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  2. kkrepps

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    Maybe, but it's too far away to tell. That could be any random group of people with big yellow chairs.
  3. 2000Cadet

    The Cadets 2019

    This thread is like bone dry. I know they only had one camp and it's unreasonable to expect any information at this point, but I'm like DESPERATE for some news. What's their show gonna be? What will the uniforms look like? Will the guard be much stronger this year? HURRY UP JUNE!
  4. DFA1970

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    I might go to S.Ca for two shows this summer. Looks like a full lineup of WC corps. Genesis coming to S. Cal.
  5. DFA1970

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    Glad BD and SCV are trading off going up to the Pacific NW.
  6. Weaklefthand4ever

    Pioneer News From The Top – November 19th

    I don't know why I have the ending scene of Dirty Dancing going through my mind now.
  7. It sounds more a high school activity. I can’t imagine a bygone era in drum corps where you would vote for the most handsome male and prettiest girl. Perhaps it happened. The bygone era was known for toughness and grit, and the directors I know from that time would have loved the opportunity to wipe the pretty boy face off the most handsome male and dashed the beauty queen dreams of the prettiest girl. I hope that high school superlatives are not true. I was voted most disorganized. Everyone thought it was funny and appropriate, except my parents and I will cut them slack since they had to live with me!
  8. WWonka

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    Looks Mustang, OK has been dropped. I thought that was a pretty well attended show in a good venue. Band Parents must have tired of hosting it?
  9. Reported. Cut out the political crap. Most of us probably come here to get away from that.
  10. The worst place to keep a secret is in a high school setting, so somewhere along the line it is likely word would get out that a prank was planned to get a teacher fired. However, in a school setting, the director would be held responsible even if he/she had no idea of the prank. It may not result in dismissal, but the expectation would be a teacher should always be on top of everything. Teaching is very rewarding, but the expectations placed in on teachers are many, and quite a few can seem unreasonable.
  11. Today
  12. Open minded discussion, understanding, and growth are rare commodities today, or so it can seem. Whether or not “someone should have to go down” has a great deal to do with the situation. I’m not sure it works. I do think it is important to make sure an incident such as this is isolated. If the director runs a tight ship, and this happened, a verbal, perhaps written warning is sufficient. If there are other signs of not knowing what is happening, poorly prepared classes/rehearsals, lack of organization, an inability to maintain discipline, the prank could be a sign of lack of control. That is a different issue. I would also say that if racism is a problem in the district, and the race of those involved is not relevant, a racial slur is a racial slur, that has to be taken into consideration too. If the school’s administrator who supervises the music program is not doing his/her job, perhaps thst head should roll. However, if you have a head roll just to make someone an example, do you get rid of the director, or principal, or superintendent? Whose head rolls to teach a lesson?
  13. yeah but some of those old gems are quoted in the archives here.
  14. I was going to look back at 2006, but it's probably for the best that I can't
  15. well that would be a former ( so he claims staff member) banned from most drum corps websites and facebook pages, not excluding his own. and there's so much fail here that well, can anyone say they are surprised?
  16. JimF-LowBari

    Corps Style HS Band Spells Out Racial Slur

    So fire the director even if he knew nothing about it? Can see kids doing stupid stuff just to get rid of teachers, etc using that logic. And that car dealership has been around for decades as remember it in my DC/VA travels in the 80s. Noticed it because of family with Germanic spelling in my old car club (also for decades).
  17. That car dealership is still in the DC-Baltimore area...I see their TV ads all the time here. But you're right, a family name is a family name. For better or worse. Honestly, though... if my name had been Al Kayda, I would have changed it on 9/12.
  18. I think it's largely the same sentiment that grips the greater drum corps activity at the moment. Babies get thrown out with the bathwater and, in larger corporations, the error can be glossed over and accommodated generally. Not so in our little niche of a niche. Talent is hard to come by in many industries. The bar should be high. Rational and high, IMO.
  19. I've never really understood the "someone should have to go down" argument. How does that help? Personally, I would rather see things healed by open-minded discussion, understanding and growth.
  20. I wonder if you tint the panes of glass that make up your glass house. Just curious if you have kids, or if you have a career that involves kids. You're certainly critical - kids should be cut, directors fired. Tough crowd. Everyone is so triggered these days. Sunflowers.
  21. Fran Haring

    Wes Hobby Passes Away At Age 90

    According to his obit, he did!!! I also remember someone telling me back in the 1990s that Wes had gotten more involved with the drama education and theater stuff... one reason he had cut back on announcing drum corps shows.
  22. This type of comment is completely off-limits here. I'd report it, but I want people to see Skevinp's answer. (In before it's deleted.)
  23. If that is true, the president must be gaining support among african americans, asians, and hispanics who will be eligible to vote in the next election.
  24. I think it would be OK, as long as they balance it out By also voting for ugliest girl and least handsome male.
  25. Crazy. I was looking for the corps clown category.
  26. Under any circumstance, this is completely inexcusable. Someone should have to go down. Even if it meant stopping the show. This is the kind of BS behavior Trump and his bigoted racist politics has given license to, notably in states like Georgia and it has got to stop. Ultimately the director is responsible. He should be fired.
  27. Ain’t Pennsylvania German... donner weter...
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