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    I don't know judges names, so I'm making this a dream team type thing instead. GE 1-Tim Gunn GE 2-Tim Gunn Visual Proficiency-Tim Gunn Visual Analysis-Tim Gunn Guard-Tim Gunn Music - Brass-Chuck Mangione Music - Analysis - Chuck Mangione Percussion- Neil Peart
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    Congrats to Encorps for being approved for Open Class Competition. They will focus on a regional tour, mainly shows within a day trip from their home town. • Allentown, PA — June 28 • East Rutherford, NJ — July 2 • Augusta, NJ — July 17 • Annapolis, MD — July 30 • Allentown, PA — August 2 https://www.dci.org/news/new-jerseys-encorps-approved-for-regional-open-class-tour
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    Props were in vogue. Then they went away. Now they're back. They will probably go away again. (Please dear sweet Jesus make them go away again soon!)
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    I think there are probably a lot of fans, young and especially old timers, who'd love to see a Boston championship in the very near future. They've certainly paid their dues.
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    My corps does not have someone that can do backflips. Ergo, we will likely not do backflips this year. So no, I don't really see it as that big of a deal. Mike
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    The problem is probably as basic as; do the people there (PR org) even understand how the show they are getting to perform is at BEST a lower scoring BOA show? Let that sink in. The kids/young adults are not the problem. The staff is not getting it done AND they haven't had a product to really get excited about. Whomever is selling these show designs needs to take up being a car salesman because they can sell.....
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    A year ago today the story went public that caused the activity to get a very needed wake up call. Since then a lot of changes have happened, some good, some bad, some possibly not happening that should have. this is not designed to discuss certain people that tend to bring out critics or defenders ( no need to mention names or legal proceedings). This is to be about how we think dci in general and the activity as a whole has improved, dropped balls or can improve. If you want to talk about those people I’ll hit report or have what could be a very productive discussion closed.
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    Perception IS reality. This isn’t a court trial. Get real. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. That’s the reality. Life ain’t fair. NO school district has the burden of “proving” a corps guilty or presuming anyone innocent before denying them the use of their space. You can leave that amateur lawyering at the door. Some out of district group who pays zero taxes in my school district wants to use my space? With the baggage the activity is carrying today? I’m surprised corps aren’t having a much harder time securing housing.
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    Not a true Proverb, but wise just the same: "You never have to explain what you don't say"
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    I must be the only person that did not like "Natural Woman"...to me it felt forced into the same mold that worked for "Everything Must Change" in 2017. That just took away from the effect imho.
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    Of course I wasn't doing any such thing, Stu. I was just making a joke, period. A bad one, I'm sure. LOL. Just being silly. The people who know me best know I've been silly for just about my entire life. But this is an example of the "Stu World" we all live in here. "Mountain-Out-of-Molehill Land." Love ya, Stu.... agree with you on several issues, love your sense of humor on a lot of things... but is there any chance you can perhaps go a few weeks or so without parsing every single word every one of us ever says on these forums, or lying in wait for a "gotcha" moment? Sheesh.
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    It was just something I saw hanging in a window and I couldn’t resist.
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    Maybe explain to the 'young uns who lurk that the ELP on a drum corps thread isn't the same thing as the EPL used currently in DCI lingo for most corps in THIS century. ELP= Emerson, Lake, (&) Palmer. EPL= Eat, Pack, Load (the buses)
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    We see 777 that your disdain for Boston is still in place, even though no corps has competed in 2019 yet.
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    I’m seeing more similarities to Cadets and Cavies rises rather than Madison. You have to assemble the staff to attract the talent and get the results. Staff moves so much today, very few corps have “their staff” for long periods of time. Boston Crusaders also worked to build a foundation for success prior to attracting the new staff. I don’t think you’re going to see a collapse too soon.
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    Just goes to show that the size of your prop does not matter. It is all in how you use it!
