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    I am VERY happy to announce that after 2 years of making an effort to return to DCA, today the Sun Devils Drum and Bugle Corps passed our re-evaluation and have been welcomed back to the DCA family!!! Many thanks go out to all those who helped us realize this goal. I am not going to list all the names, but there are many. It feels so good to be back.
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    Hmmm, I would talk to members of the Cadets in 2007 about the polite Cali crowd.
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    Just because you make changes to a design doesn't mean you will reap the benefits in year one... in fact the Crossmen are the perfect example. They actually went DOWN in placement in 2011 with the new staff. I don't think anyone would argue it was a much better show and corps than the year prior... but while the Crossmen were starting out with a new team and a new direction with the corps, other corps just kept on trucking along. The competition to get into finals is awesome. it is one of the most exciting things to watch all year long. And the quality of these corps competing for a finals spot is so much better than even 5 years ago. It's really anyone's game. And you always have to remember that a corps has to get the boot from finals for a new team to make it in. Season to season it's going to be rough to predict 10-17. Crossmen were in 17th in 2011.. they were in 12th in 2012... who says they can't be in 8th this year.. or maybe they miss on design, and they'll be back in 16th. This area is where the real interest is for me. I don't even look at the recaps for the top 5 as much as I used to. It is just too predictable. You know one of 3 corps is gonna win... and it's usually only one of them... and it's always the same corps. And ya know what? That is boring. Getting into finals and the corps bouncing around in the bottom 6 of finals is where a lot of interesting competitions are going on. Honestly.. placements don't move around as much as I think they should night to night.. there are some obvious performance issues that are different from night to night... I'd say an ensemble tear is a pretty big issue.. but you don't always see it reflected in the numbers (just as one example). There is just too much weight on design.. and a lot of judges who are just wimps. But that is another discussion.
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    if it was really better, you wouldn't be posting on DCP so much though, right?
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    perhaps... ... or perhaps you might discover that being away from modern technology for a period of time yields the developing an awareness of the subtle; allowing you to become enveloped in the 'real' world around you, as opposed to the virtual world, without outside intrusion, bringing you into a level of deeper appreciation of everything (and you will learn to live, understand, and feel exactly what Shakespeare meant when he penned, "Parting is such sweet sorrow."); those experiences are far, far, far greater than 'always' being under the control of instant gratification through modern technology.
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    Everyone has high hopes for Crossmen. They have been up and down for years. The corps finally makes finals again at the expense of Blue Stars failures. I am surprised to see some predictions of Spirit out of finals when in recent years, Spirit has been the only corps to make it back into finals and stay there. This was their 3rd year in a row. The 12th place corps before them made a 1 year appearance and dropped again. Nothing against Crossmen, but I am not placing as much faith in their seat in finals. Especially when you have quality, more consistent corps like Blue Stars gunning for their place back into finals with a SOLID new design and instructional team.
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    As we mark time in May, salivating for the first contest, and as fewer and fewer corps preview with a Memorial Day parade or such, here's a list of where to find your favorite corps. No corps is intentionally slighted. If they are not listed, it's because I couldn't find the info. Feel free to comment and correct. Enjoy! Blue Devils, Planet Mars, Concord, Calif., starting 5/11 Cadets: University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, PA, starting 5/15 Carolina Crown: Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC, starting 5/18 Blue Stars: Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa, then Sparta H.S., WI, starting 5/24 Cavaliers: Illinois Benedictine University, Lisle, IL, starting 5/17 Bluecoats: Denison University, Granville, Ohio, starting 5/19 Boston Crusaders: Nichols College, Dudley, MA, & Vets. Stadium, Quincy, MA, starting 5/24 Colts, Roosevelt Middle School, Iowa, followed by Cornfield Tour, starting 5/24 Crossmen, Blossom Center, San Antonio, TX, starting 5/24 Jersey Surf, weekend camps until June 14 move-ins Madison Scouts, WACPAC, Bloomington, IN, then E. Troy H.S., WI, starting 5/18 Oregon Crusaders, weekend camps until Friday, June 13 move-ins Pacific Crest, weekend camps until mid-June Phantom Regt., Rockford College, ILL., later Stillman Valley, starting 5/22 Santa Clara Vanguard, The King's Academy, Sunnyvale, CA, starting 5/24 Spirit of Atlanta, Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville GA, then TN, starting 5/24 Troopers, Lebanon, Indiana, starting 5/21
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    I am originally from the east coast and attended every DCI East from the 70's to the late 90's. The fans there have an expectation that all the DCI corps will attend and may sometimes do not show appreciation for every corps coming from a long distance (before you get in a huff, this is not everyone). However, in CA the fans are so happy to see other corps that they go wild for all of them. You could send out a 5 member corp and they would throw babies. The longest standing O I ever saw in all my years of DC has to be the year Academy came here to perform for the very first time in exhibition (the year before they started to compete). The warmth from the crowd was overwhelming, just ask any Academy member about that day. If you ever come to a show here you will see that the crowd treats BDB as if they are world champions, it's great! Don't worry, Crown can expect the same no matter what. I am happy that in the last five years many of the top corps have made an attempt to come here.
