Marjon In DCI

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Last summer I played the trumpet at the Sacramento Mandarins, a DCI corps from Sacramento, California. This year I will also be on the road for three months with this corps. When I started in 2007 at Johan Friso I soon discovered the existence of DCI. By the rise of YouTube and the fact that a number of Juliana members started running DCI, I became increasingly interested in the DCI corpsen. When I was 16 I went to Juliana. Here I also had a good time and my wish to join an American drum corps grew.

In the fall of 2018 I sent an audit video to the Mandarins. In response to that video I was offered a contract that I was very happy with. The choice for Mandarins is perhaps not very common as a Dutchman; I was the first Dutch person to join this corps. However this emerging corps appealed to me a lot because of the innovative show design and the culture within the organization prevails. In addition, I also like mandarin oranges ;-). Last summer at Mandarins was very educational in different areas and it was a valuable experience to be with a group of 150 people you can use for three months for one product.

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