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    Contra* in G <> Contra in Bb. The old contras projected outdoors much better than the B-flats do. The fact that hornlines are going to 80 is further proof that the entire G Bugle lines projected better than the B-flats, cuz only now are we starting to forget about the G Bugles. And when you expand the hornline, you need MORE of the lowest voices (proportionally) to counteract the acoustics of the outdoors. 16 contras of an 80 member hornline is 20%. When hornlines were 64 members with 12 contras, that was 18.8% (OK for G or Bb). Another tidbit: Playing contra takes a great amount of effort. Playing it WELL takes a great amount of finesses and care. Trust me, you'd rather have 16 players playing at FF instead of 12 playing at FFF for equivalent balance. Finally, with some drill writers not even paying attention to staging/acoustics, 16 is the absolute minimum for a Bb Contra line to be heard and felt when all are close to the back sideline, and the entire drum corps is playing full out. (If the synth is doubling them, forget about it...diff thread, lol) SCV will be marching 16 (you're welcome). *PS: I don't get hung up on instrument names/keys. For me, All of them are Tubas. The circular over-the-shoulder thing is called a Sousaphone (and they are made in diff keys too). The on-shoulder marching thing we know is called a Contra (regardless of key). I reserve "tuba" for concert instruments. For example, I've said this many times over the last few years "Hey folks, bring your tuba to audition camp since we may not have enough contras. No sousaphones!" See? perfectly clear.
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    It's either that or themselves.
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    EMBD Entertain me, Blue Devils!
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    Did someone say strip searches were involved?
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    Really? Sorry "Mr. Ed", and everyone else....I DO take this seriously, along with the many other individuals competing FOR REAL that night, trying NOT to make a mockery of DCA! Let's not forget....this was, and still IS a COMPETITION! The rules are set for a reason.....having that many people out there, in rediculous costumes, milling about for 30 minutes, (if not longer), told alot of people, INCLUDING THE BOARD OF DCA that you didn't care about rules, and you were going to do it your way. Banned? I would have banned you too! So...."Lighten up"??? HELL NO!!!!
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    Is there a way we can keep this thread on topic please. I hate nothing more than wanting to read an update about the 2012 Crossmen and then step right into a Woodwinds [in DCI] discussion. I am pretty sure there is a thread for this specifically. No offense to anyone, I just want me some Crossmen news
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    Let's just say the Bucs are alive and doing very well. Can't wait for Wildwood.
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    No one in the 2011 top 12.
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    I moved to Athens, GA this weekend and got to go to Spirit's show and Tell session on Sunday. I could not believe it. They were fantastic and there was a super cool and relaxed vibe at camp. Heard that Freddy Martin did a session with the corps. That must have been pretty sweet. I didn't get to see them last year, though almost auditioned. Was happy for them getting back in. One of the staff members, I don remember his name, think it is Matt, did a good job or filling us in to more details of their Sin City show. Each movement they played seemed to go right with what he described. The group sounds fantastic and LOUD!, of course we were in a cafetorium so that helped with volume. GREAT soloist and small brass ensemble. Some trumpets with high chops for sure. I loved the arrangements. The jazz stuff is really gonna be sweet and the ballad is beautiful. Lots of groove, the kind you would expect with what was described as some highroller taking on the Vegas strip and owning it big time. I have some friends who will be marching there and they seem super happy. I wish them the best of luck and can't imagine this not being another great year for them. PS For the people highly confused about what we woodwind players can bring to the table, I am typing this while looking at my DCI world championship ring, me, a clarinet player that picked up a trumpet for the first time year and a half ago. Oh, and I am aging out this year paying lead trumpet with my corps because I CAN!
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    what???! I thought that was for the blue guys! (I keed I keed!)
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    The simplest answer is almost always the right answer. In order to operate, The Cadets need more money from appearance fees than do the Blue Devils. It seems pretty clear.
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    Well, i'm not looking at the schedule right now, but I would assume its because they start in California thus not as many shows as starting in the mid-west and if I recall the shows in California start a little later than when The Cavaliers/Cadets start. I am actually about to look at the schedule myself. So I have a feeling i'm gonna have to edit this soon.
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    Troopers have fourteen tubas this year.
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    true. however, and we've gone round about this in the past, your delivery is what causes you the issue here
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    Even with 12 tubas who can all play, you don't need to have their part doubled in the synth. Wish every corps would do that. I can't stand obnoxious subwoofer when I want to hear a strong brass choir.
