Renegades Announce 2011 Show, Staff

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New CEO Jeff Pearson and Corps Director Lolita Tabujara are heading up an instructional staff with decades of combined experience and numerous world championships to its credit.

The Renegades 2011 show, ?The Seventh Sense,? hails a new creative direction for the Renegades while still keeping the corps grounded in its signature ?Loud is Good? philosophy.

?This show will take the corps in an exciting new place creatively, but it will still be the Renegades,? said Tabujara. ?We are very aware of our loyal fan base, and we promise to give them the same in-your-face drum corps we?ve delivered since we first hit the scene in 2002.?

The Renegades have infused some new blood to join a core group of seasoned veterans on its 2011 instructional staff. Chris Nalls, former Renegades performer and director, returns to the instructional staff to head the brass caption. Joining him is Renegades veteran instructor Rich Duarte. Returning as consultant for the brass program is noted recording artist and trumpet virtuoso Joey Pero.

Dan Hudson, a drum tech with the Renegades since 2008, steps into the role of caption head this season. He will be joined by Kevin Murray, returning for his second year with the corps, as well as technicians Jerry Stuart and Josh Bryan, both former members of the Renegades. Also returning to the drum staff is Brian Sears, who will write for and teach the front ensemble for the second consecutive year. Kent Cater, legendary bass drum instructor, will join the corps for his 13th year as a staff member.

Visual instructors include caption head Dave Watrous, a staff member since the corps? inception in 1999. Joining Watrous once again is Dave Leon, a former Renegades horn player and drum major.

Frank De La Rosa has joined the Renegades team as the Color Guard Caption Head. Frank is a former member of the Concord Blue Devils who has taught many guards throughout California as well as Onyx and Project ?L? Winter Guard programs.

?I am thrilled that we have so much experience and talent in the 2011 instructional staff and design team and I?m looking forward to seeing ?The Seventh Sense? evolve into a classic Renegades show,? said Jeff Pearson.

The design team will be led by Dave Watrous. The show designers for the 2011 Renegades show are: John Meehan, brass caption head of the Blue Devils, who will write the Renegades brass book; David Glyde, a name well known to those in the drum corps activity, who will write the percussion book; and Jay Murphy, drill designer for numerous bands and drum corps, who will once again write the Renegades drill. Frank De La Rosa will choreograph the color guard. They are assisted by Mike McCool, a member of the Renegades design team since the early days of the corps, Chris Nalls and Brian Sears.

?The Seventh Sense? will once again establish the Renegades as a must-see corps at shows around the country this summer. The music for the show will be announced at the Renegades? Open House January 8-9, 2011 at Del Mar High School in San Jose.

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