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    I predict that Troopers will be in finals ABOVE 12TH PLACE. that is all.
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    They won't know what hit them. Polite crowds who appreciate good tone and quality shows. Never once heard a boo on the west coast.
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    This is not a hype post. This is a fact based post. The west coast will not know what hit them when Crown takes the field in June. Eyes will open wide, mouths will drop and babies will be thrown from the stands
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    As recently as 2011 Surf prided itself on giving participants the opportunity compete as a World Class drum corps while also being able to work, attend school, etc, the classic "weekend corps," but beginning last summer they undertook a more ambitious tour which required more practice and Surf participants were quick to point out that they were not a weekend only corps anymore and this was attested to by parents and volunteers. I don't believe they have the schedule of some of the WC finalists, but it is more than weekend only.
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    Kilts reviewed (set to set) the opening number and visually finished the second tune yesterday with a couple playing run-thrus, which put 1/2 the show on the field (including guard) The corps will be spending today (Sunday) reviewing, cleaning and detailing the first half of the 2013 show. A couple brass positions are open along with a keyboard position.
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    Okay, okay.... I'm going to now play too... I'm hoping for at least 11 corps above 90 at finals... 1. Crown ( Things finally come together enough in all captions to allow this to happen) 2. Santa Clara Vanguard ( Things coming together to allow them to be the best in the West after leading the pack early season) 3. Blue Devils ( Great show, but even they've gotta have a down year every once in a while) 4. The Cadets/ Cavaliers ( It's a toss up. The corps will battle it out all year. The Cavaliers recover nicely from last year's debace and the Cadets are great as always/ The Cadets come up short in the end) 6. Phantom Regiment /Bluecoats ( Another round of ties. I really like what Bluecoats are doing, but Phantom will also be on fire. Still there are too many great corps to deal with this year and that's why they'll end up in these placements) 8. Madison Scouts ( Highest 8th place score @ 93 and a great tribute to their 75th anniversary celebration year) 9. Boston ( Highest 9th place score, but they can't move up; there are too many awesome corps above them. They will still score above 90) 10. Blue Stars ( Staff adjustments are just the thing to help them get back into finals and be above 90) 11. Xmen ( Get the execution up and you'll be here, above 90...) 12. Spirit / Troopers ( The first tie to get 13 corps into finals ever. DVD and Company will help guide the Troopers back into finals ( It's happen with DVD and the Troopers before ( '85???). Spirit slips in at the last moment and shocks everyone to battle their way back to finals yet again) 14. Blue Knights ( Staff moves hurt them) 15. The Academy ( Who knows, they could do well with this show; I have no idea how good they could be) 16. Oregon Crusaders ( Welcome to World class, they're going to be knocking on finals door soon with the shows that they're putting out lately!) 17. Pacific Crest ( I want them to move up and I hope the shock me with how good they are...) 18. Colts ( It will take a while for staff additions to help placement) 19. Surf ( Pretty great for a corps that was recently a weekend corps and has a lighter schedule) 20. Cascades ( Guys gotta do something to move up; every else is.... Do it! ) 21. Pioneer ( I'm still a fan, but I wish there could be some kind of change that would allow them to not be in this position ((or worse)) every year. I'm hopeful!) I'm okay with ties, obviously...
