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    The Cavaliers Drum Majors are serving as the Honor Guard at Don Warren's Funeral service today. I just couldn't possibly be prouder that my son has been given this amazing honor. All 4 Drum Majors are participating, and honestly because of the hats I can't tell if the one on the left is my son or not. But I think it is. Rest Easy, Mr. Warren. And thank you for creating the organization that means so very much to my son. He consistently uses the term "life-changing" when describing his time in the Cavaliers.
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    Can everyone PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD find something new to ***** about? This has been happening for 4 years now. It's not going to change because you don't like it and get on a message board and complain about it with other folks who are stuck in the mud. As with any changes in this activity, you have to move with the times. If you don't like something new you're going to have to get over it or stop watching. That's the facts of the life of a drum corps fan. The activity is evolving all the time.
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    Well that was fun! I just caught Bluecoats ensemble rehearsal at Indiana Wesleyan University. The weather was almost perfect except it was a little windy. This show is so much fun! The music is extremely accessible—and hummable. I can’t stop smiling. Bloo has part 4 out of 5 on the field as of tonight. Horns are outrageously talented and despite the accessibility, they have some very meaty parts, especially in the mellophones. The front ensemble is expanded and sounds good to me. Battery is staged up front for their hardest licks—I think they want to strut their stuff for the judges. Whether they win, lose or draw, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this show.
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    The staff says the talent in the corps is across the board better than last year and they have high expectations from all captions. The design team has created a show from scratch and not "band-aid" (though by Finals 2018 it was highly effective with changes) show, but they have been working on this 2019 show since last Fall. New additions to the design team. Great former instructors coming back. A year of planning tour both on and off the field.... The corps will be fine. What place? Who knows. But they will chase getting as close to 100 pts (which is the goal) with less obstacles than last year. #marchstraightandtrue
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    So, a few words in defense of myself with regard to hype or not. When I spent time with BAC at move ins in 2017, I posted on DCP that they were so good I could see them coming in 6th or 7th. The collective wisdom here was that "no way...they came in 12th last August...etc". Boston finished 6th in 2017. When I visited last year, my reactions from the 2018 move in were that they might be as high as 4th or 5th. This time, more people found that to be believable. Boston finished 5th. It is not hype to say that the 2019 edition of BAC is by far the best. Everything from the design of the program, to the props, to the level of the amazing guard and drum line, and yes..you heard right....this is unquestionably the best hornline ever to come out of Boston. Hopefully, videos of tomorrow night's concert in the park will be enlightening. And WAIT until you guys see the uniforms... One last thing....somebody on here last week referred to me as a fair weather fan of BAC. For the record, I marched in this drum corps in 1980 as part of a 28 man hornline. I taught the corps for 8 years, including 1983 with 19 horns and a total corps membership of 51 (yeah...we took one bus to Miami). I have been around the corps in various capacities for 40 years. This year, my considered opinion is that they might very well win in Detroit and go on to medal in Indy. You're darned right that I am excited for these kids and this organization. Some may call this hype. I consider it the chickens coming home to roost after 79 years.
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    1) Independent governing/sanctioning body. 2) Adjudication by music/artistic professionals who are independent of drum corps.
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    I have just witnessed the first full run through! This show has a ton of potential and should be a monster when it gets clean. The field is much more clean propwise than in in the past couple of years and the brass sounds more mature as well. Speaking of the brass, they have some very tasty licks. There are some phasing issues to be ironed out but I am sure that will be worked out soon enough. And there are some great brass soloists as well as some really good screamers. Drums are solid and I especially enjoyed the pit. Guard is filling the air with high flying silks and weapons. This show seems to be an evolution from the past couple of years.. Well done Caviies!
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    Seeing what xandandl posted, I would like to share a story. When my older brother moved on and went to high school, I was just a random 7th grader that fell in love with music. When I went to my brothers first football game and watched his half time show, my mom asked me what I thought of marching. I smiled and said "it looks like fun". I remember watching the DCI finals highlights on ESPN and I thought how amazing this activity was! Then if we skip to my sophomore year in high school I began to explore deeper into marching, but it wasn't until my junior year that I just became a proud Cavies fan. Back when Myspace was a thing I had a friend request from Colt Foutz, the author of my favorite book, Building the Green Machine. I remember random conversations with him and gave him a quick background of what was then my young musical career and why I was a fan of The Cavaliers. Sure enough he said he would get Don Warren to sign my copy of the book and leave a note in there for me. Ya'll better BELIEVE I was extremely excited. I remember driving home from school after full orchestra rehearsal with a big grin on my face. I went into my room and saw the package on my bed and I did not hesitate to open it. The note Don Warren wrote was "Looking forward to seeing you in the green (the and green are underlined) Best wishes enjoy the book" then his signature. Now, I sadly was never able to march for personal reasons, but this book has stayed by my side as soon as I got it and I keep it right on my nightstand in my room. That quote is better than any award I have ever received. While I was never able to march, I hope that I might be able to teach/work with them someday. Sorry for the long post... I hope ya'll have a great evening!
