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    See Garfield; it is not about helping youth out of altruism, but about helping the food corporation make a profit.
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    James Mason Jan 5, 2012 Facebook Post ‎"Reframed might be a little surprising ...." Sounds like there is a bit more to this show then what we've been given so far... Go Madison
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    Of Sailors and Whales. That one was pretty awesome.
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    I'm very interested with just how much information and media the Cadets have been putting out this past year. Between their Always a Cadet videos, their show update videos/articles, the Amazing All Access Videos on youtube they just seem to be putting out the most interesting, engaging, free content than any other marching organization. They had just released this amazing footage from the corps victory run after finals, with on the field cameras. And I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the video! So what do you all think of the free Cadets Media? They are on top of their game IMO.
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    After some time to dot the i's and cross our t's, Platinum Drum and Bugle Corps is pleased to announce our January Audition Camp in our NEW winter home at Franklin H.S. in Franklin, North Carolina! The staff is excited about this new opportunity to teach just minutes away from beautiful Western Carolina University! The camp will be held Friday Jan. 20th through Sunday Jan 22nd. Registration begins at 8pm on Friday night Jan. 20th with a Corps meeting and rehearsal to follow. The registration fee for this camp is $65.00. The dues for this season remain at an affordable $860.00 for the season! Prospective members are asked to bring their own Battery equipment/Stands if possible, as well as their own horns. Please bring comfortable clothes/sneakers AND a water jug as we will be marching this weekend as well. Directions to our rehearsal site as well as any other info needed is available at www.platinumdrumcorps.org. Also like us at our Facebook page! Its not too late to be a part of something special. Become a member of Platinum, and watch us shine! See you on the 20th!!!
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    Was the 2011 Mini Corps performance by Star United the best single performance in drum corps history? My experience only goes back to 1956, but I believe it was well worthy of the score awarded. Joe Dz in NJ
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    I agree 100%. I really enjoyed the All Access videos last summer with a new one being put out every 2 or 3 days. Great stuff!! This is my absolute favorite video that they've put out.
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    1. Denver: Home Crowd, great acoustics, beautiful weather, being able to go home for a night afterward 2. J. Birney Crum: Old time drum corps crowd, snow cones 3. Alamodome: The air conditioning is heaven after a week of Texas.
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    I can't argue with that at all. However, under the tick system, they would not have gotten a perfect score. It would have been a 99.8.
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    I was in IU's marching band for 4 years and played at a bunch of IU's home football games- does that count?
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    I agree that this is a stretch... In fact unless you have prior knowledge that a new roster for the corps had been submitted to DCI without the bass drummer on it, there could possibly be no official status on the bass drummer being kicked out of the corps as far as DCI was aware. I also believe that DCI is not in the business of enforcing individual corps policies within the ranks of said corps. Please do let me know if you have knowledge otherwise... Also the only ringer one would be able to bring in would be the ringer that WAS ALREADY A MEMBER OF THE CORPS IF THIS IS THE EXAMPLE WE ARE TO USE OF THE SLIPPERY SLOPE WE ARE STANDING NEAR! UNLESS THERE WAS A BASS DRUM SOLO I AM UNAWARE OF THAT NEEDED A RINGER TO REALLY LET IT SCREAM!!!!!
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    Thanks guys for your enthusiasm and appreciation! I have to agree with both of your assessments. There were more than enough ticks in that performance that it would be nowhere near 100 had we been using that system today. The spread is everything, and the old 100+5 is only available to be used once every 25 years or so! I am glad you feel that it holds up on the DVD. I haven't seen it yet, but in the past, the closer you get the more grit becomes available for you to hear! The tube-o-you videos that are up right now are pretty lo-fi, so people probably get a distorted view of what it really sounded and looked like that night.
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    Lighten up Francis. You take it too seriously.
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    Most of you seem to be ignoring how this event also re-enforces some of what's amazing about Drum Corps... loyalty, camaraderie, passion etc.
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    Clearly not as many as the self righteous people on this board who can't wait to throw stones...
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    Very interesting point. However, I don't think any corps in their right mind would do something like this. The big difference with BD is this kid was a member of their corps all summer long, and spent the thousands of hours of rehearsal time with the corps, and knew the entire show backwards and forwards. It would be stupid to bring in someone new on finals week to march a show if they hadn't rehearsed with the corps all summer. And if they had rehearsed all summer, as long as they met the legal criteria for DCI, you would think you would want them competing in every show of the summer, not just finals week. The performance is a cumulative of 150 kids, not just one, and one spectacular member in a group isn't going to raise any scores. So regardless of whether or not BD should have been disqualified(and I don't think they should have been for this incident) I don't see this as any incentive whatsoever for another corps pulling someone in on finals night(or week for that matter)
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    It was by far the greatest I have ever witnessed since my humble beginning in Drumcorps back in 1958. I have no problem with Star's ing of the score. The only problem I have is the score of 100 in my eyes should be an unattainable number. The perfect score given reflects where judging has been going for the last few decades. Under the "tick system" this perfect score would have never happened. Great job Star!
