Meet The 2018 Cadets Brass Staff

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Building off the success of 2017, the vast majority of the Brass Staff will be returning to The Cadets for the 2018 season. In a renewed commitment to excellence and continuity for the members, the staff will include a strong core of the previous season’s staff and a few new faces, including a former Cadet.

“I am so excited that we are returning such a veteran and seasoned staff,” said Drew Shanefield, the Brass Caption Supervisor and Arranger. “Coming off the heels of our first season together, we are ready to get back to work, alongside our new staff and a remarkable veteran retention in the corps. We have been planning, refining and improving all things brass-wise since the end of last season. Plans are underway to launch an instructional and performance video series for our auditionees and members. Additionally, I’m thrilled we’re establishing an instructional team for the Houston area auditions and camp season.”

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