Update From The Mandarins Corps Director

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Greetings to all! This report comes from somewhere in sunny California where 154 young people seem to running around in precise formations playing what appear to be brass instruments, all kinds of percussion instruments, and spinning flags, rifles and sabers. What is going on???

The Mandarins are in the house and our four weeks of spring training has begun! Friday, May 25th, the drum corps moved into their home at CRC (Cosumnes River College) in Elk Grove, CA. They have already started learning lots of drill, new choreography and equipment work, as well as the brass and percussion are playing lots of music together. The weather has heated up into the 90’s so we are receiving lots of sun requiring members to slather on the sunscreen. We have had our fair share of heat related opportunities as the members start to acclimate to the high temperatures and high levels of energy required to get through each day. I am really liking this particular group of young people. They are courteous, respectful, and well, nice. They also have a passion that is very engaging and a desire for excellence that is invigorating! The staff is working hard to stay ahead of the corps which is the way it should be. The support teams – admin, transportation, health & wellness, and food services have been stunning. They are just as world class as our drum corps is.

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