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    DCI has ended the Cadets probationary status! Hopefully, the Cadets can now put this terrible mess behind them and continue to build another championship drum corps. I applaud the current Cadets management team for the way they handled this tough situation.
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    For the curious, some general observations from the exhibition: The music is drawn from several different art forms (pop, film, etc.) with the eclectic melodies cleverly weaving together into fantastic builds... recognizable, memorable, and musical. Contrasting with the last two years, it is possible we'll hear more soft passages interspersed with the hard charging moments, providing more variety to the sound. As someone else mentioned, brass is not tight, but it's appropriate for an ensemble in April, particularly with a book this tough. It was a long weekend of playing, and by Sunday the tone sometimes got edgy in the trumpet section... though nothing more concerning than "final exam chops". They made up for it by demonstrating expert execution of some double-tongued decrescendo passages. Very sweet stuff. Praying that these moments don't get lost in the amplification. This is a very talented line with an ambitious book. Endurance will be key to delivering on the field. Get ready to hear plenty of complex articulations -- all sections, all levels -- that go well beyond top-12's seemingly compulsory chromatic runs. There will be MELODY while the valves fly! They will have tongues like machine guns by July. The rhythms and meter signatures are varied and interesting. It will be fun to see what the drill/movement people create to accompany them. The percussion section stands out due to their age and performance maturity. Even a layman can tell they're darn good.. and ready to take on this summer's challenges. The percussion breaks seem better integrated into the overall musical flow than in the past (either that, or they're not yet in the show). Didn't get to see the guard... no doubt there were tough membership decisions in progress.
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    Congratulations to Doug Thrower, DCI Hall of Fame inductee, class of 2019!
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    Having sent tuition dollars to Madison and watched our son grow, mature, and perform the crap out of shows the last couple of years (before aging out) I can tell you I wish nothing but success for the new design team. If you thought it painful watching the shows the last couple of years try having your kid be one of the performers trying to make sense of the instruction given, the effort expended, and the lack of results (score-wise) earned. I saw a young man stare into the face of adversity and, instead of folding, grow artistically and do things in terms of playing, marching, and performing that weren't possible prior to getting with the Scouts. This is not an appeal to moral authority for my view of the upcoming season, because there is none for me any longer (if there ever was any). It is, instead, a fervent wish that this year's corps achieves the vision of the design team, gets rewarded with positive fan reaction/buzz, and keeps producing Men from Madison like our son.
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    Just returned from a fantastic weekend with the Cadets!πŸ’ž
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    Some people seem to be forgetting Cadets lost its director due to what he has done to women. A show given by Cadets that primarily provides a tribute to women seems only fitting. I don't see a problem with it.
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    Don't fornicate with us!
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    Sorry all for the lack of specifics. It's simply not worth the criticism you receive from some when you share information about the Cadets. However, I will share a couple observations about camp. The transformation of the Cadets organization in 1 relatively short year is astounding. This organization has their #### together and they have added some amazing talent to their administrative and design teams. Secondly, some are seriously underestimating the effects of a strong design team (which they currently have in place) who have complete freedom to do their thing! The Cadets are doing everything right...for once.
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    I’m leaving right now. But not before @BRASSO and myself....
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    From the calendar on YEA.org: ST begins Friday... Move in and Spring Training starts Friday - May 17th -- in Salem PA for the weekend Monday May 20th ST continues as the corps moves to Oxford, PA for 12 days through the end of May Cadets will then move on to Ada, OH for the remaining 20 days of ST June 18th Cadets will host a "community preview day" Cadets 2019 will make their competitive debut in Detroit MI at DCI's Premiere Event (also in theaters) The Tour Event in Theaters is a Fathom Event, starts at 8:30pm eastern time zone featuring The Cadets, Carolina Crown, Boston Crusaders, Blue Stars & Bluecoats - what a great line up! The next day is labeled as a "rehearsal day" in Youngstown, OH The following day (June 22nd) is the big Innovations in Brass show in North Canton, OH (available on FloMarching live stream) and features Phantom Regiment joining the fray >> Last year The Cadets were a bit behind at their first event, so it will be interesting to see how well-prepared the 2019 addition arrives on tour >> Will they debut with a smaller (or larger?) point gap with the corps ahead of them? Go Cadets!
