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The history of the Westshoremen

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On ‎10‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 9:49 PM, Fran Haring said:

Heh... in 1978, Jack Meehan came East to work with us (Sunrisers) after the DCI season was done,  leading up to DCA championships.

One rehearsal, he told us in the French horn line that he needed us to play louder in a couple of spots.

Of course, telling our Frenchie line to "play louder" was like throwing raw meat to the lions.  :tongue:

LOL we had a HS band director and volume wasn't a concern as much as "Don't lose the TONE".  So if you could play loud and with a good tone in the RFL (real flipping loud) parts of the show.... lets just say  WSM is where I really learned to listen to my self play.

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He still plays that way, Jim. Did a New Cumberland town band fill-in and sat roughly ahead of him. I realized that there was no way I could try and level up with that on my Euphonium playing into the stage ceiling and curtains and just kept tight and played within the horn. Corps instinct told me to try and match... but I knew that wasn't gonna work. J.B. said I did a nice job sight reading the charts, made me feel good. They play some nice, nice stuff in that band, not the normal town band fare, but very good stuff. The "Mary Poppins" medley arranged by Alfred Reed they did is wicked. Grade 5-6 stuff, bizarre key changes- 5 sharps kind of stuff... I was hanging on and thankful I practiced sharp scales religiously as a kid which saved me through some parts of that piece.

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