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    Hear, hear. In summary, I think its a great thing that Gray is doing less of the creative decision making and some new folks will get the opportunity to actually take the corps places without being second-guessed. There was some amazing talent that was wasted this year on a boring and predictable overall design concept. Please, whatever you do, don't lay blame at the feet of the horns and drums--they got it done. I won't say Gray is arrogant, ineffective, or uncooperative, but I would add that the number of people who have left the corps (even mid-season) since he arrived speaks volumes about staff unhappiness and self-worth. Seriously, have you ever had to endure one of his motivational or philosophical conversations? It seems as though the most dangerous place in the world is that space between Michael Gray and a microphone. He loves the sound of his own voice so much that he is drawn to a video camera like others are drawn to oxygen. When scrolling through FanNetwork videos, I no longer watch the official Bluecoats videos for fear of having to endure some long rant on how the Bluecoats' show conveys some nebulous or meaningless mindset. This is so much the case that I know which videos he has scripted, even though his voice may be absent from the video--others are doing the jibber jabbering for him.
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    I definitely noticed his penchant for mindless drivel after listening to his second installment on The Marching Roundtable. I think he means well, but he's caught up in the business of being an artist with its usual motto of "everything must be meaningful and deep" nonsense. Maybe I'm just jaded after studying and taking a billion art and philosophy classes that anytime I hear anything that resembles a search for the metaphysical, I roll my eyes.
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    I noticed that one back in '91 watching the show - you see it every so often where the drill comes up to meet the soloist instead of the other way around. I've always thought the drill coming to get them was always a much cooler move. Mike
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    Having heard from Jay, Bob and Dave....and still not necessarily able to make perfect sense of everything....i did what I thought was right.... I hit the Bushwackers website, clicked on Donate and put a little in the PayPal kitty. I didnt want to miss out on an opportunity to be part of the solution. This drive toward a solution has a REAL chance at being a drum corps success story.
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    Frank, although I totally understand where your coming from, the sheets don't make sense as far the Judges comments. How do you get comments like "great show", "aggressive charts" "very entertaining" and then get a score that doesn't back those comments up. If we got sheets that said "tempo problems" "weak show", Corps not able to sell show, then we would understand what we have to improve on and that would justify the score . We would much rather have constructive criticism. I believe tapes would provide us with this as the Judges could comment as they go along and point out weaknesses and strengths. It's really that simple
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    Another option is to marry a rich Princess.... sort of like the updated and modern day version of the Cinderella Story . Then as the worldly Prince, one is free to do the full time Drum Corps teaching thing throughout the Drum Corps Kingdom.
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    Start with the entire Top 12 from 1984 - maybe the best 1-12 top to bottom ever!
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    Cavies had plenty of performance issues. I know some turned a blind eye/ deaf ear to them.. But they didnt sound all that great, and they looked awful on the field. Bring the red things.... haven't recieved any since the last time I spoke out on the Cavies. But no.. they are so great. best drum corpz ever!!!! I luved their sunglasses!!!! <3<3<3 I <3 the cavaliers!!! Yeah boyz!!
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    I've grown very tired of "bring back" shows. It would only delay their rebuild. Look forward and be part of the future.
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    I was going to suggest "15 Minutes of Fame," but it might be too soon.
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    Cadets 11, Phantom 08....there's your GE monsters
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    So I was checking out the Aimachi video that Boo posted, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJe84VeOIs Since I saw them live at DCA, I've been watching the Kidgrove Scouts too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM-Pum1CEM0 Finally, I saw Patria from Guatemala because of the BD trip there I know there are groups in Indonesia, Europe, and other places in the world. It's great to see Drum Corps and the marching arts in general in so many countries around the world. Still the question remains... What part of the world can rival the US, or at least come the closest to rivaling us in quality? Are there groups in China that could compete here? What about Brazil? My guess is that Japan is the closest, followed by Europe. What do you guys think? I know many of you are very knowledgeable about the marching arts around the world. Is there a region or even a country that can rival us? Where is it? Who comes the closest?
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    If you need someone else to tell you you have tempo problems, or a weak show, or you're not selling it, no amount of comments are going to help you. Seriously. Look in the mirror to find the problem.
