Calling All Alumni To The Cadets Alumni Decade Challenge

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To celebrate The Cadets 85th Anniversary and generate financial support for a successful 2019 corps and the generations of Cadets yet to come, we are excited to announce the first-ever Cadets Alumni Decade Challenge as a part of the 2019 Maroon & Gold Membership Campaign.

Originally an idea inspired by recent Alumni of the corps, the young members wanted to challenge the other generations of Cadets to raise money and have fun in supporting the 154 young men and women who continue the tradition of the long maroon line that reaches back to Garfield and the Holy Name Church in 1934. Each decade of Cadets will be pitted against the other decades in a two week, “get-as-many-alumni-to-participate-as-possible” membership drive and help the corps reach the goal of 1,000 donors for the 2019 Campaign.

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