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    That was a special night. For as much as we the Corps brought the show that weekend, you the fans made it a special night.
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    Troopers should do a western show and Pioneer should do an irish show. Oh yeah, and Mandarins should do an eastern show.
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    One week to camp! What are you doing with your summer coming up??? We were trying to get the rights to play music from U2, and as many predicted... it couldn't be done. However, we've come up with a pretty interesting substitution: I’m Shipping Up To Boston - Dropkick Murphys
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    IMO, altho I never had the chance to march in a drum corps - only agree to let him do it IF YOU and YOUR WIFE go to the rest of the music camps to watch, observe and, in some way, volunteer. You will never know what it is really like unless you spend as much time as you can at a camp and ACTIVELY participate yourself! ...and do us all a favor. IF you let him go, AND you/wife also go to observe/participate, DON'T HOVER AROUND THE KID!!!! I see this with the younger people who tryout with my local drum corps. The parents want to be sure this is the right thing for their kid to do, so they try to stay within arms length of the kid throughout the whole camp. DON'T DO THAT! Observe, volunteer, and enjoy, but be invisible and let your kid see if he fits into the rest of the corp group. It will be obvious if he doesn't - I've seen it happen way too often.......but give him a chance!
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    Listen too to what you're not hearing in this thread. This board being what it is, you won't be hearing from all the 14 year olds who tried it and found the experience lacking for lack of experience. These are the ones - we've seen them - who sat by themselves each camp meal. Even when a section leader or a vet tried to engage them, their intimidation and isolation was more obvious than their conversation. They had little to contribute in the way of ideas or entertainment in the gym or on the bus. The sexual sophistication all around them was beyond them. These are the ones who may or may have not have made it through the full tour. Either way, they did corps the hard way - and maybe they didn't need to. They don't post here. Maybe this isn't a "yes or no" question. Maybe the better question is: Why? Why should I send my 14-year-old off to drum corps? Would he gain in that one year something of value that he couldn't gain in any one of the six or more years after? Yes, time and experience are perishable. But time is perishable in the absolute. So again, why? Why drum corps and not something else for his 14th year? If he were intellectually ready for college at 14, would you send him off then? Most parents would say no not because the academic experience isn't worth it but because the college experience would be worth more to him at 17. Maybe it's the same for drum corps. Maybe not 17. But maybe not 14 either. I'm not telling you what to do because I don't know what you should do. I do know that my 13 year old isn't ready. And she won't be ready at 14 either. Not because she's immature. Because she's not ready to mature so fast. Good luck. HH
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    If you listen to various recordings of the Boston Crusaders in 1969, you'll hear Tim VanCamp playing the marching bells at the Shriners International, but not the National Dream or VFW Nationals. Ed Denon's explanation at the time was that - unless there was a potential national title on the line - the added "General Effect" upon the music was strong enough to warrant a penalty for playing un-sanctioned bells. Part of Boston's "We don't GAVA" mind-set, I suppose.
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    If it's Jersey Surf....I heartily endorse him going for it. And tell Mr. Bob Jacobs to get that corps out to Arizona someday so I can see them! He's a great guy and has always run a top notch organization. I remember in the mid to late 90s when my sons performed at their show in New Jersey. They are a classy crew.
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    My first year in the Star of Indiana I was 14 years old and it was definitely a learning and life changing experience. It definitely made me grow up and mature much quicker than my friends that were home preparing for their freshman year of high school by hanging out playing baseball of video games along with time at the mall. I would not change the experience for anything in the world and feel there is no better way for a young person to be taught discipline and work ethic as well as a way to set them well ahead of their peers. Your child may come back to school and start to migrate towards hanging out with older kids, as I did, because of the accelerated maturity level leads to boredom with those of your same age. Anyway, I think it is a great opportunity if your child wants to do it, understands the demands, and you and your wife can live without them for a few months. I think that may be harder than anything your child will experience in a summer on the road as I now look at if from a parental perspective:)
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    Hi. I'm pleased to see that you already found my campaign video for the documentary on the Scouts on YouTube. We are very excited about this project. Both Tom Tollefsen and I marched in the Scouts in the mid-90s. We're planning on following a few members from the 2012 season and will also talk about the history of the Scouts, and talk to the alumni about what the Scouts and the brotherhood means to them. We are in the last two and a half weeks for a fundraising campaign. Please visit our page on IndieGoGo for more information about "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood". Help us spread the word! http://www.indiegogo.com/scouts-honor
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    I am looking forward to this show already!
