saw a website where the suspected person's name was mentioned (sorry I don't recall who he was). He was a suspect in other NJ cases.
  13. Joseph Bernert (Audubon Girls) belongs in the DCI HOF, as do the founders of the St. Ignatius Girls. Perhaps it's also time members of the LaFlamme family (Spartans) should be recognized.
  14. After competing in the smaller divisions for quite some time Roman went back to D-I/World Class starting in '94.