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    Having sent tuition dollars to Madison and watched our son grow, mature, and perform the crap out of shows the last couple of years (before aging out) I can tell you I wish nothing but success for the new design team. If you thought it painful watching the shows the last couple of years try having your kid be one of the performers trying to make sense of the instruction given, the effort expended, and the lack of results (score-wise) earned. I saw a young man stare into the face of adversity and, instead of folding, grow artistically and do things in terms of playing, marching, and performing that weren't possible prior to getting with the Scouts. This is not an appeal to moral authority for my view of the upcoming season, because there is none for me any longer (if there ever was any). It is, instead, a fervent wish that this year's corps achieves the vision of the design team, gets rewarded with positive fan reaction/buzz, and keeps producing Men from Madison like our son.
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    Just got back from ensemble and watched tonight’s run. The corps was in their upper half’s tonight, and the unis are going to look sharp. They added 10 pages of drill to the end of the show tonight and I’m beginning to think this ending isn’t so temporary after all. And it’s a #### good ending. Got to watch the guard tonight a little more carefully and am convinced they will be much stronger than in past seasons. There’s a vibe with this group that I haven’t seen since 2013...
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    I went to Gardner Webb again this past Saturday and they have what seems to be half of the show on the field, and those 5-6 minutes go by fast. The show hooks you in from the first note (which also blows your face off). Whenever I am there, the members seem genuinely excited about the show and excited about being there. I, myself, have not been this excited about a Crown show since 2016. I was excited about 2017 too, but this show is on a whole different level. Crown will be back as the crowd favorite again this year. This show is so much fun to watch right now, and I don't even know what is going on at this point. The show is just that entertaining. I hope to make it up to GWebb again this weekend and maybe see the ballad barring no weather setbacks. I cannot wait until June 16th for the preview show and June 20th for the Tour Premiere
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    Only time BD finishes 3rd is in the annual predictions thread. DO IT UP DEVILS!!!
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    As someone who is marching this show I'll just say this. We are certainly working our tails off but man is this show fun.
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    For the record, the music book for BAC is written by Ryan George and Colin McNutt. I don't believe either of the men has ever been involved with Crown.
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    Lot's of talk on the new food truck which is well deserved. It is a phenomenal vehicle and as most know on the road, it is home base for the Corps. Also noteworthy is that the members and all staff are sleeping in college dorms and eating in the school cafeteria. This gives us a chance to break in the new truck by preparing snack only and it is a much better experience for all involved.
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    please ... Please ... PLEASE! Let’s not exhume the grave of this beaten horse again!
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    ' Just returned from 2 days up in Vermont with the Boston Crusaders at their Move Ins there. Things are looking up. What a great show they are putting together for us Drum Corps fans this summer, imo. I talked to a local farmer up there immediately outside the University's practice facilities where Boston has been practicing their 2019 show. He tells me he's never seen his generally lethargic cows so happy the last couple of weeks. He tells me his cows are groovin' to the beat now. I told him its not allowed to take pictures. videos, audios of people at Drum Corps practice. He gave me a confused, funny look. So anyway, I quickly changed the subject and asked him if I could take a picture of his cows instead.. He said sure thing, no problem... Vermont cows, I'm told, are harder to please sometimes than even some humans are. Especially when it comes to Music. So if these groovin' to the beat Castleton, Vermont cows are any indication. Boston just might have a fabulous show that awaits us this summer, folks.
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    I met Don Warren back in the seventies when he interviewed me, a young teacher who had written him a letter about my student moving from Long Island to Greater Chicago who was interested in joining the Cavaliers. At that time the Cavaliers did not yet have out of area members. Mr. Warren was quite thorough in his research, accepted the recommendations that I and another drum corps instructor (Joe Mason) wrote about the young man and welcomed him into the Green Machine. David Flynn went on to become a snare drummer, center snare, principal drum major, Board member, and an officer of the Board of Directors of the Cavaliers as well as proud father of Danny and Michael who also aged out as Cavaliers. David's sister MaryBeth married Cavaliers' contra player Scott Rhebergen; their son Andrew went on to also become a Cavies' contra/tuba and the drum major who hurdled the front ensemble to the podium the season that the Cavies played and conducted upside down. Scott also became a Cavies Board member and was DCI Volunteer of the Year in 2018. This is but one aspect of Don's ability to imagine, assess, and prosper the talents, opportunities, and futures of others who shared his ideals of drum corps and The Cavaliers.
