Duffey Assuming Role Of 2016 Boston Crusaders Color Guard Caption Manager

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BostonCrusaders_100x100Boston Crusaders is proud to announce some changes in the Color Guard Caption Manager position. Lamar Branson will be transitioning full-time to the Director of Media and Marketing for Inspire Arts & Music (parent organization for the Boston Crusaders) and Rory Duffey will step up into the role of Caption Manager for 2016. Corps Director Jeff Pearson states, “The Boston Crusaders would like to thank Lamar Branson for his tireless efforts over the last 4 years. As the Color Guard Caption Head and as a visual designer, Lamar has helped to transform thoughts and ideas into visual masterpieces and helped the corps create a unique visual identity. From guard costuming to corps uniforms, he has brought us many amazing new looks. He also built a very talented team of designers and instructors for the guard. It is from the foundation that he created that we will be able to continue to grow the success of the color guard. In addition to his work with the drum corps, Lamar has also been the Director of Marketing, Media and Brand Development for Inspire Arts & Music. We are excited that Lamar will continue with the organization in this full time role.”

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