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    What is this?, "pile it on" hour? No wonder people so rarely change their minds on here...first you go through the embarassment of admitting you were wrong, and then after the fact, people keep on reminding you about it! And he may not want me to say it, but it was no under 21 year old MM that talked to him, and there was no 'beating into submission'. He asked me a few questions via PM, and I answered them. Mostly, we've been swapping stories, and finding out that things are WAY more 'the same' then they are different...but a few things have changed, and it gave him a different perspective. Seriously though...its bad enough insulting the people that disagree with you ..... crazy and stupid reason that if drum corps does not go back to the way they remember it when they marched... That they will ##### and moan and make everybody miserable... ... ...but you take it a step further and go after people that are actually on your side! It's no wonder people view the 'progressives' as superior and arrogant sometimes...
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    Haven't read the 45+ pages...but... Fairly recent Cadet here and I feel like I was in the transition from traditional to change in the corps. I marched 01-05 then was on staff and I'm all for the change. Here are my few points, sorry if they've already been covered. 1) They know this is a BIG decision, therefore I would think it's a really solid concept since they're even considering it. 2) The new members have just as much love for that uniform as when the old members wore it. The difference is they don't have 10+ years after aging out to see it unchanged and become more attached to the tradition of it. 3) I bet you a large sum of money they win field visual if their pants are black. :)
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    I wouldn't have a problem with real string instruments such as violins, violas and cellos as long as they're bell-front instruments.
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    It has already been noted that this was not the idea of George Hopkins, but the word of the entire original G-7 team that came together to talk about what they thought was best for the future of drum corps. Any shot at Hopkins in the G-7 debate is irrelevant, because his only association as an individual with ANY of the proposals is that the group elected him to voice them at the meeting. Quite frankly, who else would have had the cojones to stand up and voice for the end of the open class, even if it wasn't there idea. Not saying I support the movement, but I certainly don't resent Hopkins for any of the proposals, because there is NO way of knowing if they originated from him or the other 6 members.
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    Well, just listened to the Trombone Concerto and wow..... if Bluecoats do justice to this, as they did to Asphalt Cocktail, I can not wait!
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    I remember vividly how happy and excited I was the day I was sent into the uniform room to try on uniform jackets as I was being fitted for my entire uniform. It was a dream come true and an honor to put on that traditional Cadets uniform. I also remember being at a show in 1984 and all the respect I had for my friend after seeing him in his Garfield Cadets uniform. I am very surprised by your statement that "It appears to me that the younger Alumni do not have the same attachment to the uniform that some of us do from "back in the day"". If that is true, that is sad.
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    (sorry for the blur) 25% decline in a decade. Bad economy or bad marketing, or...? Discuss... EDIT: Note: This is not official DCI data, and was taken from unaudited sources believed to be correct.
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    thank God you're back
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    you mean electronics didn't bring in more friends of DCI? who would have guessed?
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    Call my silly, but if, by their own admission, the uniform is such a storied part of their past and identity that they want to make a special ceremony to honor it, why is it changing? I know, it seems such a silly question. But still...am I the only one who see the contradiction? Kind of like the music of old, dead white guys.
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    Would love to see a fantastic brass and percussion arranger attack this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_z58EZdsHE
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    that could be cool. I hope disgruntled fans/alumni don't get stupid with it
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    I think GM is already ahead of you in such a creation that's in the works Michael. It'll be called the Chevy Camaro, Commode Limited Edition. Like most of their contraptions over the years, it'll run on wheels, it'll be big on gas, it'll have a small motorcycle like engine attached, and it'll run like s....... oh, never mind.
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    Was there an actual timeframe to compare when arranging was great, and the shows reflected a musicality or were melody driven? Sure. There might be a consensus, on some years. But, I don't think I can answer the question posed in the beginning of the thread without having something of an understanding, or something to compare 2011 to... I like all years, and respect what all corps do. But the "awesomeness" of brass, musicality, and arranging, hitting its peak to me, (or what some might refer to as a Golden Age), was somewhere around 1992. I only say that in personal preference. Maybe others will agree. Others wont. Proof is from 92 being a CD in the car. Its also what I like to call a 2 hour joy ride up to San Fran or somewhere far in California, where I don't change the CD till its over. Whereas, in other years I might get 1 show or maybe 3 or 4 in the "rotation". If 2011 can have a Top 12 as good as 92, (and I like the selections so far)...let "awesomeness" reign.
