Kidsgrove Scouts Are 2015 European Champions

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dce_100x100After a thrilling final, the Kidsgrove Scouts are the European champions in the Premier Clas. Although the British corps was behind The Company in the Prelims, in the evening it overtook its component. With 91.25 points, the corps won the title.

The Finals flew by. It was unprecedented to see how the entire top ten went the extra mile. Such intensity, such power and so much emotion. The stadium was sizzling with excitement. The Company came second (90.20) and Jubal came third (88.00).

Johan Friso are the European champions in the Junior Class. The corps from Middelburg won the title in Kerkrade with a strong show (82.75). Jong Jubal were very close (82.20), Jong Beatrix came third (76.45).

Results Premier Class Finals

1. Kidsgrove Scouts 91.25
2.The Company 90.20
3. Jubal 88.00
4.Juliana 82.50
5. Starriders 79.60
6. Spirit of 52 75,25
7. Mosson Secutores 72.30
8. Wölper Löwen 71.87
9. Cadence 67,30
10. Revolution 65,30

Results Junior Class Finals

1. Johan Friso (82.75) – high visual, high percussion, high music, best front ensemble
2. Jong Jubal (82.20) – high auxiliary, high field music, high effect
3. Jong Beatrix (76.45)
4. Jong-Holland Junioren (70.00)
5 Thurrock Marching Brass (59.20)
6. Diamond Cadets (56,40)

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