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    I am. I didn't know Starbucks was around all those centuries ago.πŸ˜‹
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    The corps' financial success is NOT due to any one donor. Rather, it is the result of the BOD members spending years cultivating financial support from several dozen corporations, most of which being very old but recognizable institutions in Boston's financial district.....Putnam Investments, John Hancock, etc. If you go to BAC's website and scroll around you can find detailed lists of corporate donors as well as the backgrounds of the BOD members. To suggest that some sugar daddy randomly showed up and wrote a big check is simply not true. And for the record, the annual Concert in the Park where the corps and all of the smaller local ensembles supported by Inspire play each June in the downtown financial district brings in more money in one day than some corps' entire budget. This is due to the tireless efforts of the Inspire board of directors. While I am not on the board, I know most of them and in many cases they have been working for BAC on some level since the 70's and 80's. So, let's put to bed the fiction that the corps fell into money. That notion is disingenuous and insulting.
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    They’ve provided the template on how to handle this situation. I applaud them. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    Absolutely happy we were able to make the drive to the camp this weekend... Lots to be excited about! I wish the corps a successful move in and enjoyable summer!
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    It's also interesting that for the very first time, the image of Waldo is neither red, white, nor black....but GOLD. hmm....
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    Annnnnnd spring training starts in 4 days!!!! (Don't mind me, I am a little drunk).
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    I was like you until last month. ( not 1 episode ) then I binge watched all 7 seasons and now I'm caught up with season 8. It's worth a watch. Great stories, great characters.
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    It has been released....
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    It is not insulting when you don't know what you are talking about. You are likely only misinformed. I don't know who, if anyone, within the organization you have spoken with. I am guessing no one. The reason I think this is, if you had, you would have a better understanding of how the turn around came to be. Before bringing in the new staff, there was a previous 5 year effort to build the foundation of what the corps is based on today; the financial footing and the administration/leadership structural plan. Where you are getting your information from sounds to be from outside sources who also have made assumptions for a number of reasons some of which may be sour grapes. Boston's fundraising efforts continue throughout the year, done through a number of avenues, created to maintain a constant funding stream. Not relying on any one thing or person to deliver funding directly or indirectly. That is by design. You mentioned money lured the staff. But when you hear the staff explain why they are there, money is not what they talk about. Being able to create unfettered is what they talk about. Working with each other creatively is what they talk about. Getting top talent is what they are talking about. To say it is about money and inferring it was only about money, is to call these fine instructors and people, untruthful. Is the staff being paid well and being treated well? Yes they are getting paid well and they are being treated well. How well were they paid before thay came to Boston? How were they treated before they came to Boston? How well respected by their peers and former organizations were they, before thay came to Boston? Drum Corps are full of staffers who work for peanuts but enjoy where they are. When you remove the joy, and being paid is a struggle, and they are no longer being listened to by their org's. leaders, that is clearly an incentive to go elsewhere. For some of Boston's staff, they came home. They came back to friends they already had there. They came to an organization that promised them exactly what they are getting and working with right now. Boston is being used as a model for other organizations now, and if you look around you will see that. This year we hope to see Boston rise some more, be more in the mix and be considered a top tier corps. How far they go we'll have to wait and see. Maybe we'll have a good indication in a couple of weeks from ST when reports start trickling out from the DC world, or maybe we won't really know until the Detroit Premier show. In any case I am getting a sense from the very little word that does ooze out from all the corps camps that there is no less than 20 corps that can win it all. LOL
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    What makes me excited about this staff is they are able to do creatively, whatever helps make them a champion. Last year the only dictate from corps leadership was "make the horn line loud". This staff gets to create unencumbered, and when I've seen them at ST they have a focus on performance from the very beginning. Listening to the interviews it is clear they are collaborating in August to put out the next years show. They listen to each other and respect each others ability and expertise. That alone is probably the major factor to success. Can't wait to hear some of the music.
