Order The DCE 2010 DVDs Now

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Want to make a great start to the New Year? Then buy the DVD of the DCE European Championships! Thanks to the professional image and sound recording, you will relive the great performances.

The production of the DVDs is complete, so they can be sent immediately after you order them. The DCE DVD recording is of a high quality. The shows are filmed using three cameras, both from the field and from the highest point in the stand. This allows you to switch between the edited version and high camera view.

Thanks to Show & Marching Music, the sound of the shows will also pour into your living room, as if you were sitting in the stadium all over again. The corps will come out of your speakers in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. So enjoy watching all the top European drum corps again in the comfort of your own home! The DVDs can be ordered from the webshop. They will be sent your way as soon as possible.

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