Pioneer Announces 2008 Drum Majors

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After weeks of much discussion and many layers of input, two new Pioneer drum majors have been selected. The opportunity arose with an impressive list of outstanding volunteers offering their services, and an anticipated larger corps for the 2008 Season. It was felt that it was in the corps’ best interest to take two individuals for the position vacated by Alex Wilga who faithfully and skillfully served us as Pioneer’s Drum Major. The list of volunteers could be revisited if we reach 150 members, as we might have the need for a back-field conductor.

Ms Jackie Bilder is a three year veteran Soprano player who attends Illinois Wesleyan College as a music and art major. Her art work was noticeable on the food and equipment truck doors this past summer. Being 18 years old, Jackie has 4 more years to march in Pioneer. She has played the trumpet since she was 7 years old. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the National Art Honor Society writing club and has earned the Girl Scout Gold Award. In a recent newspaper article, she was quoted as saying, "I have a lot of internal motivation. I know that I have the potential to set projects into action and I finish what I start. Anything I do has double the motivation if it will help someone else."

Mr. Brian Wilson is also a three year Pioneer veteran from our outstanding Mellophone section. He is 20 years old, and because of his late birth date can march with Pioneer another 2 years. Brian attends the University of Indiana in Terre Haute, Indiana where he is majoring in Music Education. Brian has many talents, among them being a percussion arranger for his old high school band in Hobart, IN. He is definitely a leader by example. He is helpful to anyone when the need arises, and is very serious about his contribution to the success of the Pioneer with his self-motivating drive and excellent work ethic. When you think about "Better Every Day," Brian Wilson most truly lives the motto.

We feel that the combination of personalities, dedication, and skills of these two members of our Pioneer Family will give us the great and dynamic leadership necessary for Pioneer to move ahead for years to come.

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