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Best slow solo ever?

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elphaba01    122
On 8/19/2017 at 2:30 AM, ironlips said:

If you're old, I'm a fossil. "Ever" is a long time, even in drum corps. Bonnie Ott and Barbara Maroney have a lock on the "modern" era for me, but if you've never heard Tommy Martin on "I loves You Porgy" with the '62 Air Force Corps or on "Street Scene" with the Skyliners thereafter, you'd be rewarded for doing the research.

"Dinosaur & Fossils"

Can't leave out baritone legends Billy Hightower  (Who marched with Ironlips in St Catherine's and the LI Sunrisers), and his fab solo's in "Tin Roof Blues, Black Bottom and Sing  Sing Sing",  as well as AirForceMan John Simpson, and his "Summertime" solo (Along with Tommy Martin) and the legendary Simpson  "Rhapsody in Blue" indie solo which is on the  flip side of the Fleetwood  Skyliner "Portrait on Brass" record.

Soprano legend Tommy Martin also solo's on thst old Fleetwood disc with "You made me love you", and his tripple tounging feature.

What is even more legendary is the fact that  these guys achieved what they did playing on the 1960's Getzen GD Valve/slide BUGLES, and they required NO AMPLIFICATION!!!!!!!!

All of this great legendary talent can be found on the Fleetwood remakes CD's, "Brass by Night"  the Skyliner 1962 concert  recoriding and the Air Force Disc.

Enjoy       :guinesssmilie:

Elphaba   :flower:


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