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    "I like swords and hot chicks" LOL!!!! Now you need to invite him to a show!
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    Just got back from Bones' rehearsal in San Antonio. They ended the evening with the first full run of the season (closer drill is 5-6 hours old!). I am not about to make any predictions about placement, it would be dumb to do so. BUT, these guys sound like a drum corps again. Chuck's brass writing is great. Lots of stuff going on, not so "one dimensional" as the past few years. Beddis and Markworth have that drumline groovin again (thank God) and Rudy Gowern and his staff have done a GREAT job with the drumline. I've gone to check out rehearsal each year before they leave for tour. This is the only time since the move to TX that I haven't left feeling like I've been at a HS band rehearsal. The hornline can put out some SOUND and the drumline has some sweet beats. This will be a crowd pleaser, for sure. Good job, so far, X-Men!!!
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    But did it make national television?
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    Class is hard to define: SCV, Madison, and The Troopers come immediately to mind. I can tell you what definitely ISN'T classy: coming on to field wearing your championship ring(s) over your gloves!
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    I use my prison library computer after finishing my license plate polishing... usually just before my evening Vespers, and before the lights go out for the nite.
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    That does sum up the experience for some folks... Mike
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    I've been wanting a cummerbund added since last season! That makes all the difference in the world. I could live with this design! Now if they'd just do it!
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    That guy's beard is the reason clean-shaven is a bad policy. Ideally: >inb4 someone points out how bad I am at photoshop
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    I'm thoroughly addicted. Thinking about starting a support group.
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    I liked the uniform when pictures were first released. I like it even more now. The black accents and plume look really sharp and the one feature that I wasn't sure about, the triangle, works a lot more than I thought it would. The guard is beautiful! On Robert C's video, there is a brief glimpse of some flag work and already the ensemble looks a lot tighter than last year.
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    Some drill designers simply stand the test of time....
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    Jubal suvived the Nazi Occupation I Like there Guts. Blue Stars when they start getting spanked by the bottom 4 or 6 anything can happen.
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    I like that much better.
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    As long as what Troopers put on the field is amazing (which I'm sure it will be ) I'd be up for them challenging some of the 9th - 12th. As long as a corps deserves to be where they are placements wise, go as far as you want.
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    Vaguely steampunk-ish...will be interesting to see it completely on the field.
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    that is a lot of look i'm sure it must make sense with the music/theme with the hat, it kind of reminds me of this:
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    Hoping Terri sits near me at finals! One of the great things about drum corps is how a quirky combination of military, movement, youth and music makes a band geek into something glorious and even cool. Not glorious in the Super Bowl/Olympics fashion. Not cool in the Lady Gaga or the Soho sort of way. But glorious and even cool in the sense that marching band can be unpredictably creative and evoke emotions we didn't expect and have a difficult time explaining. Broadway shows and the New York City Ballet move me too. But they are professionals, and they're equipped logistically and rewarded financially to do so. Drum corps is something else. It is a rag-tag collection of band geeks putting their hopes and their summer in the hands of another odd-ball assemblage charged with imagination on the one hand and detail on the other. Together, the sum of the bus fumes and sweat is something that only a sliver of their friends could possibly appreciate. So they're investing in each other to create something magical that only people like themselves might see and understand. In that, it is entirely unmodern. It is a geniune counterpoint not only to the stereotype but to society from which it comes and from which it has little in common. Drum corps is glorious in its unusual beauty. It is glorious as well in the difference it represents in performance and in life. HH PS: Those of you who are not here to discuss what you love about drum corps just might consider this isn't the place to share your every thought. Just a thought - something you might consider thinking about rather than typing about.
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    This thread is full of winning. If we all did this on chat roulette, we might increase show attendance. lol
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    1LT Mark Crimm, USAF, was an Air Force ROTC Cadet at the University of Wyoming at the time. I'd bet he knew just why he stayed on the field that night... even after all of the other DM's were dismissed.
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    DCP has two basic things you need to know about it. #1) It's on the Internet. Therefore 90% of it is crap. #2) It's also a great place to get some drum corps-related information, history, and awesome stories like this one! Thanks for sharing!
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