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    Crown at War Memorial Stadium in Arkansas via Twitter pic
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    I like the Rite of Spring in it's original form, so I'vebeen looking forward to this, and a friend sent it to me last night. Plan ole boy,you better be sitting down. I really enjoyed the musical arrangements. Not chop and boppy at all, allowed phrases to develop. I hope it doesnt get tweaked too much and the visual doesn't #### it up, but this is easily the most I have enjoyed listening to BD since the Godfather show
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    Well, CHASING AMY was pretty brilliant, CLERKS was a strong debut film, but I don't think I'd say Kevin Smith is anything CLOSE to a god... :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
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    From what I understand, they intend to take the beeping out sometime before Finals. We will wait to see how the beeping develops through the season though.
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    It doesn't take 1080p Super HD mega Blu Ray to see some feet not moving in time and other visual aspects that weren't clear when compared to other JUNE videos released by other corps. But you know. That slow horn snap was probably just the "subpar and bad quality 2013 technology"'s fault, am I right?
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    I see a lot of people placing Cavies around the 6-8 region in their predictions and I think that's a mistake. Keep in mind that it was hardly the members keeping them down last year but the vehicle itself. I thought they did a fantastic job of performing the trainwreck that was 15 minutes of fame. There was just no way to push that show forward, no matter how well it was performed. This year looks like a much more promising return for the green machine! I love the musical selections and can't wait to see them bounce back from such a down year. Keep this show on your radar because they're going to be out to prove that last year serves as no reflection on the previous decade of dominance. I can't wait!
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    Yeah, I just watched that run and got chills during the ballad. Why? Because I wasn't being distracted by some college kid telling me about two lovers on a park bench and wondering what that had to do with E=mc2 and why was he telling me this over a gorgeous ballad that is totally separate from the source the narration is pulled from, especially when the guard seems to be acting it out fairly well all by their lonesome and god I wish he would just shut up, this has gotta be as awkward for him as it is for me, did none of us learn from the whole debacle that was the 2008 Cadets, I know the big hit is coming, but it doesn't matter because I just want this entire number to be over so I don't have to listen to this little diddy about Jack and Diane from this kid who wasn't even born when that song came out and I wonder what they're gonna do next year, boy this camera is shaky, my battery's low but I left my charger at work, who puts all these ads on YouTube videos anyway, do I get another gin and tonic, I think I get another gin and tonic, Jim never has a second cup of coffee at home....
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    Cesario has a great job. He's involved in the activity more than so many others and has more often than not influenced the direction of more than one group for the positive. I also think he is one of the most genuinely positive people the activity has ever seen.
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    I was hyped for this show when I saw the music. Now I heard the recording, and I am beyond pumped. This is awesome. I've been "meh" on BD the last few years, but IMO this has potential to be one of their best ever.
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    Those runs are insane. I can't even move my fingers that fast on an instrument, and yet they have all 84 of them doing that. Pretty amazing. Just a week until I get to see it live! Can't wait!
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    Good lord I hope that's not the actual ending of their show...
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    The last couple of years, I have live-Tweeted at shows and written several reviews for posting here on DCP. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly for the live-Tweeting. However, when it comes to show reviews, there is a certain vocal minority who tend to respond to my (and others) reviews either publicly in the thread or via private message with vitriol and contempt. Many show reviewers have simply stopped bothering to write here on DCP as a result of general nastiness. I'm not talking about simple debating or taking an opposing view to something written... debate is excellent. I'm specifically talking about readers who think that because someone has been critical of their favorite corps' performance the reviewer must somehow be biased against them or hate that corps. It's worse when it's members, staff, or in one particular case, a corps director that crosses the line. When I Tweet or review, I'm giving you my honest assessment of what I have seen and heard, based on years as a marching member and staff member of several DCI and DCA corps. It's evident that other reviewers are doing the same thing. I was seriously considering live-Tweeting only, and not writing any show reviews on DCP this year. However, after discussing it with some DCP members I trust, have decided to take one more stab at it. I'll be writing a post-Wildwood review, and I encourage others to do so as well. Having said that, if you choose to take issue or rebut what I (or any other commentor) says, think before you write. Attack the issue, not the person, and remember that the writer, whether the reviewer or fellow commentor, just might have more experience and know more than you do. Debate me. Correct me where I've made a factual error. Do the same for others. But how about we all, myself included, have a little respect for the people that take the time to write show reviews. If we don't, we might find there aren't any left. Leave the jack##### at the door, ok? You can follow me on Twitter via @loudbrass. I'll be live Tweeting from Wildwood this weekend. I'm fine with someone reposting my Tweets in the DCP show thread as well.
