Further Growth Of DCE Website In 2010

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In 2010, the Drum Corps Europe website once again attracted more visitors than the previous year. Last year, the website had nearly half a million views.

The number of page views for 2010 is around three million, which means more than 8,000 pages per day. The news pages are especially popular, and the Dutch news remains the most watched. If the ‘RSS newsfeeds’ are counted, then the German headlines are shown most often, overtaking the Dutch ones.

The most popular section on the DCE website, alongside the news and the forum (Drumcorpstalk.com), is ‘Cinema’, where the latest drum corps YouTube videos are shown. The most read news article in 2010 is about the Kidsgrove Scouts winning the European drum corps title. This news item was clicked almost 5,000 times.

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