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    As move-ins, every day training, and full time preparations for the 2013 season now begin in earnest, my best wishes and prayers for safety and good memories for all competitors and their corps. May you balance well the many re-(w)rites of Spring training, both the fun and the work, resulting in a most triumphant journey as you march side by side for a fantastic summer. As you look to America's many landscapes may the insects, temperature, and weather not count you among the miserables, but help you rise to the challenge in brotherhood for growth and greater maturity. Inspire us, impress us, and entertain us. I and the audience will gladly applaud you profusely, and that's no secret... With admiration, NDP PS. See what else the DCPers are hoping for you this summer:
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    Cavaliers 2013 Rep: Rose of Arimathea/ Hans Zimmer Air/ Hans Zimmer Drum Music (movement 3 Incinerate)/ John Mackey Secret Society/ original music by Drew Shanfield Enterprising Young Men/ Michael Giacchino
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    Rose of Arimathea/ Hans Zimmer Air/ Hans Zimmer Drum Music (movement III-Incinerate)/ John Mackey Secret Society/ original music by Drew Shanefield Enterprising Young Men- Michael Giacchino
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    The DCP INT meme needs to die a quick and violent death. That is all.
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    Haven't we had INT jokes around long enough? Just another reason most corps staff/directors/members can't take this site seriously. It's almost like those corps members that ask the question "water we doing next?"
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    Yes... and a bit of advice that has been passed down thru the years, that still works today, imo. A Corps Director gathered his entire Corps together in a cirle just before enter the field for competition. He said a few words, then had a couple of section staffers say a few words of instruction, reminders, etc and so forth. Lots of words spoken. Then the Corps Director turned to the Percussion instructor and asked him if he had any words for his drumline. He said " Yes ". He told them : " Don't suck ". The Corps chukled under their breath. It was probably the right words at the right time as it was fitting, to the point, and lessened the tension. So, my words to everyone that marches this year is the same as that percussion instructor. And better yet, I know that you won't. Thats because I know the work that you'll all put in this summer. So go kick arse out there this summer and have fun doing it.
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    Carolina Gold Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce that it will be appearing in the DCI Atlanta Southeastern Championship on Sunday July 28th, 2013. Many thanks to ALL of you out there, across the vast history of the organization, (and those at DCI for being amazing hosts) who made this performance possible!!! Now go buy some tickets! (Also, it's only 33 days until the DCA season officially opens! HYPE!) DCI Atlanta Southeastern Championship
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    Would I get a lot of red thingys if I said that I'd like to hear a bit more music from Tower of Power than see towers of power on the field ?
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    There are two different issues here which must be separated: 1) Utilizing the drum corps activity to allow people an increase in awareness of new source material (the music) that maybe they didn't have the opportunity to be exposed to previously; and 2) The transmission of that new source material (the communication) to the audience through the vehicle of show design. If you really break down the shows that generally 'do work' for the audience compared to those that generally 'do not work' for the audience one will find that it does not matter if the audience has been previously exposed to the source material; in fact (in reference to #1) exposure to new source material in of itself is a rather great thing because many people have expanded their listening tastes due to being exposed to new material via drum corps. However, (in reference to #2) the shows that 'do work' for the audience are only those in which the corps staff communicate that new information in a simplistic manner through show concept design without attempting to go very deep into the transfer of academic intellectualism (i.e. 'communication' of new source material to the audience through show design going no deeper than righteous vs. evil, or love vs. hate is what works) Why? a) Because academic intellectual information cannot be transmitted effectively to a mass audience in an 11 min. show using visual tools of drill movement and props (this is where judges have the higher knowledge due to closely interacting with corps design staff throughout the season); and b) The audience members are not paying to go to an academic environment and garner increased knowledge through the deep process of cerebral thought, they are paying to flat get entertained just like attending any other musical/visual event such as Blue Man, Stomp, U2, Opera, Symphony, etc...).
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    27th Lancers and Royal Crusaders were part of the corps hockey tournament (with Cavaliers & Madison) back in 1976. 27th beat Madison, 8-6 for the title.