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    Like Jim said... no offense at all, Geoff. You're right. But it seemed that... back then... we (the corps from that era) almost felt like a failure if we didn't have a complete package ready at the first show. (Of course, we made changes during the season, cleaned a lot of stuff up and got better... but the product was reasonably "in shape" by the first show.) I know in Sun, in 1980, coming off two DCA titles and a third-place finish in 1979, we basically knew we were in for a rougher-than-usual season when we didn't finish our drill until only a couple of days before the first show on Memorial Day weekend. Usually, we'd have the entire package finished at least a weekend or two before. In 1980, we were out of our comfort zone. (Heh... those who marched in that corps that year know we were in a variety of "zones" that entire summer. Stories for another day. ) No matter what the era, or type of show, it all comes down to preparation. A corps knows, months in advance, when the season begins. It is then up to a given corps to make every reasonable effort to put a complete package on the field at the start of the season. People are paying good money to see those shows; they deserve a good product... if there isn't one, those fans might not come back.
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    Crazy lightning and rain delaying start of Experience show out near the San Antonio Airport. Gorgeous facility Texas style with great views for the staff. Ensemble rehearsal last night cooked. Very mature brass sound for this early and some show stopper licks in pretty much all sections. Real "Crossmen Style" percussion section - high energy, high intensity. Guard looks great and well integrated into the show. Making this kind of concept show (Protest) work is really a huge undertaking, but the preshow and electronics help set it up. I have to admit that by the end of "We Shall Overcome" at the show's end I had tears streaming down my face. I very much dig the sound, the intensity of the kids, amd the energy that comes with exploring unfamiliar concepts. It sounds to me like they'll have time to make this show succeed as these young people are pretty polished. Looks like they're going to start this up 30 min late as a local announcer attempts to whip up some enthusiasm from a soggy crowd. I fear that we'll see no pit if this rain doesn't subside. Well worth making the trip from Dallas though as it's great to see this storied organization in such good shape this early on.
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    Nope, not crazy. I loved the entire 07 show, narration and all. It totally worked for me as a complete package.
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    Absolutely cannot wait to go watch them rehearse next Tuesday with some friends! I'll make sure to give a review of what I see.
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    Obviously, this is the time of the season where everybody is experimenting with what works and what doesn't. Props to Crown for first trying the narration live, but in the original the "park bench" narration is performed by a very, very old man, and that changes the context completely (i.e., he's reminiscing about two lovers in the distant past, one of them probably himself). I think they would be much better off with a pre-recorded narration by a suitably crusty old guy. Imagine if the Blue Devils' narration last year was done by a member in unaccented English. It would have been baffling, and not in the way they intended.
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    I'm guessing they're getting new uniforms next year since they cut off all the right sleeves this year.
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    Hahaha you can still see where the coin from last year's show was sewn on the jacket.
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    Here are some new Crown vids I just found. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asA4jwgilUw
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    I'm not sure what the big deal is with 72 brass...I thought I read somewhere that the Cadets are also fielding 72 brass this year as well...I could be wrong...I'm sure someone may correct me...LOL
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    As one alumni on this board.........YES we ALL think Kevin is GOD!!! Nothing ground breaking there. Of the alumni that I communicate with…..everyone falls into 2 categories- love it or neutral and want to see it on the field before commenting. I’m very sure there is a pocket of folks that do not like them. Most love it and it likely has to do with the chameleon corps thing (although they were in “Cream” about half of their history), but I’m getting that it’s liked because they are out there challenging the norm and standing out from everyone else. I have found that Jim Coates is very receptive in talking about the corps direction and listen to our concerns. Yes we don’t have the numbers of most other corps, but I know there is a vocal group that they hear from regularly. At the end of the day- it does not matter the type/ color of uniform/ costume is worn. It’s all about how a show “Speaks” to you and what you get out of the show. Which is the beauty of Drum Corps- if you don’t like show “X” just wait there is another group next. Just my 2 cents
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    So, I finally saw the video of the run-through and honestly, based on what I read on here, I though the narration was going to be worse than what I saw. I honestly don't see what's so bad about it. Sure, it's not traditional, but where would any of us be if we all just stuck to tradition. Tradition has to change some time, and Crown chose for it to change now.