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    You ask a question of me that is not quite the concern and/ or priority for me that it might be with you. For example, perhaps you attend shows to determine who is " the best ". Thats cool. I attend shows to find out which one is the " most entertaining " as it is defined by me. As such, at local shows, I usually leave after I've determined which was the " most entertaining " ( and my personal placements for this at the show ) and then let the judges decide who was " the best " on the judging sheets they use. We are usually on the highway when the judges scores are announced. Only at Regionals do I have some interest in the scores and placements. But even then, its not what brings me out to the shows. Some of my " best " shows didn't place well at all. That doesn't concern me.
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    if you play phantom 06 backwards, you can hear the devil.
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    I could see where judges tapes or sheets could be very beneficial to a mini corps for next season. Properly formatted they could give insight into what the judges are awarding criteria and points on. With that information a program coordinator can make adjustments in the program to meet the criteria of the judges. A good example of such that I can recite is from the field corps tapes and reviews. Year after year I kept hearing from the tapes about field coverage. Once we started getting that nailed down I started noticing our scores going up. So yes there is something beneficial about having tapes and sheets for NEXT YEAR.
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    As one of the members, all I remember is that we were determined to to perform, however, we weren't sure how far we could get. The solution to do the show as a standstill with the drill to LIBM was felt to be the best tribute....and what we felt in our hearts..play his music...and perform the music and drill as a personal statement to Jim. I was a bear to play while crying the whole time. It was the most memorable performance of a lifetime for me.
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    I've always wanted to make my way up the ranks. I love teching. Music and visual.. I've done it all. And I know I would be good at the drum corps level.. I guess I have to just start making myself more visible. I just have other priorities right now. But being a marching band arranger, and drum corps brass arranger might be a my dream job. If I could make enough money I don'r know. I digress. I ####ed enough #### up... I gotta work myself out of this hole first before I can actually do what i want to do. However being a GM at a high volume Wawa is a great career choice. Seriously. #### being a teacher.....
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    because different people have different priorities. that said, I agree that by choosing drum corps, people are making the decision that they would rather the drum corps have the money. Some people are blind to this fact, and even try to deny it (as some on here have done previously when I brought this up previously. that said, I am happy voting for drum corps, because they provide more to me, personally, than a community health organization. I accept that other people see things differently.
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    OK...I got to page 8 on this thread, and was tired of reading the same old things.... Here is my take..... As a former member of a championship mini corps, I do not see how a tape or comments for this years show is going to help you design and prepare for your show for next year. If you play the same show form year to year...ok...I get it. But if you are going to design and play a totally different show next year, how the heck is your tape or comments from THIS year, going to help for next? Now...I really don't know if this was covered already, because, as I said, I stopped reading at Page 8. Please....someone explain this to me?? Please??? When I taught my mini corps, I would listen and try to watch the corps that beat me, and see what they did better than what we did, and then try to improve on that next year. If we moved up a place the following year, then I did my job as an instructor. If we dropped a place, then I had to watch all over again, and again try to improve the following year. For me, it was that simple....I didn't need any stinkin tapes. The crowd reaction was good for me too!! Don't know how to post links to videos, but please check out the 2007 Golden Eagles Mini Corps on youtube...SO Close!!!!
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    As the author of CI, I feel compelled to point out that CI only comes into play when it's close...it doesn't cause corps to win that suck. To use CI in its proper context with Cavies, you'd have to ask "I wonder if Madison [or any lower placing corps] was actually better than Cavies?" If a vast majority feel that Madison was better, then we can conclude that CI played a role. The question can be asked for any slot. Furthermore, if "the design" was truly the only problem with Cavies, then how come their sub captions don't bare that out? For if they had 10th place design and 1st place performance, they'd end up around 5-6th place, right? In fact, they had ZERO captions where the performance outpaced the design...in every case, the same or LOWER.
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    Maybe they could combine elements of dance, Japanese pop-culture AND a couple additional minutes of fame? What?
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    How about they pick a few catchy songs that don't have to have anything to do with one another, get awesome arrangements of them and play that? No title to the show, no intellectual meaning that we're supposed to figure out (or be told via loud in-show narration).
