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Will You Be Disappointed?

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For top honors this year I am predicting Crown. Crown is hungry and ready, and it's time for a new corps to reach the top. I haven't heard much about Blue Devils for this year, but it's safe to bet that they'll be in the running and it's even safer to bet they won't concede a title. Love'm or not, they know how to compete. Some have mentioned Bluecoats but seventh last year to first this year may be a stretch, but then again deep down I am hoping for an eighth to first place jump with BAC.

As far as finalists are concerned, I have no doubt that SCV and Cavies will be in the Top 12 and expect Blue Stars to be there as well. However, I would love to see Troopers as finalists this year since DCI is celebrating its 40th and SCV, Cavies, Blue Stars, and Troopers were all finalists in 1972, the only four corps from the original Top 12 still competing.

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It’s been a while since I’ve been disappointed with results. The competitive aspect of the activity definitely drives the performance level but the reward is that the total entertainment value of top 12 has been on a steady rise for the last 5 years.

What I ask myself at the end of finals is what 3 shows I would like to see again.( Actually a friend suggested this method)

In 2011 my answer was in no particular order, Boston, Phantom, Blue Devils.

In 2010, Cavvies, Bluecoats and SCV, yes the SCV Bartok show which was incredible up close and live but panned by many.

None of these shows won but certainly entertained and satisfied.

That’s what Drum Corps has always been about to me.

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