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  1. Northern Thunder

    St. Rose Scarlet Lancers

    And we can't forget that Jim Wedge got his start as a member of their hornline.
  2. Northern Thunder

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    I guess all other corps wish they could musically fail so epically.
  3. Northern Thunder

    Retreat and scores

    They will indeed be streamed again tonight.
  4. Northern Thunder

    DCI World Champs Prelims - Aug 9, 2018

    Guardians 71.2 Louisiana Stars 68.438 River City Rhythm 68.425 Southwind 66.438 Jubal 66.185
  5. Northern Thunder

    best corps names

    There was also the failed experiment to call the corps from Seattle's Kennedy High School the Mouchoirs, which means tissue or handkerchief in French. Nobody knew how to pronounce the name, or what a Mouchoir was, so eventually the corps became the Continentals, and they lasted through 1979.
  6. Northern Thunder

    best corps names

    In this case, Oblong is the name of a city in Illinois. There was a published photo of one of the corps' booster buttons in a 1950s drum corps magazine.
  7. Northern Thunder

    best corps names

    Tillamook Cheesemen (Tillamook, OR) Oblong Little Egyptians (Wood River, IL) Golden Kazoos Sr. (Kalamazoo, MI)
  8. Northern Thunder

    Open Class Championship Speculation

    I agree with kkrepps, but then again I also agree with kkrepps!
  9. Northern Thunder

    Audubon bon bons

    The Bon Bons were magnificent at the 1957 American Legion National Championship in Atlantic City. They won top percussion, by almost a full point over the second best West Reading Cadets. They took top general effect, and took a close second in brass.
  11. This story is several days old, but I don't believe anything has been posted on DCP about it:
  12. Northern Thunder

    Old Souvenir Programs

    Are you looking for any programs in particular?
  13. Northern Thunder

    Skip Prokop, R.I.P.

    This is sad news. Thanks for sharing. I've written about Skip in my DCW column, and always liked Lighthouse. (If you had a nickel for every corps that played "One Fine Morning" in the early 70s....)
  14. Northern Thunder

    Santa Clara Alumni Corps

    I think we can say that the three corps in the Santa Clara 50th anniversary season are FANTASTIC!!!
  15. Northern Thunder

    Drum Corps Hockey

    In April, 1976, Madison hosted a tournament where: the Scouts beat Royal Crusaders 5-2 27th Lancers beat Cavaliers 10-1 Cavaliers won consolation over Royal Crusaders 5-2 27th Lancers won championship over Madison 8-6