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    Hi Fran. Yes, that was a great show back in 1973 at Woodbridge HS. The Saints sponsored the show and I remember going with our band director and a few other students. I saw Santa Clara for the first time and Troopers for just the second time in my then short life. I didn't understand or appreciate Santa Clara's show and I thought the Troopers were much better. Santa Clara won the show and being just shy of 16, and knowing everything in the world about drum corps, I thought the Troopers should have won. My band director advised me just how wrong I was about Santa Clara and they went on to win DCI that year. Years later listening to '73 Santa Clara I realized how wrong I was about them. Hard to realize that was 40 years ago and we are having another show in Woodbridge in August. Hope to see a lot of Saints alumni, and other junior/senior corps alumni at this show.
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    Yes, and in your LONG experience on DCP (4 months and 200 posts) you've come to know clearly which posters fit your description and which don't, correct? Seems a bit of a stretch to believe. Still, I'd be curious what sort of action (or mob) you'd find preferable to a simple question on DCP. Shall we organize a petition to demand DCI have FN up and running by a particular date? Maybe a phone-in marathon chastising DCI staff until they meet our demands? What sort of "demand" shall we place on DCI? I appreciate your giving DCI the benefit of the doubt in this case. But "They have lives" is not an acceptable rationale when they've taken on the responsibility willingly. Possibly you've read all 6000 of my posts and have come to "know" me on a deep and personal level, although we've never met. But I think the reality is that you stepped in it with your post and now you're just posting sour grapes to cover. Say-lah-vee
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    Thank you for your kind words Ben... I have ALWAYS been proud to have been a member of the Sunrisers. It has been my honor to have marched with some of the people in the activity that have always shown what class is... (BOTH formidable opponents AND some of the very best friends in the activity...)
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    I guess I never got the point. Just kind of a **** measuring contest between corps, who can win the most individual awards? I wasn't going to miss it at all.
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    1. Blue Devils 2. Bluecoats 3. Blue Stars 4. Blue Knights 5. Blue Saints 6-12. All the other colors.
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    Isn't that just more money for the BD organization?
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    One last bump, and then I promise no more. Seriously, though... if anyone is in Europe and wants to come out, you really ought to. Vilnius is pretty easy to get to from most destinations in Europe, and everyone speaks English very well. All events are free of charge and open to the public. We're expecting about 200 clinic participants from Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Sweden, and who knows how many attendees at the performances -- especially the one in the Cathedral Square on the evening of the 12th. Come say hi. Daniel and I will buy you a beer. More info: http://www.artspark.org/events/system-blue-lithuania/ or feel free to PM.
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    This is great! From DCI: http://www.dci.org/news/view.cfm?news_id=eb08758a-a05a-43e3-bb4f-2c2ccc04b81c
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    I will get red negatives for saying it, but I stil believe it is about the Corps, not the individual. There are enough other venues for solos, duets, etc.
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    Just... no. You just did? If "fan favorites" affected scores, Jersey Surf would have won by five points. Look, I think Crown will win this year if they get even close to being clean, but my reasons for believing this are much more grounded in a bit of conspiracy theory. My point is that I just can't understand the (common) assertion that Crown should have won in 2012. It literally causes my brain to short circuit. Anyway, good luck to all corps this summer. And yeah, BD in fifth place is like Alabama losing to Southwest Idaho State Community College. Just not going to happen.
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    via Imgflip Meme Maker
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    understatement of the thread. Talk about being bathe in brass chocolate goodness.............OH MY!
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    in my best Paul Harvey voice....."And now for the rest of the story......."
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    I was trying to find a pic to post of goosebumps (as in the THE BALLAD) but...they're all kinda creepy :-\ So how about 'hair raising' instead
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    Crown needs to get that official announcement out -- quick! So we can talk about this show....
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    I don't know about corps policies across the board but, IMO, you absolutely did the right thing in quitting the group. IMO, it will never excel if the director allows such distractions from focused rehearsal. But I'm an old guy.
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    Every year of top 12 from 1974-1985 as well as isolated records from 86-89. Full package sale only (not individual). Send me a PM if interested.
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    ahhh the "Crown Cone of Slience". I was there voluntering and the music is sounding very very interesting. It dropped many jaws to the floor listening.
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    Bentonville, mid July, encore
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    Have to admit it -- this made me laugh!
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    Well, you might start by blaming the Blue Stars design team for designing a bit of a dud, and for overwriting in many, many areas. I know it's easier to blame the other guys, but you really should start with the whole "those who live in glass houses" thing.
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    The Blue Stars own motto, "Finis Coranat Opus" (The end crowns the work), points to the notion that what happens throughout the season is meaningless, that the "end" is what matters. Ironic, considering your take on the season.