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    Caballeroville sounds like a great place, so move to Mankato and join in on the fun. I think the Cabs need to do a show in the Mankato area in honnor of Bob, lets say, around the weekend after DCI sounds good. I believe I could put together a drum corps show and a little party to go along with this event. p.s. Bring the alumni corps as well
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    Looking forward to seeeing Bush on field again next season
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    they should honor their innovative history by continuing the tradition of bringing something new and fresh to the field.
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    Honestly ... from 82 on up .. it's most of what's available. They're all top 10. The list above is pretty great but it has some gaping holes. If I'm really being honest .. there are some paperweights in 82 - 84 ... but from there on up .... GET THEM ALL!
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    Sweet: so DCI should then drop brass and go w/all woodwinds & string instruments. THAT has never been done before...
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    Many thanks for this. I'd like to suggest that this be permanently pinned at the top of the Historical Junior Corps board.
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    Hmm. No company fronts, no box rotation, no box compression or expansions. Isn't everything a direct repeat or variation on what has been done before? That to me is what pushes the creativity- how to do something a little differently or better than before. Now if you manage something entirely new, all the better.
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    if...and that could be a big if...the judges follow the criteria on the sheets, which are public, it could help open some eyes
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    How about a new rule proposal....a rule that would forbid any Corps from doing anything that has been done before, including not just musical selections, but also drill moves! That way, everything would be fresh and new EVERY year!!!
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    Nothing wrong with real grass if it's well-kept. I'd expect that since it's an MLS venue, the carpet would be nothing short of impeccable. Another great option might be Crew Stadium in Columubus OH. One of the best stadiums I've ever performed at hands down, great facilities, parking and concessions, a major urban environment, and very well-situated to be conveniently accessible to both east coast corps and midwest corps (and west coast corps won't have quite as far to travel).
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    Bluecoats Crossmen Spirit SCV and Oregon Crusaders
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    If there is no high cam, then this isn't a recording of the "show". It's vignettes of individuals within the show. Give us the SHOW
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    Great to see so much love for Bluecoats. Here's a great lot recording!
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    I'm sure this would put the activity in the news. Left-leaning news sites: "People have the constitutional right to throw pretend babies!" Right-leaning news sites: "Throwing pretend babies will always lead to throwing real babies- this is an outrage!"
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    I will have to agree with those who say Bluecoats. I downloaded the San Antonio and prelims soundtracks and the difference between the two is amazing. Not only did they have a great musical book, the worked to improve it. The same is true with Crossmen, I also agree with those who give a thumbs up to SCV. I also think Boston Crusaders did a commendable job with their horn line this year with a book that was not easy to perform and Spirit had some moments that reminded me of 1978-1980 when Spirit was the guilty pleasure of so many fans. I think Cadets deserve credit for making basic music rather challenging and Phantom has to be given credit for performing with both finesse and power what may have been the most challenging score. I've seen a few people mention Pacific Crest and that is a fun show and the switch styles back and forth with ease, or at least what sounds like ease. I would also add Oregon Crusaders to the list and add that Oregon Crusaders are more than ready for World Class competition.
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    I'll second that. I also thought the Bluecoats were one of the best sounding lines.
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    I would definitely say Bluecoats.
