Marching Band Activity United Kingdom Continues To Grow

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0ef209a9bce6f54b0aeb85c0371d653fMarching Band Activity United Kingdom continues to grow in followers.

Launched in May 2013 as an Voluntary Independent Information and News Network has seen thousands of connections between hundreds of Bands and Musicians Sharing Information and good news from across the Activity.

Marching Band Activity United Kingdom has helped to promote community events from other organisation in the activity and is proud to been part of a World Record achievement. Bands are an important part of our cultural heritage.

For most of the 40,000 people involved community arts activity is their only opportunity to experience performing live instrumental music. Bands range in style between traditional parade units, to interpretative bands that integrate manoeuvre and costumed dance into their arena shows. Based in local communities, bands involve and represent their local areas, supporting social cohesion and strengthening community identity.


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