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    The current team has worked their ##### off to correct a mess they inherited. More work to do but proof it can be fixed
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    OK I think we have herd enough.
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    Nothing I’ve seen/heard has suggested any kind of statement. This is going to be a fun and engaging show that will show everyone why we fans love this activity.
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    Most of the people I marched with in the past couple of years were not wealthy and often struggled very hard to pay the monthly payments. In fact β€” most people I marched with work one or two jobs leading up to the summer in order to pay for it. Our fees added up to $4,500 to $5,000 with camps, tour fees, and tour supplies (good shoes, backpack, air mattress, etc) There are certainly some wealthy kids who have parents that just pay for their fees. But in my experience, most of us work our butts off to be able to pay for the summer. It’s an activity full of (mostly) kids who work VERY hard year around.
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    I'm all for self-proclaimed dinos making relevant points (for example, there is quantifiably less dot-to-dot drill now than there was ten years ago) but the claim that Fire of Eternal Glory wouldn't be given the time to develop by today's music arrangers is demonstrably false. Being generous with a few seconds on either end of the performance, one could reasonably call the '93 FOEG segment three minutes long, from initial count off to putting the helmets back on in silence. Examples from 2018 of ballads being given time to develop: SCV's "My Body Is a Cage" clocks in at 2:30 from start to finish, just 30 seconds shy of FOEG, and if you think that's not an example along the lines of FOEG in that it's a simple, hummable melody that is freely & organically allowed to build from a plain idea into a massive full ensemble chorus over a relatively long period of time, then you simply weren't listening this year. Bloo's "Saro" was a bit more modernized, I'll give you that, since it didn't begin and finish with silence, and the singer wove in "God Bless the Child", but I think the example still stands: a ballad that is allowed to ebb & flow and build organically, as the original music intended. Now, at 2:10ish, it's almost a full minute shorter than FOEG, but it's another CLEAR example of a melody being given the space in time that it needed to fully and leisurely develop in the same manner as FOEG. Crown's "If I Fell", while not my favorite ballad of the year, is another undeniable example: a clear melody that is given tons of time to build from a few simple voices to a huge full ensemble statement of the same melody. This one clocks in at almost exactly three minutes, matching FOEG. As a huge Sigur Ros fan, I thought Cadet's treatment of "Ara Batur" was pretty spot on and true to the original piece. Now, the original piece is almost 10 minutes long, so obviously they cut a few repetitions of the melody out in a way that the previous examples didn't need to (all source material previously mentioned is 2-3 minutes long), but the point is still there: a simple, hummable melody that is presented unaltered by the corps and allowed to grow slowly & fluidly. At 2:45, it landed just 15 seconds short of FOEG, and definitely made a similar point. BK's treatment of Radiohead's "Exit Music" this year clocked in at an unaltered 2:30 devoted to just that song. This example strays a little, since it's not as straightforward, but Mandarins had a GLORIOUS 2:45 second build BEFORE they unleashed on the True Colors melody, and a total ballad time of 3:45, almost a full minute longer than FOEG, and I don't think you'd find a single person from last season who didn't think their show was brilliant. Again, this example is a little different, since so much of the build is drumline and has very little to do with the True Colors melody, but if you don't think that's a long, slow, rise & fall build all the way to the giant pay off of an impact, then you aren't listening properly. It's the perfect example of allowing an entire section of a show to take the time it needs to develop. Music City's "Hallelujah" developed beautifully & fully over about 2:30 minutes. And that's just a rough perusal of THIS PAST SEASON ONLY. Really, to say FOEG wouldn't be given the time to develop nowadays is just....not true. I don't know how else to put it. Just in case I need to hammer this point home further, other recent examples of long, slowly-developing ballads: Bloo's Hymn of Axciom clocks in at at 3:15. Crown's interpretation of Giazotto's "Adagio" was 2:20m and the Lost ballad in 2014 as 2:55. How could anyone forget The Academy's "Unchained Melody"???? At a full 3:30, it's an unquestionable example of a recent crowd favorite that easily matches (and surpasses!) the FOEG example. Hell, let's even get BD in there too! While I will admit that allowing full, unaltered melodies to blossom and grow organically isn't their style, they did it as recently as 2016 with Fernando Valezquez's music from "The Impossibles": a full 2:55 ballad of the same gorgeous melody woven over and over as it builds slowly to a glorious climax.