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    Why? An unsolicited email suggestion sent to Cesario from a DCP hack and he would adjust his DCI philosophy; nope,... he might placate me with a response stating that he will, of course, 'seriously' contemplate it and than just toss it aside into the junk mail because it was not his idea. We can banter about all we want here on DCP for the hey of it, but when it comes to our suggestions being taken seriously by the ivory tower elite, forget it.
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    Maybe they're hidden with the Cavaliers in 11?
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    Forgot Blue Stars.
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    If my count is correct Crown and Blue Devils will meet 20 times before finals week ... and the "westies" (BD, CC, SCV) don't meet the "easties" (Regiment, Cadets, Coats, Cavies) until 3 weeks in... should make for an interesting season ...
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    "Now that explains quite a lot!!!:rock:/>/>/>" Seeing how many times Cadets have rehashed SCV musical numbers over the years, I find it hard to take GH's words at face value.
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    That was 1999 - the year Cadets carted those taxi shells all over the place. Maybe he doesn't want to remember? Loved that show - one of my favorite from The Cadets.
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    I'm not the hardest drum corps fan to please, but I will have to say that 2011 and 2012 impressed me, and keep in mind I've been following corps fanatically since 1975, well actually 1976. I knew I loved a good drum corps in 75 but it wasn't till 76 I became obsessed. In 2011 I saw what I believed was a marked improvement in engaging the audience and I was blown away by more than a few corps in 2012. In both years there were some notable surprises. Just prior to finals in 2011 I saw Blue Devils and Cadets in Lawrence and assumed Blue Devils would finally get their third straight title but Cadets exorcized their demons :devil:/>/>/> (by demons I mean rough patches, not the fined young men and women wearing maroon) and the angels won. I didn't expect to see Spirit return but they did. 2012 had its share of surprises too: Crossmen returning being the most notable. I was reminded a bit of 1979 and 80 and 1988 and 89, in that i enjoyed just about the entire slate of finalists. For 2013, I know what I will see--young people doing their best with skills I never had, and I will enjoy what I see. What I would love to see is a continuation of what has been happening in the past few years. A couple of first time finalists would be a nice surprise and I'd welcome a returrn of some old favorites, though I can't say who I'd eliminate. I'd love to see a first time champion and while I'd be happy if it's Crown, I'd really be happy if it's Boston Crusaders. It may be wishful thinking but after the Bruins' come from behind victory last night, anything is possible for any group with the city of Boston as part of its name it, and before anyone says well all the members of BAC hail from Florida, most of the Bruins did not hail from the Boston area either!! :rolleyes:/>/>/>
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    Can we take that "if...." and stick a fork in it? DCI will never again pay for someone to run their show. They found out the first time how dumb that was. Any discussion about getting television in the mix again has to begin with the assumption that DCI will figure out how to find a decent corporate sponsorship team who will be able to put together a funding package to make television viable. Paying for airtime is a commercial, and DCI simply doesn't have the means - which is why I never take that concept into account in any discussion of the topic.
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    What these guys said!!! (Pretty clever how he used many of the show themes, eh Crown?)
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    Do I want to always be taken serioulsy on here, no. At the same time, jokes that weren't funny the first time being thrown around on this site, sorry, gets old. You bring up the lolcorps thread, funny stuff, I admit. But tired old jokes, enough already.
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    Do you really want to be taken that seriously on here? Have you seen the lolcorps thread? Amazing stuff! And that reminds me... during spring training in '05, I drank a ton of water every rehearsal, but it was super cold that year, and so I couldn't sweat it all out. I had to pee all the time in rehearsal but never had the guts to ask. I just ran like crazy every time we dismissed. Overshare? Sorry, I digress... :tongue:/>
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    Wishing all the DCI corps safe travels, good weather, and great performances all summer long!!! Having been around drum corps one way or another since 1967, I guess I qualify as a dinosaur. LOL. But the product that you, the members of today's DCI corps, put on the field these days never ceases to amaze me. Absolutely top-notch. I salute all of you for your hard work and dedication. Have fun this summer!!!
