Contest Wijchen

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Johan Friso became second with his very first indoor show in Wijchen. Although it was sometimes a little awkward for members and staff, the members had a super fun day.

On the way there the necessary sing-alongs already pop through the speakers. The members cannot yet really speak of tension. Danique (guard) is really looking forward to this day: “The nicest thing about such a day is the fun on the bus and the performance,” she says. For her too, this will be the very first performance on the floor. “Everything is aligned on the field, but not in the hall. It is therefore quite difficult to see where you are walking and it took some getting used to. ”

Blackbird (hornline) is a bit more nervous. Although she has a solo herself, that is not what she is nervous about. “I am particularly nervous about whether we will make it in terms of time,” she says. For an indoor show, the corps gets nine minutes in total and the show must last four minutes. “I just have to play the solo as always and then it will be fine. I am really looking forward to it. ”

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