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    A note from the Don Warren Celebration of Life ... "A message from Paul Litteau (Cavies). Last night was the "Send Off" show for The Cavaliers, which was expanded to feature the Celebration of Life for the corps' founder Don Warren. Several hundred alumni and guests joined the current members of the corps for this event at the Rosemont Theater. Many speakers shared memories of Don. A highlight was the presentation by Hugh Mahon (former Garfield Cadet Director and one of the surviving founders of DCI) who spoke on behalf of himself, DCI and The Cadets. After he finished, virtually every current member of the corps thanked him individually, many saying they had not previously fully appreciated the long friendship and mutual respect between our corps. Countless alumni and other guests also extended their appreciation. It was a great event... and Hugh did The Cadets proud."
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    You ARE new to these here parts! Knocking what we have not seen is the bread and butter of DCP! 😎
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    Oh my God! Saw the corps do their first run tonight... and it was fantastic! A couple of observations from someone that has gone to a lot of spring training rehearsals over the years: 1. This corps is talented. All three sections. Anyone that thought this group was going to fall behind this season is dreaming. 2. This is probably the best designed show Crown has had in 5 years. 3. The full show is on the field... kind of. They have a temp ending in place, but when they get the final ending set up, you’re going to goosebumps. Think old school Madison. 4. The show design is contemporary mixed in with old school drum corps. “We don’t give a f—k, we’re gonna ram some good old fashioned drum corps down your throat”. This will get the fans on their feet multiple times. 5. No singers (yay). 6. If you’re not prepared for the first note, you’ll probably need medical attention. (You’ve been warned). 7. The ballad will move you to tears. I had goosebumps and there wasn’t even a front ensemble tonight. Thank you Michael Klesch. That’s all for now.
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    Have not been able to get the Cadets music out of my head since I left them last night! Music is really growing on me now that the visual aspect is being added. The staging of this show is on a different level than recent years...in a good way. Visually, this is some of the coolest stuff I have seen the Cadets do in years. Trying to keep realistic expectations about how they will place this season; however, when I watch this edition of the Cadets (which has been a lot in the past 2 weeks), I actually think they may have some upward mobility when it comes to placement this season. Either way, this season will be a breath of fresh air for the Cadets and their fans.
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    Now boys...don’t make me pull this car over.
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    In Castleton now....HOLY MOTHER OF GOD HORNLINE!
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    Hopefully one day there will be a Madison thread that will be more positive. I do understand everyones concern, but I feel by some of the posts that some people don't even want them to be successful.
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    A life well-lived. If I’m able to touch one-percent as many lives as the old man did, I will consider my time here a success.
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    You're just trolling, right? Anyone triggered by the phrase "wrong side of the tracks" needs to seriously go out and buy a life. I hear they're for sale over on the right side of the tracks. 😎
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    The Southern Knights are indeed moving to Open Class this summer. We looked at the opportunity to fill that 10th spot this year seeings how all are in. Yes there are more share points to an Open Finalist. Our goal has always been to move to Open eventually with higher numbers. We have a full 128. (Just kidding) We are still mid 50's this year. Reading and Atlanta don't have to look over their shoulders for us just yet... 🙂 We feel this will be a growing experience for us. So we moved up considering the circumstances. This way there are still 10 Open and 4 Class A Finalists! This will be our 3rd year in DCA... We are enjoying every moment to be on the field, which appears to be harder to do every year. We will have show announcement soon!
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    I would also add, sometimes music is just music. Seriously, if you need to research what race, sex, gender, nationality...or whatever to make someone happy....get a life.
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    But it is the same. The staff picked what they felt best depicts what they want to portray. IIRC certain pieces written by female composers were considered but did not make the final cut. It happens.......so, if you’re expecting a big “mea culpa” from the design staff, I don’t think it will happen. As I’ve stated before, most of the posts on this thread are written to dismiss the efforts of the 2019 Phantom Regiment BEFORE they even hit the field. That is a shame. People are entitled to their opinions but to count them out before a signle note is played on the field, I feel is a great disservice to the members who have committed their summer to march Regiment. Flame away!
