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  2. 不不不不不 Flo (alleged) uses AWS as its backbone. That is the same backbone used by Netflix and a majority of other streaming services. The idea that it is AWSs fault is laughable.
  3. Name: Chris Temple What year(s) did you march in the Blue Knights? Indoor percussion ensemble: 2003-2005 Drum Corps: 2006, 2007 What section? Quads Read the rest of the article here. View the full article
  4. With a brief return to their pre-tour home in Adrian, Mich., The Cavaliers put in the work the last days of tour before Drum Corps International World Championships. The corps celebrated the end of the season with the traditional Boo Party, sponsored by the Cavalier Alumni Association. It was at this event that the members [因 View the full article
  5. Saya tahu apa yang kamu maksud. Seragam itu tidak bagus!
  6. Its that time of year! Music City Drum Corps has flags, costumes and equipment from our 2019 Production Of Mice and Music that would be a perfect fit for your fall marching band or winter guard and percussion programs. If youre interested in getting more information about any of the items listed below please [因 View the full article
  7. I won't put numbers down until labor day staff announcements. Buy, sell, hold on improving from 2019 show/performance/placement/score/etc. BD - hold Bloo - sell SCV - buy Crown - hold Cavies - buy Boston - buy Blue Knights - hold Blue Stars - sell Cadets - buy Mandies - hold Xmen - sell PR - buy Spirit - buy
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  9. Again, you dont need a license for DVR. Archiving is a different story. Heres a decent overview of the relevant law:
  10. They dont need sync rights to implement a DVR service. The Supreme Court has made 100% clear that time shifting constitutes fair use. Flo is just incompetent (or DCI is completely ignorant of copyright law).
  11. Just bought the 3 essentials Blu-rays + 2010 Blu-ray.
  12. I think you mean the Legacy collection DVDs...those are the ones that are incomplete in the DCI store but some years are still available. The three Essentials Blu-rays are all still there for now. Wish they would make more Essential Blu-rays, but with licensing how it is, thatll never happen.
  13. It was different but we all played the hell out of the recordings.
  14. This is what WILL happen: 1. Cavies 2. SCV 3. Blue Knights 4. Blue Devils 5. Bluecoats 6. BAC 7. Crown 8. Mandarins 9. Blue Stars 10. Crossmen 11. Cadets 12. Pacific Crest Ill put money on it.
  15. I'm pretty sure it was 128 through the 70's. I believe that 128 was decided upon for 1974. Some corps wanted 120, some wanted 135 and they met in the middle. I seem to remember a corps in 1972 being signaficantly larger than the others (Blue Stars?). I know The Thing had over 150 members in 1973.
  16. 128 members plus staff. But number of staff quoted then seemed real low even for that era.
  17. Interestingly enough, I think that was the only part of the season that the non-DCI general public knew about.
  18. Best place to perform? The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. The entire stage and shell vibrates and projects the sound into the audience. Oh, did you mean stadia? Oops.
  19. I agree, however I do not know if the complete Essentials is available anymore and some individual years are sold out and will not be reissued, so purchase what you can ASAP.
  20. Twice the size, and in a very different environment. I agree, two judges are needed as one can judge technical proficiency from field level, and the other can judge the overall look the guard brings to the show(GE?)
  21. I think it was because of buses. Three buses = 128? I swear I remember hearing that somewhere.
  22. I never marched at Memorial stadium but that was a great place to watch a show.
  23. Thanks. Good advice. Ill start with the essentials and go from there.
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