2012 Moonlight Classic Forced To End Due To Stadium Lights

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The 33rd annual Moonlight Classic drum corps show at Sacramento State’s Hornet stadium had to cancel the last three remaining performances because the lights would not turn on. Tom Hope, Drum Corps International’s contest coordinator, told the crowds that organizers were working feverishly to get the light systems going. They were scheduled to go on a 7 pm and Hornet Stadium officials said it was programmed into their computer. After Boston Crusaders performed on the field it was evident that the lights were not going to engage. Getting darker by the minute, Hope made the critical decision to cancel the rest of the performance as a safety precaution for the corps members and attendees. As the estimated 2300 attendees orderly exited their seats, it was clear that illumination in the stadium and in the exit rows would soon not be adequate for safe mobility. The remaining corps, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard and Blue Devils, performed there shows in a standup presentation in the nearby parking lots.

“This is very disappointing” a fan from Sacramento was heard saying, “We waited all year to see these corps perform, and we can’t because someone forgot to turn on the lights”. Most of the audience left the stadium in good spirits and showed little demand for ticket refunds. The corps members from Boston Crusaders were standing near the gates while exiting fans expressed appreciation for their long journey and their last performance. One fan yelled, “We are better than this!”

Moon Light Classic is sponsored by Sponsors of Musical Enrichment (someinc.org), a non-profit organization providing scholarships and the general enhancement for music performance and education. No show has been canceled in their 32 year history.

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