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    Plan9, I would like to respond to you in a couple ways. First, speaking for myself only as a 50 year old who discovered drum corps in 1979 and never left it.... I am someone who does NOT neccessarily need "recognizable" source music....but as I am not a music major, melodic arrangements are in fact needed (by me at least) to enjoy the show. When I was 19, I had no clue who Stan Kenton was, but BD's "Pegasus" is something which I find myself humming in the shower to this day. I had never heard of "Dindi" or "New York Fantasy" but BD engrained those tunes into my internal MP3 forever. The same is true of SCV 87...and of course, my all time favorite, Boston Crusaders, whose "Conquest" from a rather obscure movie in 1947....well you get the picture. This is all stuff that was arranged incredibly well, thus has withstood the test of time-for me at least. As incredible as Star was, I cannot humm the Bartok if my life depended on it. My other observation, is, hopefully, a positive note. While I am not an official spokesperson for BAC----only a volunteer these days---I have overheard ENDLESS conversations by their management/design team centering on programming and arranging that is very much audience-focused. Like them or not, I think most folks would agree that since 2008 at least, Boston has been bending over backwards to program and arrange shows which are audience-friendly. Their show as announced for 2011 is no exception, and I have reason to think that many other corps are trying to do the same. I think this summer will be one of the best in recent memory in that regard....
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    AWESOME NEWS!!! But....Has she ever won the Dream? (Sorry....I couldn't resist)!! Good luck Defenders!!!! Can't wait to see you guys at the Lawrence show in July where I will be performing with the Caballeros!
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    LMAO, how many times have I asked that question when I get the Fund Drive calls. Just once I'd like to give a smart ###ed answer to "How are you doing?" to see if the stundent on the other end still follows the script. "This is IUP calling, how are you?" "Dunno... the SWAT teams on the other line waiting for me to come out with my hands up. How are you?" "Just fine thank you, as you know it's that time of year again....."
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    "Purposefully difficult to listen to" almost has to have "purposefully difficult to play well" as a corollary, and playing something difficult well, even though you have to be highly musically educated to appreciate it, is certainly a strong point with judges.
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    As a brass instrument, I don't think a trombone soloist would be that radical for a drum corps. Personally, I think it'd be awesome if they did, but even a bari or euph player getting that kind of significant role as a soloist would be cool to see.
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    Mike, I worked in mortgages from 04 til now. the market was not hurting until 2007,and the sub primes that folded were because they got caught doing illegal things and making loans people couldn't afford. that report is soooo misleading of the real truth
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    "and you will address me as Dan Acheson. I think I've earned it"
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    Despite this, " polling " ( political, customer surveys, TV, advertisers, stores, educators etc ) is an annual multi billion dollar industry where corporate, government, retailers, researchers in universities etc pollsters spend a LOT of money to find out what people are thinking. Go figure.
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    lol. i'll defer to wiki always. like gps.
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    scv has been doing that with a reverse sort of focus...making visual seem to grow organically out of the truest arrangements to the original possible. scv did that in 09 and 10, and I actually preferred 10. same philosophy, different groups of people get into it. it's exceedingly rare for a show to be equally loved by fans and judges, and always has been, IMO.
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    kinda like controlling the sound system from the field unless it's semis and you're in 3rd
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    See, everyone? Free speech does have it's moments.
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    1 last post... I've had several PM's with a younger Alumni of The Cadets and he's given me a few things to think about. Please bear with me as I try to articulate a few of my thoughts. When I first heard of the uniform change I immediately saw red. I was furious. As I stated in previous posts I tried to explain those feelings. I honestly was not attacking the current members and I want to stress that. It's important to me that be understood. I have zero expectation that non-Cadets will understand the devotion that some of us have for our uniform. That's fine too. Now for the epiphany... It's still my Corps. But it's not. Yes, FHNSAB. But, it's THEIR Corps now. It's theirs to do with as they wish. It appears to me that the younger Alumni do not have the same attachment to the uniform that some of us do from "back in the day". That doesn't make MY devotion any less. It doesn't change MY experience. Sure I'd love it if they felt the same way as I do. But as those of you that attempted to force your opinion on those of us that feel the way we do, it's also not right for us to force our opinions on them. Shocker, right? I nearly passed out when that sunk in. You're probably right that some of us were being selfish. I told myself that protecting that tradition would benefit the current members so that they too could enjoy that aspect of Cadetdom. Turns out that they don't seem to need it. Which is fine. Regardless of whatever uniform The Cadets wear in the future that iconic West Point uniform is still an important part of me. It can never be taken away. Whatever values the current members have are a part of them as well. Who am I to try to take them away? Finally, if any of my posts have offended any of the current membership I sincerely apologize.