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    I like the look (and sound) of a large contra line myself. The problem is now that most corps are doing so much bass doubling with their synths it doesn't seem worth the cost of those expensive horns. Now if they'd just stop doing that all would be right with the world.
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    Academy is marching 16 contras
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    Doesn't sound very Cesario friendly.
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    Sorry from start to finish, 89 Regiment and yes, I am a "homer" and proud of it.
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    Because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If I am paying upwards of $100 to see Finals every year (which I am), plus the cost of travel, plus the cost of lodging, should I be obligated to applaud for everyone just for the sake of applauding, or can I have my own opinion about what I like and what I dislike?
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    No worries. I can handle a minus...
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    Can someone please explain to me exactly what Blue Devils have done to SO completely revolutionize the activity that we are now comparing them to Apple?? Doing weird shows just doesn't fit that bill for me.
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    We've shared a few, been very nice to talk to, actually. Admittedly, I took a few years off, when he/she registered their account. That first time GT2 saw me posting, there were definitely some interesting exchanges (mostly because GT2 thought I was somehow trying to stir up stuff, when in reality we had both had our accounts for years, just hadn't posted siumultaneously). With all of the flame throwing, trolling, and setting some people up--- I've never gotten a hateful PM. Most people take me for what I am: A discussion instigator. As I was telling Hostrauser, my role on the forum is really to bring out the silliness of taking this place so seriously. I also, although some people can't see past the "over the topness", contribute some information and useful content to the forum. We march around in old quasi military uniforms, altered by gay men, to music that most people don't recognize, everyone thinks we are marcihng band, we pay to do it---it is hilarious we talk of ourselves with so much snobbery.
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    And contrary to what Lee believes, it's an important distinction to make. When I first saw the header of the other thread, I initially made the Crunchy Frog/Renegades connection in my head. Why? Because it was only natural, given the 'publicity blitz' from when Crunchy Frog first appeared. I don't have any problem at all with Jeff's clarification. Quite the contrary, I thought he was pretty classy about it.
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    Says the crossmen homer with a regiment name and avatar.
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    FYI for you Crunchy Frog fans: "Crunchy Frog" nor Lee Rudnicki is officially connected with, funded, supported, or endorsed by the Renegades Association of California, or any of its performing groups, including the Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps and the Jim Ott Brass Ensemble. That is all!
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    but you didn't NOT say that he had to spray rainbows and glitter everywhere ....
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    I was a member of the Anaheim Kingsmen from 1970 to 1972 and was on the field that night. This is a classic example of the old game where you whisper something into someone's ear and it goes around and around and the person at the end shouts out something that is completely different than what was originally said. What happened was that the Anaheim Kingsmen had a management shakeup a few weeks before tour and Don Porter the Anaheim Kingsmen Corps Director and founder was forced out. What followed was chaos and turmoil with the corps nearly folding. In a nutshell the Kingsmen hosted the Santa Clara Vanguard and the La Crosse Blue Stars in Southern California in late June with only two thirds of the drill finshed. Got clobbered by several points by both of them. We left on an eastern tour with 27 and did not see SCV or Blue Stars again until DCI. The Kingsmen had a tremendous amount of catching up to do and practiced long into the night and even after shows. At DCI we did take third in prelims to SCV and the Blue Stars. It was not a major concern because in those days prelims was your show condensed into five to seven minutes. For most corps it meant dropping the standstill type concert piece. For the Kingsmen the concert (Ritual Fire Dance) was a barn burner, and we played it cleanly so there were only a few additional ticks. Or to put it another way our score was skewed torwards the finals show since we did not absorb very many ticks in the concert. Our finals performance was our best of the year and we were just "on" that night. I might also add that Santa Clara (in a very rare showing) did not put on their best performance of the season. At retreat all corps formed on the field for the annoucement of the scores. With the rain coming down the announcer did not wait for the drum major to step forward and collect the trophy, he just read off the scores as fast as he could. If I recall it correctly at about the eighth place point it began to rain extremely hard. All of the corps ran for cover. As I was running up the back grassy area of Warhawk Stadium I heard 27 taking fourth and I thought I heard that SCV had taken third but was not sure. As we got on the busses as was stated already I did not know who won. And it is correct that other corps members did come by in the pouring rain to congratulate us. When the rain subsided I got off the bus and walked around the parking lot