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    Crossmen San Antonio, TX "Fragile" This show was absolutely fantastic. I don't know the full story behind it, but I definitely got the "fragile Earth" concept from it. I assume it's a salute to their "Songs for the Planet Earth" series back in the 90's. At any rate, welcome back to finals, Crossmen. You were missed. 12th Place GE - 33.750 Visual - 25.250 Music - 25.000 TOTAL - 84.000 Spirit of Atlanta Atlanta, GA "Sin City" Another spectacular show from a very spectacular corps. Top to bottom, this show is fun. The visuals were this corps' Achilles heel, but they made up for all of that with some FANTASTIC music, and a marvelous sound to top it all off. An overall very enjoyable show packed with audience appeal. 11th Place GE - 33.800 Visual - 25.100 Music - 25.500 TOTAL - 84.400 Blue Knights Denver, CO "Avian" This show is, in a word, WEIRD. When I heard they would be doing the ever-popular Firebird Suite, I was excited. It's one of my favorite pieces, and lends itself very well to drum corps. And the Blue Knights have taken a very accessible and entertaining turn with their show design the last couple of years. Boy, was I in for a surprise when I first saw this show. "Avian" is a more sci-fi approach to "Firebird," with the color guard dressed as some sort of alien life form. While unusual, this show was very entertaining after they got all the kinks out. This show was tough, but the Blue Knights made it look easy. 10th Place GE - 34.850 Visual - 26.500 Music - 25.350 TOTAL - 86.700 Madison Scouts Madison, WI "Reframed" There are many that love Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition." I am not one of them. I don't hate the piece, but I've never been terribly fond of it, either. When I heard the Madison Scouts would be playing "Pictures at an Exhibtion" Madisonized, I was very underwhelmed. I didn't know what they meant by "Madisonized," but I sure found out. The show was actually more of a "Madison Scouts Greatest Hits" show, and all these pieces were tied together by "Pictures." And I will say this for "Reframed:" PHENOMENAL. This was easily one of my favorite shows of the year. Whenever the Scouts play "Malagueña," I'm going to be happy. This corps soared in the General Effect caption, and rightfully so. 9th Place GE - 35.600 Visual - 25.95 Music - 26.450 TOTAL - 88.000 The Cavaliers Rosemont, IL "15 Minutes of Fame" Well...I guess every corps has to have at least one bad year. "Bad," of course is a relative term. The corps is still in Finals, and still remained very competitive the entire season. They just aren't in the Top 3 where I like to see them. This wasn't my favorite Cavaliers show, but it had its moments. The Cavies have had some unusual shows in the past couple of years, but this one was a bit too bizarre for my taste. And the visual program just wasn't up to par with past programs. COME BACK, MICHAEL GAINES. PLEASE. Despite their relatively low placement this year, I think it's safe to say the crowd loved them. 8th Place GE - 35.250 Visual - 26.350 Music - 27.250 TOTAL - 88.850 Boston Crusaders Boston, MA "The Titans" Boston beat the Cavies. Has this ever happened before? I could be wrong, but I think this is a first. Not much can be said about this show. It has "Pines of Rome." What's not to like? The fact that the Cavies beat them in music seems a little odd, to me. Either way, congrats to Boston for toppling the "titan" Cavaliers! 7th Place GE - 35.400 Visual - 26.650 Music - 27.050 TOTAL - 89.100 Bluecoats Canton, OH "UnMasQued" I'm glad to see the Bluecoats have deviated a bit from their "metropolis-type" shows. Those were great shows, but they were on the verge of becoming a bit "played out." "UnMasQued" is a very poignant statement about how we all hide insecurities, almost like wearing a mask, and learning to accept it. This corps was solid in all captions, as they often are. The musical selections in this show were great, including that magnificent ballad (I think it was called "Flume," but I'm not 100% sure). Overall, a very memorable show. 6th Place GE - 36.800 Visual - 27.400 Music - 28.350 TOTAL - 92.550 Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara, CA "Music of the Starry Night" I was excited about this show from the second they announced it in the off-season. I enjoyed "Bartók" and "The Devil's Staircase," but it was refreshing to see them take a more accessible turn with this year's show. And this show is vintage Santa Clara. The pre-show/opener is just gorgeous. You can't go wrong with "Jupiter," but I've never seen anyone go so right with it. And John Mackey's "Hymn to a Blue Hour" was just magnificent. And let us not forget "Music of the Night," a Vanguard favorite from their legendary "Phantom of the Opera" shows. This was by far my favorite show of the season. 