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  2. Lot of those 100s of Corps disappeared before 1972. I’m including local corps that hardly ever went out of state. NanciDs blog is full of Jr corps that didn’t survive the 60s
  3. But someone had time to share “no problems”....
  4. That is stretching it, in several ways. 1. If by "most", you mean slightly over 50%, you may be correct. I hope you are not implying we should ignore the other 49%. 2. Before those things you mention, we still had the percussion arms race, the first three of the five total brass choir replacements, and expanded travel. 3. Like most things, "modern rolling stock" worked its way into the activity as an "option" that eventually became "necessary". You could stow 1970s instrumentation in the storage compartments of buses, but many DCI member corps had developed a full eighteen-wheeler equipment/uniform trailer by the time the pit rule was passed in the early 1980s. So they were immediately able to pile on full concert marimbas and racks of assorted pit percussion that would not fit in bus storage. Just one of countless examples of how the top 10-25 corps passed rules that had "unintended consequences" for the other 400 corps... make that 300... no, wait, 200... 100...
  5. The Bristol people were offered Mon. 6/29 as their show date. They wanted a July 3 show date to go with the parade but most of the corps were committed to Crown's show and on their way to Fla. then.
  6. kick the can down the curb. why not, it got us to less than 3000 paid at finals
  7. It might snow here in Baltimore Wednesday. I'll save any other worries for after that.
  8. We got our Lisle tickets. 2 rows from the top #kneesdontfailmenow
  9. Agree. Corps always came and went as far back as you want to look. As societal changes and national economic issues increased, fewer and fewer corps sprung up to take their place. In my area, the huge rise of the corps-style bands, taught by corps people, took the place of the smaller local corps. As they folded, few started up to take their place.
  10. Most of the hundreds of corps that folded did so long before Bb/F horns, electronic instruments, amplification, props, even the rise of the front ensemble. They folded prior to the need for the modern rolling stock to move the corps around.
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  12. Anybody who could be sharing anything is likely flying home from Atlanta today. Today's for buying DCI tickets, anyway.. Let's worry about DCA news tomorrow or Wednesday
  13. Got my Allentown tix. Friday only, committed to my DCA corps on Saturday. Nice lineup on Friday though! Section G, Row 32.
  14. “We’re cool... no details or questions but we’re cool”. 😬
  15. For some who were wondering...spoke to someone at DCI today and asked about why Bristol, RI was taken off the schedule. I was told they were offered a contract but never got back to DCI with the contract. DCI called them and asked about the status and was told they were still thinking about it. Well, I guess they never got back to them. I guess it's not always what we think it might be in the scheduling business. Just an FYI for some of you who might want to know. Hope everyone has a joyous and wonderful holiday season.
  16. 1. No, that has not been explained time and time again. Because if it was, someone would have pointed out that of the six major vehicles needed to "move a corps today", two of them are only necessitated because of the equipment arms race of the past half century. 2. If there are other costs that we cannot control, that is all the more reason to focus on the ones we can. Or are you suggesting that the rising cost of any one item be used as an excuse to abandon all budgetary discipline? (Would like to be at your place on the 25th, if that is your philosophy.)
  17. Got my tickets! (For semis) My mom likes to sit in 640. 138-140 are extremely picked over probably with the 3 package presales
  18. Too #### expensive for new corps to start up. Mike and I had this discussion before and had Corps disappear before but new ones used to come up. That and social changes are two biggest IMO
  19. I dug this out because a respected DCA director posted on social media saying those worried about the future of DCA need not be, but no details or anything was posted, and the DCA website has no PR giving does anyone know anything about the 13 remaining corps or any that may be trying to join ( or leave)?
  20. well those you mentioned have a lot less costs involved too...not doing nationwide tours helps
  21. increased costs in equipment is a drop in the bucket of what is needed to move a corps today, as has been explained time and time again. Even if you turn the clock back 25 amps, the same duct taped G bugles, no electronics, the same uniforms stitched together by corps moms hoping they don't fall part is nothing when you factor in the cost of fuel, housing, food and insurance.
  22. And I think you're leaving out the big elephant in the room: Drum corps has failed to remain relevant through all of those larger issues even as WGI and hyper-competitive "corps-style" marching bands have succeeded in growing their relevance.
  23. Once you admit money matters, it becomes difficult to dismiss the cost side of that equation. If only we were talking about just a marimba, or "an amp" (whatever that is). Instead, the activity has added brass voices one by one, and replaced the entire brass choir five times. Percussion started buying extra bass drums so that they could saw them in half and make tymp-toms, then they added actual tympani and various mallet instruments that were a challenge to carry. So then we needed a place to put those heavy things down (the pit), which opened the floodgates for equipment we could never carry. Guard equipment changes. Props. Amplification. Electronic instruments. Nationwide touring. A caravan of buses and trucks (now multiple trucks for the equipment, and another one for the mobile kitchen). If you still think cost was irrelevant, and that "everybody followed suit" when only 10% as many corps still exist, then we will just have to agree to disagree. (But even your disagreement seems to admit agreement.)
  24. Not the poor financial ability of the Mom and Pop drum corps? Directors who made lots of money off of corps members?
  25. I think that the huge decline in corps had more to do with larger societal and economic changes than the cost of an amp or marimba.
  26. You think increased costs are irrelevant to why there are only 40-something corps left in the junior drum corps activity?
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