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    No way - you have to at least talk to a few members, so when someone asks, you can say "oh yea...i marched with so-and-so"!
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    You can't win arrangement when you arrange Nimrod next to Prime (BK).
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    Thank you! I so don't get that...
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    heh heh i couldn't figure out what the heck you were basing your bold PR prediction on until i read your sig line. i love your enthusiasm for your guys but let's be honest. PR isn't going to touch BD in CA, and they probably won't beat SCV either.
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    1985 Finals... SCV initially was announced as color guard caption winner. Later, a correction was made that Spirit had actually won the caption.
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    Cavies '91 was a Christmas show, complete with the "Tree-pull" at the end.
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    Me too... * Cavies will take top spot * Little bit of shake-up in Top 3 as Phantom and SCV take #2 and #3 slots * Cadets won't like this year's outcome and will abandon years 3, 4 and 5 of the series. * The Big Blue Flip... In are the Stars. Out are the Knights. * Fierce battle for #5 between Cadets and Crown. * Bluecoats will be in a season-end battle for the #9 and #10 spot with Glassmen.
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    It's all context, my Man... all in context. If you looked at the context of my remarks you will see that they was direct response to Cadet2000 above that said that " G " does not " disrespect " or hold " contempt " for anyone. Cadet2000 was not talking about the Cadets uniform. He specifically mentioned " G " and the fact that " G " does not show " disrespect " or " contempt " for anyone. As a result, in my opinion Cadet2000 opened the door to an example where " G " HAS indeed " disrespected " and held in " contempt " others. I used " G's " recommendation to kill off 2 dozen Corps as an example of G's " disrespect " and of " contempt " of others. It was germaine to what Cadet2000 said. Afterwards, Cadet2000 replied in a reasonable way that he also was against such a proposal, but did not want to get into that now on this thread. My reply to him on that was " no problem ". It ended there..... but then we immediately had another poster right after that asking if I held others responsible as well who recommended the killing off of these Corps... I said " yes ". And it ended there.... until you brought up once again that this is " irrelevent " to the uniform controversy thread. So there is no confusion... " YES ", the fact that " G " ( and others in the G-9 ) want to kill off 2 dozen Corps need NOT be discussed ANY MORE on The Cadets staff decision to change their uniform. That's the deal. We all move on from that now. We all agree.
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    Leave it to the Blue Stars to use the RIGHT recording equipment! :P but anything in the off season is a good thing! Thanks Blue Stars!!!!
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    I was a gold level and wasn’t all that impressed by my Friends Customer Service Rep, the dome stadium for finals and Bob Jacobs (of Surf) antics on this site which, put him in cahoots with my Friends rep whom betrayed my privacy thusly, allowing Bob to further betray my privacy and security on this very board. It killed most, if not all my spending with DCI as I really don’t trust them So their own bad judgment and their own idiocy cost them
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    True, "DrumCorpsWIKI " may not always get things accurately. ( who does ? ) But in this case Lance, while you and some others may have loved the 2010 SCV show, it hard to make a compelling case this show was " equally loved by fans and judges ". It wasn't. It's really not helpful to anything at all to pretend otherwise. That said, it doesn't mean that it should lessen you and others love for the show. It shouldn't, and I'm sure it won't.
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    Well aren't you special
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    Thanks for the examples. With the exception of Green Thunder they were all hideous.
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    I can verify this -- Tekk was supposedly headed to a Crown practice at East last year and *I* never saw him :-) Ninja indeed (well actually he didn't make it up to Allentown but the storie's better if he's ninja)
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    you must be a good teacher if your student was that good then to make cadets.
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    You were perfectly clear. Haters gonna hate.
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    'Guess a few hundred Honorary Corps Members over the years from many Corps are gonna have to return a lot of Corps jackets then.
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    Michael James in Central Florida has reused the same exact floors, poems, quotes, music, voiceovers, designs, costuming, equipment book and movement every single year. He is in no way inventive. Every one of his guards do the same thing every year. Not my version of interesting
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