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    I will be helping the corps out on the food truck next week in Ada. I volunteered for over a week back in 2016 and a couple days in 2017. I am excited to return and support them again!
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    Blue Knights Apologize for "Avian" According to Marc Sylvester, 2012 show designer, "I am mortified. We chose music to best fit the moods, pacing, and storyline of our competitive program. But the fact that none of our source music was actually composed by a bird is now creating a storyline of its own. The idea of celebrating high altitude creatures has been a part of the Blue Knights since its inception, from the choice of a mile-high hometown, to employing really tall corps directors. It was a missed opportunity."
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    Or they can treat this like an actual competition and produce a competitive show, which they seem to be doing.
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    Welcome back 777. At least, with Boston, you’re consistent.
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    For those of you who are reluctant to express how you feel about their having a successful season, STOP IT! Let's not be afraid to take a chance on this corps. Other corps' fans are not reluctant to express how they feel about THEIR corps. IF you feel a certain way, say it with CONFIDENCE. If you're wrong, so be it. You're not losing anything. I am hoping they come out this season ready to kick some serious you know what. Looking forward to seeing them this season.
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    So I spent some time at Cadets yesterday. I was there almost a week ago and WOW have they gotten better in a short amount of time. Like wow. The brass is so much stronger this year - and with a much more difficult book. I think people are going to be surprised. Can’t wait to see the rest of the show on the move. PS - the closer? Straight up drum corps.
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    Well I can only speak from seeing the actual corps yesterday putting the design onto the field i didn’t notice anything cringeworthy or too literal in the stuff they have on the field so far - I did see some effective staging, fully integrated guard and props and a few spots for well staged features the show is clearly not a GH product we wont see any spinning Christmas presents, back flipping Jesus or giant gold cross this year - sorry not sorry
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    They march really really fast
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    So. How about those Madison Scouts?
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    There are many people who committed these types of crimes who have made great contributions to society. That doesn't give them a pass to do what they want to people. He deserves everything that's coming to him for doing what he did. I don't care how many championships Cadets have. Someone's life and well being are more important to me than the contributions that he has made to Cadets.
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    Having seen the visual show in person (twice) I would say two things....first, the guard seems to have picked up right where they left off in August. In what I believe to be is a first for BAC, the group consists of 22 guys and 22 girls...and they look older to me. Visually, the drill is faster paced and more intricate than last year, with the focal points constantly shifting and pulling your attention from moment to moment. The use of the props is well choreographed and they are nearly constantly in play. No there is nothing being burned...at least not that I could see. As I said earlier on another thread, the horn line seems very tall to me (and I saw them without uniforms). The staging of the herald trumpets is a wow moment...of which there are many. Another great moment is the 44 rifles. I am trying to not give too much away, and it may be a challenge for the film crew in Detroit to catch everything, but I think most folks in the theatre will enjoy the show. 5 days now and counting...
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    Blue Stars Present: Call of the Wild Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, RV 297, “Winter” by Antonio Vivaldi Symphony No. 1 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Dance Panels by Aaron Copland Sora by Yoko Kanno Avalanche by Jim Wunderlich, Rick Barclay, Matthew Hernandez The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise) by Frode Fjellheim, Christophe Beck
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    Wow. I never mentioned you dude....either directly or by implication. In any event, breaking into the top 3 for Boston will NOT be automatic. It will be difficult...just as going from 12th to 6th in one season was. Just as getting into the top 5 last year was. You do realize that the various spreads you listed from 2018 have nothing to do with next week, right? But by all means, keep up the narrative that Boston can't possibly go any higher. Sooner or later, David DOES take out Goliath. Maybe that's the issue. Perhaps deep down some people actually sense that BAC is about to disrupt the status quo. Have a wonderful day.
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    Along with Ryan Leaf and Johnny Manziel...
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    We're excited to announce that DrumScorps 5.0 is now available! This release includes a number of features that have been requested by our users: An improved, more readable rankings page Performance times Easier to use filtering UI Performance and stability improvements DrumScorps 5.0 is available now for both iOS and Android. Looking forward to a great drum corps season! .
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    Also in Castleton....had goosebumps and tears during the runthrough. Holy Hornline...where did THAT come from? Guard picked up from where they left off and the GOLIATH 10 man snareline is throwin DOWN!
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    Have I developed dyslexia? I thought this was the Crown thread? It's certainly not the Phantom Regiment Memory Road thread...
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    I’m leaving right now. But not before @BRASSO and myself....
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