In The News – Newmarket’s Champion Drum, Bugle Corps Demanded Dedication

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The concept of the drum corps traces its roots to the American tradition of the Drum and Fife from the 1800s and bugle bands of the early 1900s. Today, those drum and bugle corps have evolved, spreading throughout North America and offering a disciplined display of musical pageantry. It is from this tradition that our very own Ambassadors appeared in late 1973.

Started primarily as a street parade corps in September 1973 with Paul Ranso, and his wife, Bev, as the founding director. Mr. Ranson would guide the Ambassadors through a series of national accomplishment until 1981 when he retired and was succeeded by corps director Bob Middleton. Middleton was, at that time, the president of the Newmarket Lions, which took over sponsorship of the Ambassadors.

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