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Fred Sanford SCV 78

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I remembered a couple things that were interesting about Fred Sanford  and SCV during the 78 season that I thought you all might enjoy. 

Fred was always full of surprises. For example, there was one time when SCV was doing a show in Los Angeles on the campus of USC or UCLA.  As the drumline was warming up in preparation for the show, Fred walks up with Neil Diamond and says "Hey guys I would like you to meet a friend of mine."  Neil sat down in front of the drumline and we played Lezghinka the drum solo Fred arranged from Khachaturian's Gayne Ballet.  The original version of Lezghinka that Fred arranged was actually quite long like the orchestral version. several minutes at least.  It was later condensed so it would fit into the show.

He also had the drumline  take a  tour of the Slingerland Drum Factory  in Chicago .  It was really interesting to see how the drums were crafted from the shell to finished drum.  Starting out from a piece of wood to the final product.  How the shell was curved and layered as well as the different platings used.    Fred the consummate educator.

Also, during the 78 season Larry McCormick filmed a drumline training video of SCV with Fred,   titled "Building the Section" .


At the same time, Larry McCormick also filmed a video featuring Rob Carson who was instructing the snare line.   It's interesting to note that Rob was teaching the snare line during the first tour and not marching.  One of the snares quit on tour.  Since Rob still had one year of eligibility, he marched the 2nd tour and continued to teach as well as winning the individual snare championship that year.  Yes, that's Ralph Hardimon sitting on the grass next to Rob during the film.  Quite a team of instructors that year,  Fred Sanford ,Ralph Hardimon, Tony Romo and Rob.


Larry McCormick and SCV had also filmed a video in 1974 on the campus of the University of Michigan titled "Championship Marching Percussion"

Another interesting fact about SCV and DCI Finals that year is that most of the members of the drumline had never seen the finished show and how the drill integrated with the music.  As a matter of fact, it was not until after Prelims in Boulder, Co when Pete Emmons (M&M Drill Design) showed the drumline a high cam video of the entire show.   We finally got to see the whole picture and were astounded and hyped at how it all fit together.  At that time, Pete said the M&M Judges were beginning to look at the drumline  to try and find M&M errors and he was concerned because the prelim scores where mere tenths between BD and Phantom.

Anyways, 78 was an exciting year  to march in DCI.   Phantom and SCV tied in prelims.  If I remember correctly Gail Royer and Phantom's director flipped a coin to see who would go on tenth and eleventh,  Since BD won in 77 they went on last.  I'm not sure but I think Gail won the toss but elected to go on tenth.    Phantom and SCV tied again in Finals but Phantom had a one tenth penalty for a dropped glove.

It was a fiercely competitive ending in 78 with BD at a 91.30, Phantom at a 91.45, and SCV at 91.55


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