Bluecoats Instruction, Design, And Production Teams Gear Up For 2020

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Following a magical 2019 drum corps season, the Bluecoats organization has begun preparations for another whirlwind summer of drum corps. Fans can expect a lot of the same – another 10,000+ mile tour across the US, about thirty incredible performances, and a production designed and instructed by the same team we’ve come to love so much.

This summer, the Bloo20 production will be created by the same team that dreamed up the magic of The BLUECOATS. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Jon Vanderkolff and Program Coordinator Dean Westman, the team, including Aaron Beck, Dr. Matthew Jordan, Greg Lagola, Jim Moore, Michael Raiford, Tom Rarick, and Doug Thrower are all returning. In fact, the team just arrived home from a four-day retreat to NYC where they spent the weekend dreaming about 2020 and exploring the art, theater, and music of the city.

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