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I'm brand new to this site, and I never even knew it existed until last night! I was trying to find out the scores from DCI Minneapolis last night and the DCI site wasn't loading, so I poked around the net a little bit and found you guys. This is exciting! I was an oboe player all through junior high, high school, and college, so during marching band season, I was in the color guard. Now I just love watching drum corps shows. I've only been to a couple of live shows, including last summer's "Corps Encore" in Salt Lake City. My favorite corps of all time is the Blue Devils, and I also really like Phantom Regiment, The Cadets, Carolina Crown, and the Santa Clara Vanguard.

Money is very tight around here right now, and now that I live in Boise, Idaho, drum corps shows passing through here are few and far between. So, I've been trying to find video of the Blue Devils' entire "Cabaret Voltaire" show. There are some clips on Youtube, but they're incomplete. Does anyone know where I can find more video clips? Thanks so much for your help!

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Hey, Deanna!

Welcome aboard.

The best place to find video of the Blue Devils, or any DCI corps, is by subscribing to the Fan Network through the DCI Website. It starts at $65, and you can watch video on demand of past shows from this season, as well as watch live streaming of select shows, including the Regionals at San Antonio and Atlanta, plus selected shows and semi-finals. Higher priced memberships include a DVD or Blu-Ray of finals.

You also have access to hundreds of video on demand of shows all the way back to 1974. You could go back and watch virtually every Blue Devils show, almost all the way back to their founding. You can also download audio from corps at a discounted rate.

But why keep reading my response? Go to the link above, check it out, and see if it's for you!

Garry in Vegas

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