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    Not sure how you wound your way to the above comparisons from the earlier discussion, but for now...here goes... 'Equal value' is determined by what and how the judges evaluate performances/shows, a totally subjective concept, as has always been the case. They. use the criteria and scoring methodologies decided by the corps themselves at winter meetings. If adjudication is "skewed", it is skewed to determine ranking and ratings based on the desires of the corps. Does the show with complex drill/body sculpture align itself with the judging criteria to achieve a maximum score? Or would it be missing some of the elements contained in the various adjudication standards? Talking in generalities about show designs is really impossible. Ditto the G vs Bb horns comparison. Bb horns are here to stay, so the difference in sonority and timbre of a G horn section might be an issue with the evaluation. Again, talking generalities and what-ifs in a vacuum is impossible.
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    There is some history that would point to the inconsistency of the application of penalties anyway. DCI HQ was confronted with 2 similar cases of reporting to them of Corps using overage marchers. In one case, when they were informed after semi Finals at Championships, they quickly DQ that Corps from Finals Night participation ( 1975 ). In the 2nd case, ( in 1989 ) they allowed that Corps to go out and compete at Finals ( minus the 2 overage nmarchers). DCI justified their actions with the statement that in the 1st case, a rival Corps brought the info to them, while in the 2nd case, the Corps using overage marchers self reported the DCI prohibition against using overage marchers. In both cases, there was clearly the establishment of the prohibited use of over age marchers. The only fundamental difference was the reporting of such to DCI. DCI could have elected to DQ the overage marcher, ( in '75 ) and allowed the Corps to similarly compete on finals Night, But instead, DCI decided to penalize the entire Corps and their marchers, and summarily dismissed their opportunity to compete ( nor even allowed to perform in exhibition ) on Finals Night for that Corps in '75. DCI HQ, with the reported knowledge that a Corps utilized 2 overage marchers all that season of "89 ( except on Finals Night ) took no action later to disqualify those competition results of that Corps that season prior to Finals Night, nor was there any effort by DCI HQ to make the Corps return any show monies for placements/ wins that season in which they marched overage marchers in competition, and collected those placement and win monies essentially illegally.. That Corps competed on Finals Night ( minus their overage marchers ), and won themselves a DCI Title that season of '89. There is a phrase in the legal field that says that " ignorance before the law is no excuse ". The claim that the Corps in '89 did not know it had competed illegally with overage marchers that season is perhaps accurate , But if this was most sports ( including the NCAA ) if a school... even unknowingly... utilized illegal players in competition, they would forfeit all their games played that season, pay steep financial and sanctions penalties, and if found at NCAA Tournament time, they'd absolutely be DQ'd from further tournament play, even if the school self reported the illegal participation of some of its players to the League once they found out about it themselves. But Yes, the 2nd corps with not one, but two, overage marchers in '89 had influential people ( a DCI Founder Member ) that DCI quickly acquiesced too and gave a different outcome than the entire Corps they DQ in 75 for the exact same violation, ie, the utilization throughout the DCI season of long established league rules prohibiting the utilization of overage marchers in competition.
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    I agree with the above emphasized quote, not for people like Jim, garfield, myself, etc. but more for the casual fan or someone who isn't a fan. They are the ones who read the original article (s), most likely form a negative opinion/perception (rightly or wrongly), and not invested/interested enough to follow up. It's important that they hear that things are changing/improving. And if they're casual fans or not fans, spreading the news other ways, in addition to the website, is important. They could be people who very possibly make the decision on hosting a corps or having a show. They could be people who "put pressure" on the decision makers to host or not host, etc.
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    I hope the comments before mine are this succinct: The district's obligation is to the school district, not to the desires/whims of a traveling bunch of band geeks. I ran our local show for over a decade and I could share some incredible stories of "tour director self importance" when the Board is much less impressed.
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    Respectfully disagree. Many times, I have prejudged a show without seeing much of anything and wrote a corps off prematurely because I could not embrace the corps’ concept. Even now, I have written off a corps that is leaking out dribs and drabs of their concept. Not all press is hype inducing and frequently generates negative hype.
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    I feel like anything VK put on the field should be on this page.
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    I just want them to have competent design that’s performed well & a music book that does not rely on any piece used in the past. Am I asking too much?
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    I bet Jeff you've been waiting years to use your reply.
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