5th Place GE - 37.850 Visual - 28.500 Music - 28.100 TOTAL - 94.450 The Cadets Allentown, PA "12.25" There were two shows of the night that I didn't like, and this was one of them. But of the two that I didn't like, I liked this one infinitely more than the other. This show really didn't do it for me, and I would have preferred to see them a couple places lower, but what are you gonna do? The show was watchable, and The Cadets were clean, as they typically are. 4h Place GE - 38.050 Visual - 28.350 Music - 28.650 TOTAL - 95.050 Phantom Regiment Rockford, IL "Turandot" I haven't seen Phantom this good since 2008. Granted, they've been great these last couple of years, but I truly felt this performance was championship-caliber. I love seeing them back in the top 3. I think Don Hill is a good fit for the Phantom hornline, as they haven't sounded this fantastic in a LONG time. And that's saying something, since they're known for sounding fantastic. Their percussion held them back quite a bit, though, I have to say. From the gruesome beheading to the gorgeous "Nessun Dorma" closer, this show has it all. Yet another fantastic performance by the Regiment. 3rd Place GE - 38.850 Visual - 29.200 Music - 28.500 TOTAL - 96.550 Carolina Crown Ft. Mill, SC "For the Common Good" After an entire season, I still can't find the right words to describe this show. Words like "phenomenal," "spectacular," and "stunning" just don't seem to do it justice. They may have had the most talented hornline in the history of DCI. How this show only got second is beyond me. That's all I can really say about it. When I saw them practically rip the Jim Ott award out of the Blue Devil's hands to give it to Crown, I thought maybe Crown was going to take the championship, too. To my dismay, this was not the case. 2nd Place GE - 39.350 Visual - 29.250 Music - 29.050 TOTAL - 97.650 Blue Devils Concord, CA "Cabaret Voltaire" This show is very clever. Making a show about the dada movement, a movement that was essentially "anti-art," is no easy task, and the Blue Devils did it. That being said, this show is also garbage (in my personal opinion, of course). I have never been so bored and confused in my entire life. Was it clean? Yes. Was it appealing? No. I suppose it's frustrating mostly because Crown, I think we can all agree, has been long overdue for a championship, and their show was so poignant and inspiring, and clean as a whistle. And they lost to this show. But, despite that disappointment, this was a fantastic season, and it is truly sad to see it end. 1st Place GE - 39.650 Visual - 29.750 Music - 29.300 TOTAL - 98.700
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    DCI itself has a paid staff. I'm not sure how many are full time, but some presumably are. (Of course they are not actually 'doing drum corps' as far as I know, but it would be a great way to be a part of the action.) Can anyone certify that there is even one full-time (let's say, with a benefits package) employee of an independent drum and bugle corps, or it's parent organization? All the jobs people have listed seem to be primarily funded via marching bands, which would be government money or college money. Drum corps are independent non-profits. I'm not sure even the directors are actually full-time legally. I wouldn't be surprised if the Blue Devils have some. Is Wayne Downey full-time? Scott Chandler? Anyone outside of BD? The marching arts must be the only activity where the 'big time' elite units are basically volunteer and go bankrupt regularly, while the lower level (BOA) have thousands of employees around the country and a comparatively steady cash supply. Odd, isn't it? It sounds like you have a choice: Either get a degree in music/performing arts education, and do drum corps on the side, or take the high risk approach of committing to one of the very scarce careers in drum corps by spending all your time doing that on a volunteer basis. I think many of the famous instructors came up through the ranks and don't have a degree in education. If it doesn't work out you have nothing to fall back on, but you'll have great memories. Better yet, pick a college near a corps you want to work with. Volunteer while getting your visual arts/music education degree. Maybe you can earn internship credits toward your degree, not to mention lots of experience, and you will be THE MAN (Woman?) at the corps practices ("Oooh, that's the pro guy"). Hmm. Why didn't I think of all this 30 years ago?
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    This whole mess freaks me out a bit. I love and value drum corps as much as the next guy, but I can't see why a corps (essentially a luxury program for upper-middle class kids) should get $250,000 over (say) a community health organization.
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    You're right. I figured top 6/bottom 6 was a good dividing line since its been awhile since the corps was in the 7-12 range. If corps are "offended" by the "bottom 6" status, maybe that will motivate the right people to put a better product on the field. I think the fans would love it if the top 12 all had the same level of performance.
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    I don't think Madisons' hornline gets enough love. With the exception of a few years, and even those weren't bad, they always have a good hornline.
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    the GE sheets haven't really changed tho
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    The drum corps activity was formed/founded to be a volunteer format; maybe start with that concept.
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