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    Your score at the Dublin show for the Blue Stars is wrong. They got an 82.2 and not a 85.45. This so-called "Neutral site" advantage by the Blue Stars was a whopping 0.55. All told, the median advantage of Blue Stars over the Crossmen going into semis was only 0.95. If that is a difference that is considered insurmountable without a "fix", we might as well all quit this activity because everything is apparently set in stone going into Finals week. Putting my own opinion aside of the Crossmen's semis performance aside, a scan of Twitter comments and even the semis thread here will reveal what most people thought of their performance that night.
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    Your brain must be been scorched by the heat of a thousand suns this summer to believe that I said that I'm going to do a research to prove the scores "were not fixed" Professor. The onus would be on you to prove that ( as you claim " the scores are fixed " and thats why the Crossmen got in over the Blue Stars. My guess you wouldn't know 5 of these judges if you got on an elevator with them. You don't know them from a hole in the wall. You sound ridiculous and ignorant with this dopey conspiracy of yours that " the scores were fixed " for the Crossmen to make Finals. Such a dopey conspiracy claim of " score fixing " does a terrible disservice to the Crossmen organization, staff, marchers, parents, etc. But whatever. Have a nice day.. but stay out of the sun.
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    There are over 3 dozen judges in DCI. If " all the scores are fixed " then this means all 3 dozen DCI judges are in on the cheating, as " fixing the scores " could only work if all of them are in on it. Logically it only takes one whistle blower within the judging ranks to blow the cheating fix by publically expressing their knowledge about the cheating.... even if it comes on their death bed. So you believe that over 3 dozen DCI judges are participating in the knowledge that " the scores are fixed " beforehand ?.... and all of them have presumably known this " score fixing " and participated in this cheating fix for presumbably years and years ? Excuse my harsh response to this, but do you realize how dopey this sounds ?
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    I miss the Velvet Knights. I think their shows were appreciated perhaps even more out of state than they were perhaps in state.
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    a) Sorry, but this is a deal between soccerguy and myself; my idea, so my rules. b) The bet is not for money (and money bets are trite at best); but the bet is for 'both' of us to not post anything within a DCP thread for an agreed set period of time.
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    THIS. The west coast crowds are some of the best crowds you can play for all season, & they definitely don't give BD the "golf clap" treatment. I think that hearing the crowd giving BD overwhelming support will be more of what Crown never saw hitting them.
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    Oh. God. No. Please no. Winter guard uniforms I think are just too tacky looking.
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    *FIRST POST* 1. Carolina Crown (I'm not one of them "they got robbed of two titles" people, but I think things will finally click for them this year) Wins GE 2. Blue Devils (will finish two tenths of a point behind Crown) Wins Music & Visual 3. Phantom Regiment (not going anywhere) 4. Cavaliers (bold, I know, but I believe in them) 5. Cadets (a lot of early season hype from there camp videos, but this happens every year, the first brass recordings after 7-8 months of nothing will always sound Glorious) 6. Santa Clara Vanguard (okay I'll admit, I feel like there's something I don't know about them, a lot of people are picking them to finish high this year) 7. Madison Scouts (as always, will be the fan favorite) 8. Bluecoats (In my opinion the most entertaining drumline) 9. Blue Knights (will be a good year for them, and barely edge out Boston for the 9 spot) 10. Boston Crusaders (will still have a good show, but can't blame the competition stepping it up) 11. Crossmen (little by little) 12. Blue Stars (tight battle all year long between Bones, Blue Stars, and Spirit)
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    The best things come to those who wait. Sometimes it's good to be last.
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    You've got it backwards. The Blue Stars and Troopers OPERATE with plenty of respect. It's that they are SHOWN no respect by dci as they near their 50th seasons. You don't let the Crossmen sneak into the Finals at the 11th hour after beating them and others ahead of you all summer long if you truly respect them. Blue Stars got thrown under the bus and the Troopers have been kicked around for several seasons. How much longer do you think they will take it? Lots of butts are kissed and calls for help are answered when you're in the world of the cake-eaters. But try to get them to listen when you're the Racine Scouts or a corps that is 50+ and helped to build the building you now call HOME.
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    Oh, I hope not. I prefer drum corps to adapt works from other forms to their idiom, not try to recreate the other forms.
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    This makes me very very anxious....
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