Oregon Crusaders Unveil 2014 Uniforms

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oregon_crusaders_100x100The Oregon Crusaders will be rolling in style this summer with a reimagination of our classic look to fit with our #OC14 program “Nevermore”. You’ll notice that we plan to sport two stylish waist cape-ettes, with the jacket bearing the Oregon Crusaders’ iconic compass rose emblem, helping to create another dimension of visual effect for each performer. This twist on our classic look is complemented by tall, minimalist black and green shakos topped off by unique feathers reinforcing our Raven-themed show. Like what you see? Then you can help make it happen. Sponsor the feathers for as little as $10, or a shako wrap for $20, Sponsor a part of our 2014 legacy today: http://www.tfaforms.com/322308

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