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    What a wildly eclectic set of source material, some really cool stuff in there and some stuff I’ve never heard which is always fun. Paired with a very accessible theme it should be cool. Have loved the last two shows so I’m sure this will be great too.
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    By focusing on one piece of the story, it’s more clear cut. If it was titled David, it could be far less focused. The whole story of David, from the shepherd in the field, to his bravery, loyalty, infidelity, his ability to lead his country but inability to lead his family, to becoming a wise and faithful man in later years is pretty complex. Focusing on the David v. Goliath makes more sense.
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    Enough of Our Machines – Son Lux Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears (Roland Orzabal, Ian Stanley, Chris Hughes) On the Shoulders of Giants – Peter Graham Giant Steps – John Coltrane My Shot – Lin-Manuel Miranda Fanfare for Rocky – Bill Conti Once Upon a Castle – Michael Daugherty https://bostoncrusaders.org/2019/05/goliath/
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    I am hopeful, regardless of being old Madison, new Madison whatever Madison. Just be good
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    The money was raised in part by other students playing music on street corners and intersections over the past few months. Nice work, young folks.
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    yo people..this is drum corps...all the historic VFW and American legion corps performed shows that almost had to include the patriotic presentation of colors ...We've come along way from starting and ending shows with gun shots to where mm's are expressing themselves in ways that continue to blow me away..Just entertain us.. if a few feathers are ruffled, so be it !!! you can't please everybody
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    Lol bring down that ego. I don't know you or anyone else from a can of paint. What makes you think I care how much you or anyone else enjoy it? As far as I'm concerned, we are all just the internet so I couldn't really care less whether or not you enjoy it. What I do know is I've had enough wasting my time typing replies to negative people who seem to get off on being cynics. You can have fun with all that.
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    And we wonder why corps don't release show details early. I'm just going to go to ST, watch this thing develop, and enjoy. I read the description of the show once and won't again, because in the end it's what I see and hear on the field that matters to me.
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    I think we should all just ignore those political labels and love some drum corps! Can't wait!
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    It sounds incredible to me. But I’m what the kids call a dinosaur. I love the no props. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    No theme, no props, no problem! I'm getting excited for what's in store for this season! James Elvord speaks a lot about not only upping the game in terms of entertainment value, but also about upping the level of execution and technique, which has fallen off in recent years. I hope they acheive that, because I've missed seeing a Scouts Corps that can march like muther######s!!! And as a former staff member of mine once said - Clean is it's own effect!
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    And most of the key leaders of the corps and BOD marched with Boston back when the corps was struggling to stay active. They have the passion and drive to see this corps succeed.
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    The new staff doesn't have to look over their shoulders waiting to be told they have to make changes, etc. They no longer have to deal with a micro managing director.
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    Gino and Colin have brought the musicians to a bold and fearless sound, worthy of Ryan George's arrangements. Keith Potter's efforts to coordinate and balance the many visual/musical moving parts glue the product together. In spite of the local theme, Wicked Games elicited thoughts of "Crown/Cadets lovechild". With SOS, the melting pot of design and member talent shed that image and felt distinctly BAC... didn't hurt that they spelled all that out in the drill . "Freedom" is the word for 2019, @brassdude6171. They've shed some limitations of the previous two years and are going to put out their best show yet. For once, it does not feel necessary to speculate on scores, placements, etc. The other corps are killing it in this off season and will definitely put out great products. The activity is strong, and that's good. Very glad that the kids have a show they can be proud to perform every night, and the freedom to feel their efforts will bring results.
