Bridging The Generations And The Distance

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Bridging the generations and the distance, members of two pivotal years of the Boston Crusaders had the unique opportunity to connect over the weekend.

On Saturday night, the 80th Anniversary corps consisting of our current 2020 members, and the 50th Anniversary Corps (alumni from the 1990 corps) met over Zoom for a unique history night. With notable alumni such as Ed Choi, Jim Cronin, Michael Woodall, Tony Smith, Julie Angelis-Boehler, and Colin McNutt, Jen Gold, Clare Reed, Matt Rollinson, Melissa Greer, Mike Stevens and many more in attendance, both corps enjoyed an evening of storytelling, nostalgia, and celebration of all things BAC. As the 1990 alumni traded stories of old rivalries, nicknames, and memorable moments on the road, the 2020 members enjoyed learning and interacting with the corps who preceded them. The 2020 members enjoyed hearing from alumni that went on to successful careers in a variety of fields including professional musicians, engineers, medical professionals, and current BAC staff and board members.

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