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    how is "what they are playing" not official ... it is on CorpsReps and was published in the current issue of Drum Corps World ... I'm certain that "Crown" would be pretty vocal if these announcements were not accurate ...
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    As long as it's not bad (as in Phantom in khakis bad), we'll all be ok :)
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    here's one more caveat: finals are on Saturday night. Saturday night has the lowest tv viewership of any night of the week.
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    I'm gonna have to go with the Scout's instant classic- Empire State of Mind
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    Moderators how does this belong in World class discussion?
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    The program will begin by introducing Adagio by itself, but already putting it through manipulations. It's slow out of the gate. The middle part of the show is Symphony #1, and the end is Medea. The aspect of Medea that will be most different from Star's version (other than the fact that Cadets will play less of it) will be the percussion arranging -- definitely won't be minimalistic. They'll weave Adagio quotes throughout the show. They know the kind of moment they want for a closer (they want Medea to shift back into Symph #1 and Adagio, I believe), but they don't have a full package imagined or written yet. They will make good use of the mello soloist from last year (who is AWESOME). The towers will delineate shifting boundaries on the field, and they'll have colored coverings -- different colors on different sides, so they can rotate them to present a new color for a new song or moment. The towers will have to be set up and torn down each time, so they'll keep some equipment people busy. Guard and/or battery members will help move them throughout the show (they'll be on wheels). They added 6-8 positions to Guard (at the expense of the Brass). They have a lot of returning snares, so a very strong drumline is predicted. They're contracting out to make the alternatives to rifles and sabres -- I think YEA! might be trying to get into the equipment business? They showed some pics of equipment specs. One thing that floored me -- the key staff wasn't immediately aware of SCV '99 when they thought of using Symph #1. Didn't come to mind that SCV won with that material.
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    If I wanted payola I'd ask for a pigfoot and a bottle of gin, the piano players bring me down. All I want is a cold beer
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    Son, if you only knew how little I actually care...
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    Here's a few promo codes for iOS to download for free: LP9K3H9YF7XR RTLA4NPLXMAE JTYWHJWXYYYE KJMRWFHHF7E7 LTFRJFNYYRYM Open the AppStore "Featured" tab on your device and scroll down to redeem. Press "Redeem" to enter the code. If you use a code, feel free to post which you've used so others know it's not available.
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    Yes. Little Jeffrey is inside. Reportedly he succumbed to MSA a few days ago ( Madras Shorts Affixiation )
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    I suppose such stupidity could take place in some schools somewhere if the local citizenry is so inclined to adopt such silly measures. But I wouldn't concern myself with what stupidity might occur somwhere in the US, when we have other more pressing needs to address in Drum Corps to keep it alive. Whether or not we use wooden imitation rifles in school's marching bands is not on most school's radar. Not when the real world of the schools is deciding whether or not to put REAL firearms in more of the nation's schools as an additional layer of children protection in the form of additional armed police, armed security personnel, armed Teachers, and armed Administrators. When the nation's schools are debating the possible implementation and increased presence of more REAL guns into the schools, believe me, the small wooden imitation rifles utilized in the school's marching band is far, far down the list of their concerns right now.... so I really wouldn't sweat these small, wooden, imitation toy rifles in the Guards in the school Marching Bands and in Drum Corps. Its really sort of silly if you ask me.
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    How do you deduce from my brief social commentary above in reply to another social commentary of what my " political philosophy" here is ? You might want to consider not taking out such a huge brush from your paint kit when you begin to paint so expansively and broadly, when a touch up paint brush might've done the trick around the small corners and edges just as well. I do not see my social commentary on " gun violence " to reveal anything of a political nature. If there is some relationship it would be incidental, and irrelevent to the comment made as the comment should stand or fall on its own merits, not someone's political leanings or beliefs in other, unrelated areas. .
