The Edge And Empire Statesmen At DCI

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Hello friends of the Edge and Empire Statesmen!

Well… we did it!

It was an amazing experience that we will never forget. The way we worked with DCI to pull this off was FUN! The people who saw us were very excited to say the least. DCI was VERY happy with what we did and we will talk about future events soon! What a great 40th for them! Bravo DCI!

We brought MUCH needed exposure to DCA and the ALL/AGE movement! With any luck a lot more DCI members and fans will check out DCA this year! Thank you Gil Silva for your support with this important mission! You are a true leader with vision my friend.

To DCI: Thank you for your invitation to the Edge and Empire! And for the out of the box thinking when it came to promoting DRUM CORPS at your magnificent championships.

The best part of the trip by far for me was the way that 1000s of age outs and DCI fans reacted when they saw the EDGE and then the Empire Statesmen flash mob. People were BLOWN away was what I kept hearing! When I turned around after Edge of glory, there were hundreds of current age outs going crazy for us! They were getting out there cell phones to record this historic moment! Then it got really crazy when we added the corps in, hundreds more age outs came running over to see what all this was and went wild with us!

It was DCI meets DCA up close and personal on the field! It was a meeting for the age’s people! I will never forget that moment. Maybe it was just the acceptance of what we do and how we do it by so many young talented drum corps people who are not easily impressed on there last night of DCI ever. But the connection was so there you could FEEL it! Wow I just got goose bumps again just writing about that moment. How fortunate am I to have been there for that!

Thanks go out to my team of staff and support people who without them, this mission would have never been possible. You are the best!

To the Empire Statesmen members a public: THANK YOU for all that you have done this year to help further this drum corps movement even at the sacrifice of your own group! My admiration for you grows daily!

To the Edge members: Wow you are the seals unit of drum corps to me. What you can do to engage a crowd at a moment’s notice is just amazing! I would not want to be at the EDGE with anyone else. I am humbled to perform with you.

Our future is bright as is drum corps if we have anything to say about it.

Thank you all for your interest and support in the Edge and the drum corps movement.

More news soon…
See you all at the Edge!


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