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Hi Guys! It's been many years since I've taken the field and I've been invited to join my high schools alumni band when homecoming comes this fall. I tried to march last year but the equipment is so different than it was in the '70's the only available loaner drums were fitted for slender wee folks, I ended up playing on a mounted drum on the sidelines. Now where's the fun in that?! This year, my Son gifted me a Pearl Airframe carrier and we got it attached to the drum ok. Problem is, I am not a wee skinny high school student anymore, and I can't find any kind of instructions on how to adjust and fit this thing to my more (ahem) mature figure and aging spine. I attempted to contact Pearl to wait on hold for a goodly long time, so failing that I found your site and figured this would be the ideal place to ask for tips!

I assume I must try and bend the frame a bit to go over my shoulders and to pass over my ample belly, but dang! that is some really tough aluminum for this old man to wrangle with.

Thanks So much for your help!


Granville High School, Class of '79

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Hi, Rich.

Disclaimer: I am not a drummer, but...did a little research here including reading a couple of customer reviews. While this carrier has a lot of advantages, one of them is not the ability to adjust to fit all body types.

I suggest you either return it or donate it to the HS band program of your choice, then contact the folks at either Lone Star Percussion or Innovative Percussion for their expert advice and recommendation.

There are other carriers available more suitable for your purpose. Pearl may even have a better model.

Good luck, and rock on.


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I suffered from a similar problem in pipe band.  I had good luck with the Randall May "hinge" carriers with the dual hinge on the chest.


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