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Southern Star Cup XIV

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Official Release

Southern Star Cup XIV

Hosted by The Star Organization

Bright House Stadium (Campus of the University of Central Florida)

February 25, 2012 at 11AM

28 Corps in Competition

World Class - 14

Open Class - 8

Class A - 6


RESERVED (40 to 40) = $35



Weather Outlook

Cold front moves in early morning. Cloudy and 62 at start time but clearing up to Party Cloudy & 64.

Performance Schedule (based on DCPI "Weighted" Ranking thru 2/22/10)

10:00 - Gates Open

10:50 - National Anthem (Southern Star Senior Corps)

CLASS A Begins

11:00 - Mysteria

11:15 - Inland Empire Elite

11:30 - Los Tiburones

11:45 - Majestic^3

12:00 - Central New York DBC

12:15 - Hg

12:30 Break (After Class A Competition)


1:00 - Hurricanes

1:15 - Tampa Bay Storm

1:30 - Quilt Cadets

1:45 - Eeclypse

2:00 - Chicago Enforcers

2:15 - Star of Hawaii

2:30 - Riverside Elite

2:45 - Mercury

3:00 - Break (After Open Class Competition)


4:00 - Star of Florida

4:15 - Cryptic Paradox

4:30 - Confederate Regiment

4:45 - Plata Brass

5:00 - Avengers

5:15 - Roselle Park Conquistadors

5:30 - Majestic

5:45 - Star of Jupiter

6:00 - Freedom Spears

6:15 - Nastalgia Vanguard

6:30 - Minnesota Aurora

6:45 - The Elite Brigade

7:00 - Velocity

7:15 - Quiksilver

7:50 Retreat and Cup Presentations

4Rivers Smokehouse will be catering food for ALL corps during the show. There will be marked area for all corps members to have dinner.

Thanks to all the corps for their participation and especially the numerous volunteers making this event one of the best in DCPI.

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You gotta send me a PM in May or so to remind me to make a southern swing this Summer. It's been too long since my corps have been at this show.

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Last slot in each division... I must be doing something right this season. :D

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Some day of drum corps. Weather held nicely with sun and 70.

In CLASS A competition, Hg held off Inland Empire by .13 for the Gold cup.

Gold - Hg (81.80)

Silver - Inland Empire Elite (81.67)

Bronze - Los Tiburones (79.395)

In OPEN competition, Mercury defended their seeding with a very strong performance.

Gold - Mercury (87.16)

Silver - Star of Hawaii (86.62)

Bronze - Chicago Enforcers (86.2)

And in WORLD competition, the closest contest in the history of the event. For only the second time Jupiter won it's home sponsored show. A margin of .16 separates the top 4 and a tie for 3rd.

Gold - Star of Jupiter (91.18)

Silver - Velocity (91.1)

Bronze - The Elite Brigade and Quicksilver (91.02)

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