What Year or Corps Changed Drum Corps?

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"Drum Corps Watershed Part Deux":

1964's HUGE "Out of Nowhere" upset win by the Racine Kilties over the "Best of the Best" at the VFW's National Championship Finals in Clevland Ohio.   Kilts won Prelims, setting up thier night show victory.   Among the contenders left in their wake were the high riding Boston Crusaders (Only one loss previos to VFW, and a big vivtory over the MW powers earlier in the season), Chicago Cavaliers, St Kevins Emerald Knights, and the Chicago Royal Airs.

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1964...World Open...Hedges Stadium in Bridgeport...Casper Troopers in exhibition...

They didn't make finals, but we all knew we were looking at the future.

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1973-75 SCV really changed the expectations of the musicality of drum corps. During this time the music SCV played was (IMO) considerably more complex than anything prior. 

1983-85 Cadets really changed the concept of visual design. The Cadets during this time redefined visual design into something much more interpretive and complex than anything prior. 

1993 Star in one year really redefined the expectations of the musicians, with musicians assuming more visual responsibility of musical interpretation. 

2016 Bluecoats was really the first corp to utilize electronics as an encompassing design element, rather than something added as an after thought. 

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