11 ½ Minutes – A Drum Corps Story – Remastered

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On Wednesday, June 26th (9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific) Drum Corps Films on YouTube will premiere the remastered version of 11 ½ Minutes: A Drum Corps Story. The premiere will feature a live chat with filmmakers John Christensen and Rob Sheiffele.

11 ½ MINUTES: A Drum Corps Story documents the summer of four young adults in 2001 as they toured the country with the Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps. This remastered version of “11 ½ Minutes” contains enhanced audio and never-before-seen footage. This documentary gives a rare glimpse into the world of one of the most extreme youth activities in America – Drum Corps! Thousands of kids give up their summers to do drum corps…and they pay to do it! Drum Corps performances have evolved from military style marching bands of the 1930’s to Broadway caliber, Cirque du Soleil-like productions. Even in the 23 years since this documentary was shot, drum corps has undergone many changes – tour fees have soared, climate change has altered rehearsal schedules and performance demands have heightened. The remastered version of “11 ½ Minutes” is a time capsule of an activity going through a seismic shift.

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