Odello Investigates Drum Corps Phenomenon

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Denise Odello, assistant professor of music, received an Imagine Fund Award to support her drum corps research, an investigation titled Music, Sport, and Morality: Competition and the Drum Corps.

A musicologist, Odello studies how people use music. Her project focuses on wind bands, technically drum and bugle corps, specifically Drum Corps International (DCI), headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Boasting the participation of tens of thousands of high school and college students annually and nearly one half a million fans attending its summer tours, DCI bills itself as “a powerful, nonprofit, global youth activity with far-reaching artistic, educational and organizational influence.” Odello wants to get behind the entertainment value and educational aspects and mine the deeper meaning of this phenomenon. Given the intensity of participants and followers alike, she wants to understand the appeal, the need it fulfills, and the statement involvement makes about our culture.

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