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    I was not the one to inject the comment on this thread that a Corps Director believes that the use of a rifle and a sabre can be viewed as ( word used ) " threatening ", to show goers, nor even " gun violence in America". I merely responded to the DCP comment on these 2 things that were injected into the thread conversation in the first place. Look at the chronology on this above, and my comments were not out of order it seems to me, nor does it take a " political " position, other than perhaps an appropropriate response " social " commentary, as it was a " social commentary " made apparently by a Corps Director himself, and then poster, "chattyt" above re. his comment on " gun violence in America ". I merely replied to these things, thats all. As for the use of props, there are LOTS of props and equipment on the field shows that require imagination on the part of show goers to understand that a Drum Corps show by its very nature requires of all of us not to take the theme, props utilized, etc in the show in a literal sense. We do this satisfactorily it seems to me when we use imitation saxophones in shows when playing a jazz piece, or utlizing imitation rock guitars ( with no guitar playing ) when we play " Paint it Black " a piece that almost requires, if its a literal interpretation, the use of rock guitars, and perhaps even vocals in the depiction. We do this when we feature humans in bird costumes, rather than using real birds, and HUNDREDS of other props, costuming, visuals, equipment utilized, etc where imagination is all that is required to make a show work in a non literal sense for Drum Corps show goers. We just read above that a Corps Director might forgo the use of rifles and sabres this year in his Corps show. I don't know if this is true or not. If he does so because of a thematic reason, that seems understandable to me. But if the reason given is because of a perception of perceived " threats " and uncomfortableness of the use of the wooden minature rifles and the sabre, that justs seems silly to me and perhaps connotes an unneccesary concern on the part of show goers, imo. I can think of several things that might " threaten " the good sensibilities of the approx. 300,000 people expected to see these shows live this year. Things like traffic, mosquitoes, heat and humidity, parking, crying nearby infants, people on cell phones, and such. But how many of the 300,000 national show goers do you believe are going to be made uncomfortable or " threatened " ( as the word used ) by Corps with small, wooden, imitation rifles on the field ? 5 ? 10 ? if you believe that its a LOT of show goers that will suddenly feel uncomfortable and have their sensibilities " threatened" then this is an assessment of our fellow show goers that seems rather jaded to me, and I really don't share that concern of people being not being able to handle it all in stride... as they have for over half a century with essentially no problems at all with such imitation equipment displayed.
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    It shouldn't have too either. " Gun violence " has been down the last several years in the US according to all the research data, ( except in some localized regions ) despite gun registrations way up. On the other hand you said " America ", and gun violence is up in much of South America where registered gun ownership by its citizenry is impermissable by law. That said, I have no idea what" threats" to the public consciousness and psyche a wooden toy imitation rifle has in Drum Corps shows. Good grief, some people need to get a grip, imo.
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    Yes. DCI Corps had a Ice Hockey Tournament among some East Coast Corps and Midwest Corps around 1975- 76. 27th Lancers ( Mass. ) won the Corps Ice Hockey Tournament, if I'm not mistaken. Also, for about a decade or so, in the 80's, 90's, Massachusetts had a Labor Day Weekend Softball Round Robin Tournament among the Massachusetts Corps Alums from North Star, Boston, 27th, St. Kevin's, Majestic Knights, Alliance, Defenders, Pembroke Imperials, St. Mary's Cardinals, East Coast Jazz, Spartans ( N.H. ), and several other Massachusetts Corps represented. It was good fun, ( pretty good softball played too), and good BBQ'ing.
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    Just want to point out that this is circular logic at it's very finest. You can't start with the fact the BD scored higher to argue that BD won (scored higher)... If someone asserts that the placements were inaccurate, you can probably assume that they also believe that the scores might be wrong :-) <addendum> I don't think the scores were wrong. They accurately reflect the opinions of the judges writing down the numbers. We're not counting how many times the orange ball goes through the circle with a net attached. We all forget that sometimes. </addendum>
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    I don't know anything about this "back to roots" thing, but this is their staff:Design Tim Newburn – Program Coordination Tommy Keenum – Artistic Coordination Ralph Hardimon – Music Coordinator & Percussion Arrangements Jay Bocook – Brass Arrangements Juan Caceres – Visual Designer Tony Nunez - Electronics Designer Tim Pierce - Visual Coordinator Jed Weeks - Audio/Visual Coordinator Brass Jed Weeks - Audio/Visual Coordinator Brad Toth - Caption Head Ronnie Pruitt - Asst. Caption Head Amanda Brandt - High Brass Tony Ruiz - High Brass Flint Weed - Low Brass Josh Munoz - Low Brass Percussion Brian Stevens – Caption Head Rod Kosterman – Keyboards Angelo Outlaw - Keyboards Sean Knuth – Tenors Al Cleveland - Tenors Rick Barclay – Snare Sam Santistevan - Snares Joe Fant – Basses Josh Nelson - Basses/Ensemble Visual coming soon Colorguard coming soon http://www.bknights.org/bknights.org/ensembles/corps/staff.asp
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    A video from BK's March camp.
