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    my favorite part of that announcement is probably the mention of Rob Ferguson and Sal Salas as people Key is excited to work with, which must signal their return for another year.
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    The secret.. Build something members want to go back to.
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    Dont charge rookies for their first camp. I believe one of the hardest things for kids that want to march, is just going to their first camp. Not charging for that first camp eliminates that excuse, as well as makes it much more appealing to take that first step.
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    That person has obviously never seen "the whitest kids you know" perform "the real assasination of abraham lincoln".... youtube is their friend.
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    By the way, a wonderful video. Watch the whole thing. It's even DCP legal!HH
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    I think it's great that they give fans a glimpse of the design process every year. Even though things are bound to change over the next few months, it at least gives those of us who are already patiently (or impatiently) awaiting the arrival of the next season a little something to keep us excited! I wish more corps did this
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    That's what she said, Mr. Mello.
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    My theory? People blaming Madison for this issue are just bored. I'd ignore 'em.
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    Mike Boo - "Making Waffles Respectable on DCP" I like it.
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    Assuming Pete Weber is still designing drill next season for Glassmen, this could be very interesting. I've liked Key's arrangements for SCV the past few years now. Curious to see how the rest of the staffing situation plays out. Iplaytimpani, I second your feelings. I loved Rob and Sal when I marched - very talented people and educators. The longer the Glassmen can hold on to them, the better.
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    [sarcasm on] Let's for the sake of the status quote form rules preventing any corps' staffs from ever changing, putting a moratorium on the creations of any new corps, stifle all creativity and just be happy the way things are. [sarcasm off]
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    I would rather have seen some new talent or some Glassmen alumni talent entering the pool at this stage. New blood can be horrifying ... or incredible. And new blood is what I think DCI is really missing these days. It's great that the same ppl who have had success are moving around to other organizations ...... but I'd rather hear something new from someone new.
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    A couple of years ago, I was the assistant coach for my son's t-ball team. At season's end and to my surprise, the parents chipped in to give me a $75 gift card for my trouble. My point is all this back-in-the-day-we-did-it-for-the-love-of-the-art dismay doesn't mean diddly. We compensate teachers and coaches today at all levels and in all kinds of ways. Some are overpaid. Many are underpaid. Now we pay. Every year I dish out hundreds of dollars chipping in or buying outright gift cards for school teachers, religious school instructors, dance teachers, baseball coaches, football coaches, camp counselors and probably dozens more my wife is concealing from me. All of it is in addition to their direct compensation. So we pay for the instructors and designers of drum corps too. And we pay more for the ones who contribute the most. Business as usual in the U.S. today. HH
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    just sayin. MBI Bucs C2 KGS Alliance it could happen.
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    Wish every corps nothing but the very best. With such a fragile economy; we should be supportive of every single drum corps.
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    Anybody that's worried now may have already lost to them, imo
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    I think MBI or Bucs would have Hit the Wall at Crossmen, thats where the gap in semifinals widen IMO..
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    when it comes to the affiliation with DCA, or partnership as the term may be these days, a partnership does not mean whatever association is created can dictate terms to DCA on who comes and who doesn't. DCA is the show host, and like any show hosts, they can invite who they choose. as for bylaws...bylaws set who the organization is run in terms of business. Rules are different and that is where things like instrumentation etc is covered. There is a huge difference
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    Make that a P51 Mustang instead of a Sopwith Camel and there is the incorporation into the Pearl Harbor show Boo was asking about!!!
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    Did I somehow miss the role of parrots in the attack on Pearl Harbor?
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    psst.... i'll tell you a secret... PR already has a version of this written. we played the first movement 2 times in 2002. And yes, it does work very well with that ensemble!
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    Im not saying but im just saying: 2011 Cadets played the Doxology, which Blue Stars played in 2009 during the Pearl Harbor section of the show, now in 2012, Cadets will be performing Pearl Harbor. Im not sayin, but im just sayin, I think ol' Hopkins liked the Blue Stars in 2009 lol
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    that's not what I heard at spinfest this weekend... word on the street is they are marching a 150 member guard.. .you heard it here first folks
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    It's awesome that The Cadets are willing to be open about their creative process. Last year, they released their tentative show design and source music only to change it completely. The result? A championship won without the secrecy of closed doors and delayed show announcements. While other corps guard their shows (and encourage members to remain quiet as well), here is a corps that isn't afraid of letting people feel as though they are getting a glimpse into their world.
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    Been a long time since we've been graced with some high scoring lines by Tom Aungst and Neil Larivee as well....
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    The source was cited: Spinfest !! Undoubtedly heard over a cocktail or seven at the Take Five Lounge
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    Staff at INT sometimes get to take home soda, snacks, hot dogs, non perishables, etc. It helps if they have a decent size ice cooler when they go to work there.
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    Between Madison's 9/11 in 2011 and Cadets' Pearl Harbor in 2012, I'm afraid of what's ok to tackle next. Mike
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    I just want this show to contain the theme from the Pacific. If the Cadets perform this for preshow or some type of ballad I will be happy. I am fully expecting at least snippets of repertoire from "Band of Brothers" or "The Pacific"
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    A perfect opportunity to bring back some of the great moments from the corps' 1992 production, "To Tame the Perilous Skies."