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    Thank you all for all of your advice. The only reason I am questioning it is because my wife is. He is a very determined young man and knows when it is time to be serious and work hard. I too work in a high school and see him as a one that is mature enough to buckle down and accomplish team goals. Really it seems as if the best course of action is to get my wife there to talk to people one on one. The corps is Jersey Surf so they definitely cater more to younger folks than top tier corps.
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    One of my old instructors at Marquis, Lulu Barrueco (Kaliher) and her family will be featured on an episode of House Hunters on HGTV tonight (Thursday 1/5/12) at 10pm. Apparently she works at Temple University and is looking for a shorter commute from Newark DE...so they are relocating to Wilmington. I want to say Lulu marched in 93 and 94 with Bones. ...and I know she marched some DCA but I don't recall which. Check it out.
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    I have made it perfectly clear the work, although I never marched. I have never seen him work so much on his horn as when he decided to switch from trombone to baritone 10 days before the open house. I am pretty familiar with the corps and I am aware of no issues past or present with them. I will be helping at the next camp, in part to get a feel for that corps and to talk to people in the corps. Thanks for your reply.
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    Where did he find him? Was there, like, an award?
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    Not everyone is a DCP addict with 10 years of reading and memorizing all posts. I have been around for a few years, but only a once every few days or weeks and I dont read every post. I personally found this thread to be pretty interesting. Its also nice to see a thread that contains some talk about an actual event that happened rather than a "my corps is better than your corps" or "the judges hate my corps" or "i hate electronics". In addition, once you saw the thread, you had the option to keep right on walking by! Thats like going to see a movie you know for a fact you dont want to see and then complaining about having to see it.
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    I actually feel bad for the staff members. Knowing that the infraction had to be a really big deal behind the scenes, kicking a kid out of finals and all, I'm sure it dominated the thoughts of the staff prior to the performance. Imagine what went through the staff's heads as they saw him run out onto the field. They must've been distracted the whole show, thinking about what this kid was doing as the corps performed. I feel bad for Mr. Gibbs especially. And it's finals. The video must be really hard to watch because it becomes the a monument to the moment. I dunno. I feel bad about it.
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    I applaud him, and renegade bass drummers everywhere.
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    Our horn line will be fine with the staff we have listed. Michael, despite all of the negative attention that he receives, did provide usefull instruction to some of our members during his time on tour and we appreciate the time that he spent on tour with us.
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    I love VK's rendition!
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    No, but Slaughter on Tenth Avenue in 2010 sure was.
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    not much love for domes in here....do love the love Allentown is getting
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    Pride in a corps means a lot. Hope in a corps' future means a lot. The excitement of witnessing a productive camp means a lot. The eagerness of wanting to share one's pride and hope with others means a lot. Putting down others because they're excited for their corps is what means nothing. Tis the season to be jolly.
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    90, 91, 92 Those were great years. 92 is an all time great classic. (Placement does not matter) 90, 'now or never' great fun stuff. Still listen to it.
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    None. More often than not they retread-type shows don't come close to living up to expectations or past glory. If I wanted to see a classic show from a favorite corps I'd take the ten minutes to watch the show performed on Fan Network. For every Phantom 2008 show that does a great job modernizing and re-imagining a classic, there are several others that fall short of past greatness (SCV 2005 & 1992, Cadets 2009, Cavaliers 1997, etc); I'd MUCH rather corps do fresh show designs than try to recapture past triumphs
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    Wow. Deep end...........................................you.
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    The irony that I'm surprised has been missed here so far, is that apparently the Blue Devils marched a performer on Finals Night in 2000 that was not a member of their Corps. Their 3rd place finish was never challenged. The message means that any Corps can march anyone they want on Finals Night, provided they are not overage. We did learn that he was not a member of the Blue Devils the day of Finals, no ? And yet the Corps marched a non member ( albeit unknowingly by staff according to reports ) on Finals Night, but the Corps was not disqualified afterwards, and their 3rd place placement stood nonetheless. Amazing when you think about the consequence of this. This opens the door in the future for any Corps to bring in "ringers " for Finals Night alone to perform if they so choose and it could not be legally challenged as such Corps could point to the BD incident in 2000 where the BD Corps successfully marched a performer that according to the BD staff was officially and legally not a member of the BD Corps for the Championship night performance back then either.
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    There are people here who are ACTUALLY sympathetic to the drummer?! :doh: :doh:
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    I think by and large a kid has to lead a VERY sheltered life these days to show up on tour and be shocked by what they seen and hear. Sailor's mouth kind of comes with the territory.
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    I don't think this topic has gotten much airplay on DCP. A casual search turned up 4 whole messages in the entire db (which is why I posted the RAMD link). Danielray is mistaken.
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