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5 hours ago, BassClefTristan said:

As a 2017 MCDC member, now contracted for 2018, I think I can safely say that all the vets from 2017 are VERY excited for this season. It looks like we're having a pretty good retention of vets coming back this year! I'm very happy to be with this corps, scores and placement aside. 

On another note, I've noticed our tour schedule is not in here! Here it is:

June 27 - Evansville, IN
June 30 - Philadelphia, PA
July 5 - Clifton, NJ
July 7 - Columbia, SC
July 8 - Orlando, FL
July 10 - Valdosta, GA
July 11 - Hoschton, GA
July 12 - Knoxville, TN
July 14 - Alexandria, KY
July 15 - St. Louis, MO
July 16 - Bentonville, AR
July 19 - Denton, TX
July 21 - San Antonio, TX
July 23 - Lafayette, LA
July 26 - Birmingham, AL
July 27 - Nashville, TN
July 28 - Atlanta, GA
July 30 - Centerville OH
Aug 3 - Allentown, PA
Aug 6 - Erie, PA
Aug 9-11 - DCI Championships

Very excited for the season!

Smartly designed schedule for a WC noobie...some not so difficult back to back travel allowing more practice hours and perhaps even coincidental housing sites without moving the whole caravan. Smart.  

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23 hours ago, KVG_DC said:

I loved them from their opening hit in Ft. Wayne during the 2014 tour that wasn’t supposed to happen.  They made everyone sit up and say, “Whoa. They sound bigger than they look.”  The BD parent sitting next to me was super impressed. 

I'd still like to see a double performance of Music City doing the Tribe show and Madison doing Last Man Standing simultaneously while facing each other.  

And thus is born DCI's newest phase, BrasslineBattle.

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More of a GE battle.  It’d be total aggro v aggro 

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Just announced on Music City's website and Facebook page the Finis Sparkman Memorial Scholarship in honor of Finis, a snare drum player in 2017 who passed away during his rookie season with Music City.  What a great way to honor his memory:


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