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  1. I've had the same problem!
  2. Dick was a 60-year member of the Minnesota Brass organization:
  3. I can still see the full-page spread Drum Corps News did on JAG back in the late 70s/early 80s.
  4. The Macomb show was announced as being cancelled by DCI on November 23 of last year.
  5. My nephew in Chicago was pleasantly surprised to see Cavalier buses at the church he works at this morning. Turns out they are sleeping on the gym floor there this week.
  6. I was beside a few thousand booing fans who didn't like the tie score.
  7. If they pull off Flight of the Bumblebee in under 10 seconds it would be fun!
  8. The posture of the guy in the photo reminds me of Slender Man:
  9. I am just glad to see Music City is consistently one of the few corps out there that at least gives us a taste of what they are performing, and they have done it for years.
  10. Minnesota's Rivermen wore top hats in '79, just before they became a DCI top 25 member corps ('80 & '81).
  11. Here it is Elphaba:
  12. Yeah, Fran, I thought I heard all the drum corps tragedies over the decades, but this was a real surprise.
  13. On October 10, 1888, 36 boys, who were members of the St. Aloysius Society Drum and Bugle Corps of Pleasant Valley, PA, (now known as Avoca, PA), were among the 66 people killed in a train wreck at Kidder Township, PA. The story is here: Here's the wreckage:
  14. Sometimes TIME STANDS STILL... Just like the final 2 minutes of an NBA game.