DCE And CGN Present The Video Vault

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Drum Corps Europe and Color Guard Netherlands present a new media platform: The Video Vault. A media team will provide multimedia productions of the CGN Championships and the DCE European Championships, including a live webcast, an online video platform in HD and DVD productions.

The joint initiative is an ambitious step forward for the media productions of both DCE and CGN. The championships of both organisations will be broadcast live on the internet through a multi-camera recording. In September last year, the organisation ran a pilot during the DCE European Championships that was very well received.

In addition, videos of all performances will be available online in High Definition quality for a small fee. Videos will be available in The Video Vault soon after the event, so that fans can watch back the performances of their favourite groups in high definition. And the DVDs of the events will probably be available sooner than in previous years. Everything is taken care of by the organisations’ media team, consisting of CGN and DCE volunteers.

A new platform requires a professional logo. Artist Peter Franken was asked to create a recognisable logo for The Video Vault. Franken designed a relevant logo where the name The Video Vault is symbolically processed. CGN and DCE are very grateful for the beautiful logo which will be featured on all communication of The Video Vault.

Task group member Niels Merkx of CGN is very satisfied with the cooperation. “By DCE and CGN joining forces, we hope to be able to elevate our media productions to a higher level”, said Merkx. “We hope to use each other’s expertise to continue to grow into a professional platform, which will be great for fans of drum corps, winter guard and indoor percussion.”

DCE board member Dennis Naaktgeboren is excited too. “The partnership will enable our two organisations to use our own equipment and own enthusiastic volunteers to create great things”, adds Naaktgeboren. “It is an exciting and wonderful adventure in which we will undoubtedly face many challenges. But we are all very much looking forward to making it into something beautiful.”

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