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    It appears the rumor I heard some time ago was true and I am really looking forward to hearing their full drum corps arrangement.
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    Just released by Blue Knights.
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    Is it just me, or is this "discussion" comparing 96 or so 18-21 year-old brass players with 6 sets of tympanists spread across 80-or-so yards of football fields in sub-standard acoustical environments in non-climate controlled conditions compared to 12 professional brass players and one professional tympanist in a regulated acoustical and temperature/humidity controlled venue nothing but A GIGANTIC WASTE OF OXYGEN? Ever hear the Chicago Symphony from the 20-yard line? Didn't think so.
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    Hi, sorry, my info did not come from corpsreps, or any other website, it came right from the World Open albums/programs and drum corps publications. You can find the info about World Open Everett 75 on the back cover of the 1975 World Open LP's/Vinyl written by H. Worth Ake where he writes, quote, "An over 10,000 audience filled Everett Mass. Memorial Stadium to watch 7 DCI and 5 other outstanding corps compete under ideal condition for the first of the National titles this season" If you do not have these albums the info on the back of the LP was taken from his Drum Corps News article of the same from the 8/20/1975 DCN Vol XV No. 13. The World Open program itself(74 and 75)thanks the fans for their, quote,"wonderful cooperation in our time of need and for your unfailing understanding and good-natured acceptance of the inconvenience caused to you by our emergency move from our home of many years in Manning Bowl, Lynn. We apologize for this inconvenience and regret that it was necessary." Not sure how/why you would take info from one website(pressbox)as right but not another(corpsreps)as I have found both have about the very same amount of inaccuracies as the other, I myself will take the info from the actual World Open records/programs and Drum Corps News that I quoted from as correct over either site you mentioned.
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    The ###### show was held in Everett at Everett Memorial Stadium! The Manning Bowl was closed for a year due to renovations. Don't make me come over there. It was a one-year deal due to the renovations at the Manning Bowl. When we went to World Open in 1976, it was a totally different place. The World Open in 1975 was plopped right in a residential area of houses right behind the main stands. The stadium was practically in people's back yards. I wrote about that in Cavaliers' 1975 yearbook, my first corps writing experience.
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    A tidbit from Blue Knight camp this weekend.
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    Yes, In fact... The corps you came from and are so very fond of, has been folded/disbanded in an offort to bring drumlines to Lithuania!
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    I'm not getting into the discussion of what is the proper amount of the penalty. However, one of the major problems with our society today is that too many things that were wrong in the past go on without any penalty. High penalties should be in place to send the proper message. And yes, there can be exceptions made.
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    > Muchachos and Bridgemen in particular. Could there have been another way to handle it or was DCI right in DQing them? If the corps staff knew about the over-age performers and the over-age performer involvement was done on purpose, then the DQ's were very appropriate. However, if the corps staff were duped like SCV was in '89 then that would be a different matter. > For me it was sad to see probably the best drum corps in 1975 thrown out of finals. If you find it sad then blame the corps staff not DCI. Cheating is Cheating and the of-age members were harmed by that cheating not by DCI implementing the DQ's. > How about a 10 point penalty per over age members? Nope; cheating is extremely serious should be dealt with as a serious offense. Again, the of-age kids were harmed by the cheating not by the penalty assessed. > Does having overage members really help your corps? Would having the horn section from Here Come the Mummies help a corps' horn section? Would having adult professional dancers from The Lion King help a corps' guard section? Would having the best adult professional rudimental drum set players help a corps' battery section? Well Duh!!!!
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