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    50 bucks says he's headed to vanguard lol
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    A show about Pearl Harbor is something.
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    Isn't it interesting that they met on Sept 11 and are planning a show about Pearl Harbor?
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    To clear the air: Chris Green, founder of Forte, is not sick; He is in GREAT health. Second, his high school band program is EXPLODING; which is a testament to his leadership and personality. What a fine teacher he is. Third, Chris is MORE than capable of working with DCI in the summer and his band program during the school year and summer. Gary
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    And if corps directors were more concerned about Accounting, and turned the design team over to concerning themselves with art, performance, music, drill, and pageantry, then many of these folded corps over the years would still be solvent! The Corporation, and the facilitation it provides, should take TOP priority for any director over the artistic performance. Accounting might be boring to some, but it is the vehicle which keeps track of making sure the people under the charge of the director have food, shelter, transportation, etc...
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    Pole dancing from the Devils Guard at the TOC shows?
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    Go PHANGUARD!!!!!!!!!
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    Agreed. I am sure the remaining members of the Scouts will enjoy having a better group as a result. Why would you not want to improve your team? Hey, Kobe Bryant is a free agent and wants to come to your team, but you don't want him to take Johnny Nojumper's spot because he is already on the team?!?!?!?!
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    I hadn't seen MBI (this year) before last night and was suitably impressed. Their show was a really cohesive concept and they executed. I give them credit, they could have choked, but instead hit a home run! The Bucs were great champions and have been a credit to DCA. I wasn't happy to see them fall, but I am happy for MBI if that's possible. I have to say that I thought Fusion (disclaimer: my favorite show of the year) had won the day in Class A-no offense to the Govies. What a great event for all-thanks to DCA and performers!!!
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    An all Shostakovich summer Cadets: Festive Overture, Sym #1 Cavies: Sym #2 BD: Jazz Suites Crown: Piano Transcriptions Phantom: FOEG, Sym #7 (maybe they'd get it right this time around) SCV: Sym #5 (totally different approach than Phantom) Bluecoats: Sym #4 (darkest of all) Boston: Sym #9 BK: Sym #10 Madison: Selections from movie scores that no one knows, and he hated. (there is a waltz that became popular...def that) Blue Stars: Sym #8 Spirit: King Lear
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    Actually here's a lot of great stuff that people are not thinking of or just don't know about. African stuff: Music from Angelique Kidjo's Djin Djin album Music from Salif Keita , Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti, Brice Wassy, Amadou and Miriam, Ismael Lo, Youssou N'Dour Babba Maal, Osibisa, Kofi Ayvior, Mokhtar Samba, Zap mama, Lionel Loueke, Manu Dibango, Les Go ( Koteba ) album Dan Gna The Laijadu Sisters, A drum solo using rhythms and ideas from Doudou Ndiate Rose Maghreb ( Moroccan soul/Rai ) Old Cheb Mami from the 80's, Cheb Zahouani, Bilal, There's also lot's of great stuff from the Maghreb ( North Africa ) from Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia. Brazilian stuff: Banda Black Rio, Jorge Ben, Copa 7, Joyce, Elis Regina, Claudia, Marcos Valle, Erlon Chaves, Azymuth, of course Aitro, Maria Joao and Mario Laginha, everyone likes Pat Metheny well.....check out Nando Lauria, Remember Pedro Anzar from PMG? Check out HIS stuff, much much more. Cuban/Puerto Rican: Irakere ( I can't believe no one has touched this stuff!!!!), Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Fania, Mongo Santamaria, Michel Camilo ( ok Devils did a small part of one of his tunes), Johnny Rivera, Los Van Van, Domingo Quinoes,Tony Vega, Roland Morales ( good friend of mine). Jazz/ Jazz Fusion/World Fusion: Mahavishnu, John Mclaughlin, Jean-Luc Ponty ( he did lot's of great African stuff too ), Trilok Gurtu, Tony Williams, Chick Corea ( friends and the ultimate adventure ) , Return to Forever ( every album) lots of Herbie Hancock stuff from the 60's 70's 90's and The Head Hunters....., Al Di Meola, Weather Report, Joe Zawinal, Karizma, Wayne Shorter, Yellowjackets, Art Blakey, there's lots of great Don Ellis that has not been done, Stan Kenton ( lots of great stuff not done yet), Freddie Hubbard, The Meters, Oregon, Sam Rivers ( if you have not heard his stuff from the last 2 decades you need to drive down to Orlando and go to wills Pub to hear his Orchestra live!!). Rock: Sting, Yes, Kansas ( yea Spirit!!!), ELP, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, Cream, Zappa ( obvious), Zeppelin, On The Virg, Peter Gabriel, Audioslave, Screaming Headless Torso, There's so much out there but people seem to be stuck on Classical/Symphonic ( which I love ) or unheard of, off the wall, could not whistle it while walking out of the stadium even if I could remember it; wind ensemble pieces that " normal people " ( people who have never done drum corps, BOA level band or went to school for a Music Ed degree) just don't get in any form or fashion. These are the people we want to some how join and become a member, come and volunteer or be a corporate sponsor.... Yes we need to push limits and be creative but at the cost of more than half of the groups doing the same type of thing ( from a stylistic point of view)......
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