for a few minutes kind of taking it in. We did have new uniforms issued the night before CYO. It turned out since the company that made them was in New England it was cheaper to receive them in Boston than to ship them to California. Uniforms getting wet did not factor into the decision to leave the field.....it was raining so hard that everyone left the field. The final show of the tour was the following night at the Wisconsin State Fair at West Allis. It took place in front of the grandstands on an auto race track. It was dubbed the demolition derby and I believe the Blue Stars won it. Everyone had to modify their drill to fit what was effectively a half field front to back and march on asphalt. A few years back an audio recording surfaced of the scores being read at the 1972 DCI finals. It is posted on the Kingsmen Alumni website and the link is..... http://xkingsmen.com/sites/default/files/mp3/72finalsscores.mp3 If you are interested in a photo of the retreat in 1972 prior to the rain it can be found at.... http://xkingsmen.com/content/1972-kingsmen-2 Look for photo number 29 of 43 which is on page 5. From right to left it is the Anaheim Kingsmen, Argonne Rebels, Casper Troopers, and I believe the Chicago Cavaliers. Not sure who is after that. And lastly with respect to the question of having the scores read, it was mentioned a few years back when the Kingsmen reformed for the 2007 finals at the Rose Bowl. The thought was to play the recording above of the 1972 scores and formally present the Kingsmen with the championship trophy following our alumni corps performance. I served on the board of directors for the Kingsmen Alumni Corps and the whole idea never seemed to have legs and it was shelved. As a side note there were about thirty of the 108 members from 1972 that performed with the Kingsmen Alumni Corps that night. The Kingsmen of 1972 was a life long lesson for anyone who was a part of it. From where we started nearly folding, and working our tails off to come back not only to make finals at DCI, but to win it is the stuff of lore. Keith
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    I don't really think it's a secret. I think it's obvious which instrument it is, I mainly said ''not mellophone, and an instrument more fitting for the voice of the aria'' to be funny. Kind like... it starts with an E, and rhymes with maphonium.
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    Given the age range it also might have the opposite effect!
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    there is ...... I'm not going to say. Its done differently than the corps with Shaw's solo in the past. I'm waiting to see how the current arrangement works on the field before I say anything else. BUT, be assured, some dude is NOT going to be saddled with trying to be equal or better than what Phantom did in the past. A previous poster stated that Turandot does not have the/enough selections to make a good show. That might be true IF the entire show is based on brass arrangements. Is Phantom only brass? I've heard a couple runthroughts of this year's program. Yes, it will change once everyone is in camp and they start marching and playing. But, in 2012, this is a team event. A great deal is expected of percussion (all sections) and brass.
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    Let's keep things in perspective: 1) when you say stuff like you are incorrect to imply that Blue Devils show appeals to no one. Their shows, from what I've seen, appeal to many people. All of them? No. The majority of fans? Hard to say for sure. Many people? I think that's a fair stipulation.2) I get what you're saying making a difference between audience reaction vs quality of design/performance. In my experience, the mainstream in general are morons. I don't mean that in relations to mainstream drum corps fans, per say, but taste is relative and in general audiences like to be pandered to. Often "artists" who mix art with commerce often try to appeal to the lowest common denominator, which often delivers a watered-down product devoid of most artistic merit. For example, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" is the 4th highest grossing film of all time. It made a heap of money, which can be correlated with popularity. However, you will be hard pressed to find any film scholar that would even entertain the notion that film is anything other than bad. It appealed to the mainstream, but has little artistic value. In contrast, Citizen Kane is often considered one of (if not the) greatest film ever produced. It revolutionized special effects and cinematography, and is often at the top of "best of" type lists. Citizen Kane, however, didn't even rank in the Top 5 grossing films the year of its release! Mainstream audiences don't like to be challenged, which is why many artistic films only make modest amounts at the box office. But you want to know what's beautiful? We can have our cake and eat it too. People who love robots blowing up other robots can see Transformers, while people who like deep, challenging films can watch Citizen Kane. Heck people who like to be challenged on Thursday and watch explosions on Friday can see both films. Same with drum corps. Madison Scouts can deliver crowd friendly shows that appeal to the masses; Blue Devils can deliver shows that appeal to people who appreciate deeper concepts. Why would anyone want to homogenize the activity and force every corps to design shows the same?
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    oh look, drama about the I&E event, and we're not even in August. then people wonder why people don't go.
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    I don't think there is any harm, I think it's just a matter of the venue and the timing.
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    Madison is going with 16 tubas this season.
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    Glassmen will be playing on Kings.