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    Had a chance to hear the majority of the show from the brass and percussion in a recording, and the main thing I can say is that this show is what I was imagining Boston would bring when the staff changes first happened, in that it's got some definite Crown undertones and a definite Cadets sound from the members if you put all the money in front of the design team and just gave them the freedom to do whatever. I'm VERY excited to see what comes of it.
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    The 2nd round of interviews with Boston Crusaders staff is up from Marching Arts Website posted today. Today, Ryan George and Gino Cipriani's interviews from this weekend's Boston Camp. https://marchingartseducation.com/boston-crusaders-april-camp-2019/
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    True. A political themed or politically tinged show ? DCI.. or otherwise ? No. The Theme will not be that, that much can be publically shared re. the 2019 Theme, anyway.
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    The final production camp of the 2019 season is complete after a successful late April weekend in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Without question, the buzz of drum corps season was present throughout the weekend. Guard auditions brought back many familiar faces returning for another season of BACCG. New talent was in abundance as the brand of the award winning color guard is at an all time high. The choreography, the design, and the writing of the guard work attracts a special type of performer. Michael Townsend, Brady Sanders, and the full team were all on hand to teach and evaluate. No doubt the 2019 guard will be another great chapter for all to enjoy. Congrats to all who went after it and to those chosen to travel to Castleton, Vermont for move-ins. Brass and percussion spent the remainder of the weekend putting together several show productions for the design team. Ryan George, Colin McNutt, Keith Potter, Mike Zellers and Iain Moyer were on site to bring more sections of the 2019 production to life. The brass learned the first minute and a half of drill on Saturday morning under the watchful eye of designer Leon May. It was a good introduction to the learning process. At the public performance on Sunday, the ensemble performed 9 minutes of show material. By the reaction of the crowd on hand – we are on to something special. Many thanks to all of our volunteers, our admin team, and the unsung heroes behind the scenes that make it possible for our members to experience drum corps on the highest level. Dr. Vivien completed all the necessary medical on-boarding of our 2019 guard, while Barb Ferguson and Jeanne Cirillo captured the measurements for costumes. The Lakewood Ranch community came out in full support and we had lots of local alumni, parents, and friends in the stadium on Sunday afternoon. https://bostoncrusaders.org/2019/04/april-production-camp-recap/?fbclid=IwAR1DKUhTIJvAkn2Ed-bnkuq1Njh3SY-RiRPrK03v_6X3nUCvgmBQJUFHIcw
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    Yes. - Prepare yourself for some stifling heat and ungodly traffic. - Any restaurant with the name "Papa" in it is highly recommended. Pappasito's, Pappadeaux's. Papa Bros. Steaks. - Give all my exes who live in Texas my best middle finger. Sounds like a great trip. Enjoy.
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    i predict that in drum corps, no matter the topic or time of year, someone will complain
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    i know you said it earlier, and i have many times...this team, without uh...certain interference....will have a fluid design not compressed by themes or agendas.
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    The thing is, apart from our favorite corps or what not, I believe most fans want to be entertained. I mean, which is a more successful year with a fan... a Corps that finished say 21st that was highly entertaining we thought, or a Corps that finished much higher, but really , the show didn't engage us much at all ? In the end, the Corps that finished higher typically become easily forgettable for us if their show, despite good scores from the judges, was a meh for us. . Don't get me wrong. Placements are indeed important. VERY Important. But good grief, its the captivating shows that will be most remembered years later by most fans, imo, not so much the placements that season. So as we go about these placement predictions for this season, and hope our favorite Corps or Corps get better scores and placements from the DCI judges this season, lets not forget the importance to fans of finding shows engaging and captivating, no matter what the judges might think. I 'll let the judges determine who is " better " among the tier groups. That is in their domain. I've got no control over that. But I control as a fan what shows I liked and preferred. Thats in my domain. Not the judges domain. Judges get to decide " who's better/ best ". We fans get to decide " likes/ prefers ":. This is as it should be too, imo
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