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Centurions 2012

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With the 2012 drum corps coming near, we, the staff of the Centurions Drum and Bugle Corps needed to come to a decision whether or not to field the corps. With the all of the costs involved in doing such an endeavor, we feel that it would be irresponsible for us to try and do that this year. We continue to grow the organization and since we are not fielding this year, doesn't mean we are stopping.

With a bigger corps, and now including a color guard, we plan to compete again in the Mini-Corps competition during DCA Championship weekend in Annapolis.

Rome wasn't built in a day....and we are the Centurions. We will build it and with solid decision making, it will be great!

Thank you all for your support thus far.

See you out there!


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Larry, Nick, and members:

Looking forward to playing with you guys at the I and E.

See you Saturday. I may have others coming with me.


Dan :w00t:

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Sounds like not fielding a class a corps is a smart decision for this year. I have watched you guys start with nothing and steadily grow. Your mini corps IS getting you some positive attention!

Good luck in Annapolis!

Your Friend


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