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    First item...this is regarding previous seasons and shows...obviously this isn't refereeing to 2012 because...we haven't seen or heard yet... I was using the 'hate comment from BBB' to create my own sarcasm....which was basically pointing out that people are getting grilled (in a sense) for expressing they do not care for a particular show, presentation style or even corps. And let me ask this....give me three reasons why a corps staff with their choices and a corps with there performance shouldn't be trying to excite and entertain as many of the masses as they can with their field presentations? I have said it before...as a fan of drum corps....could care less about a corps competitive record....successful or unsuccessful. One of my top 10 favorite musical shows didn't even finish in the top 25 in 2011. Sure I like a strong dominant corps every now and again and tight scoring and a few upsets....but most of the time I could care less the results (And judging by the droves of people who leave shows before the scores are announce I am not alone.... Not what corps priorities are but....if I were an integral part of designing and/or approving a program...my focus would be provide a vehicle that will challenge and excite the membership and entertain and excite the thousands of people we perform for each season (show, exhib, parade...etc) >>I have a relatively short history here so.... You pretty much answered this one....you don't have time/exposure to them like I have had...just my own opinion.
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    Illiana Lancers - Olds Ultratones Oh - that was 30 years ago...
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    It's a good thing you never stayed at the Paris Hilton.
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    Can someone please explain to me exactly why Apple is considered so innovative? Popular? Sure! Great designs? Sure!
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    Except when they're playing their most difficult brass licks. *ba-da-bing!*
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    Really, is that a serious question? DCA didn't let a group that has made it clear they refuse to follow the rules of the event they were signing up for compete, and your next logical step is that they ban alcohol and breathalyze people? I think you're taking it a little far. If CF really wanted to have a presence at DCA, there are ways they could go about doing that, including putting on a exhibition at another point during the weekend. There is nothing saying CF has to play at the mini-corps show specifically. If the idea was to bring fun and humor to the weekend festivities, there are plenty of ways to make that happen outside of the structure of the mini-corps event. However what seems more likely, is that a particular person was trying to use this as a "Look at Me, Look at Me!" moment, and trying to kick up some dust. If CF really wants to come to DCA, then I challenge them to find a venue and put something together. Whether it's in the lot after/before I&E, in a lounge at a hosting hotel, outside the gates of Prelims/Finals, at a local restaurant, or whatever. Organize a space, put something together, promote it to the crowd, and make it happen. It's completely within their abilities to make this a reality, and I'm sure there are lots of people that would like to see that happen and would attend. I personally would attend, have a few drinks and laughs and admit that I was wrong. However until that happens, I can only see this whole topic as one big attention seeking temper tantrum.
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    Wow. I said I had a good time and it warranted 5 negative responses. Cool. Well, I enjoyed Crunchy Frog. Sometimes I think you guys take marching band too seriously.
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    KC Perkins + KC Michael + Damon Padilla + Jamey Thompson + Michael James = DREAM TEAM!!!! You couldn't construct a nicer, more talented, creative staff....and even more, they are the most down to earth people you'll ever meet. Completely approachable, humble, compassionate and always wanting the best for all the kids in the activity.
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    My first live Finals was 1999 at Camp Randall. What I remember about that Saturday night was that SCV had "it" like I've never seen or heard a corps have "it" before or since. Vanguard blew the stands down and got ovations that rivaled the home-town Scouts. Really, IMO, it wasn't even close: SCV should have topped the Blue Devils by at least half a point. BD was a little bit more technically proficient (as they usually are), except in percussion, but Vanguard had about 1,000 times the energy, emotion, and effect, and you could FEEL it. The crowd definitely felt it. I always thought Rondinaro's catch-phrase ("THIS PLACE IS ELECTRIC") was just a cheesy cliché, until I was there in person and you could literally feel the atmosphere around you change during Vanguard's performance. Still the best corps performance I've ever seen live. I also remember getting back to the Radisson Hotel (sidebar: I made "Madison Radisson" jokes for about five months) after 1:00 AM and having a large pizza delivered to my room at two in the morning for only $8. Gotta love college towns.
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    Will you snare drummers stop cluttering this thread. I know you all have heard this before, but it's not all about you!
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    SCV was 3rd in Brass in 2009, but you're welcome to your opinion.
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    haven't paid much attention to DCI or visited DCP much in the last several months. i'm LOVING the reps that i'm seeing, and can't wait to see the shows. best of luck to every single marcher of every single corps!
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    Eh, Just because they're playing Lady Gaga music means nothing. They won with James Bond music and people were criticizing that music at the beginning of the season on here. I'm sure there will be several strong corps out there and Crown and BD will be strong corps for sure!
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