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    Definitely a pleasent well done show. Drill can not be adequately assessed from this camera view but the music can be best appreciated considering they are doing drill and this most difficult tonguing. Can't help noticing some parallels to BD 2012's show design. Battery does not march well at all even for the simple side to side movements seen here. Singers are superlative, but the counting should make them be considered drum majors, ha, ha. Reminds me of the old SCV trick of having the soloist stand at the point where the next formation was to begin, etc. new unis may fit well with this style drill At least 3 places where they could have been making the Crown.
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    Carolina Crown 2013 production E = mc2 <br style="outline: none 0px; box-sizing: border-box; ">First Full Run With Drill, June
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    I remember making phone calls to Drum Corps World or Drum Corps News in the early 70s to get scores. In 1974 I was working as news director at a Minneapolis radio station, and I'll never forget that Sunday in August when the Associated Press sent out the finals scores from the DCI Championship the night before in Ithaca, NY. I tore it off the teletype, and I still have it today.
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    if you listen to the past couple of years' concert in the park the music seems to be disconnected as well ... I'm sure there are transitions to be added and maybe they didn't "play all their cards" yet...
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    1) No. Wildwood has been Father's Day Weekend since its beginning in 2004. Unlike Christmas being December 25th of every year, or the 4th of July always falling on, well, the 4th of July, it is more like Labor Day. Mobile. 2) It is the same corps year after year who don't have finished shows. Give members a reason to be there on non-WGI/winter circuit days. Build the show from Day 1. Rebuilding or not, if you do not have a complete show, come up with a creative end to the performance. Not just suddenly turn and march off the field. Casual spectators = newcomers in reality. Hook a newcomer in and they will come back, or even travel an hour to a show. Lose them from the start and they aren't coming back again. 3) Your reasoning is similar to those who used to show up at the SAT's, sign their name and get the basic score. Don't paying customers deserve a little bit more than "Hey!! We're here! You should be happy with that!" 4) See the latter part of point 2. I've been around DCA since '91 (as a participant) and 2001 as a spectator. Every year the guards go later into the season to complete their books. It is visually a fail, and GE-wise a fail. As a relative newcomer if they could tell you the difference in guard work and they will tell you no. As that relative newcomer if they got as much out of Show A or Show B and they are smart enough to know the difference.
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    Is it looking to dine on Class A or Open? ...
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    Man those baris sound good. Love it!
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    No offense intended, but I've always felt like statements like this were a bit extreme. The activity continues to evolve, as it always has, but it will always be drum corps. Only Crown can do what they do. It's not like next year we'll see the Cadets in pajamas or SCV in space jumpsuits. When I say this I'm not targeting you or anyone in particular, but sometimes I feel like some people feel that if a uniform isn't modeled after whatever period they consider to be the "glory years" of the activity, then it's not fit for drum corps. Again, I'm not saying that's how you feel, but I've never agreed with that way of thinking. For the record, I wasn't a really big fan of Crown's '10-'12 uniform but I applauded them for trying something totally different.
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    I would like to see it again- I remember having the biggest anxiety watching that show at finals because I was horrified and disgusted with some idiots in the crowd- all those rude ### comments interfered with a great show for me....:devil:/>
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    Here are some new Crown vids I just found. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asA4jwgilUw
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    Narration in the ballad has not been heard at any ensemble rehearsals (or the preview show) since this video was taken. My guess is the staff thought it needed to be altered. Will it reappear by their first show? TIme will tell! Love this time of year!
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    Hey, if I had the time, or inclination, I would post reviews. And I have the added benefit of not caring what anyone thinks of my opinion! After all, my opinion is every bit as worthless as yours or anyone else's!
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    Coming off their second DCPI Open Class championship, the Texas Zephyrs are pleased to announce their Season XX production: Malice. "In preparing for our next season, we wanted a show that would be both a follow-up to our previous show, and the complete opposite," says corps director Steven Silverberg. "Much as Season XIX's "The Ascension" was a presentation of the ascent into heaven, 'Malice' is designed to look at those left behind." The corps continues its tendency toward unique musical selections with this year's show. Musical selections include: Sensemaya, Silvestre Revueltas The Quietude, Manattan Transfer (Chuck Jonkey, Alan Paul) Tira Me a Las Aranas, The Mars Volta (Oram Rodriguez-Lopez, Cedric Bixler-Zavala) Drunkship of Lanterns, The Mars Volta (Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Cedric Bixler-Zavala) "After our success with "Where the Streets Have No Name" last year, we wanted to continue to explore the use of more rock- and pop-style compositions," says Silverberg. "We wanted to base the show around Sensemaya, to take advantage of our excellent low brass, and that suggested a show with a bit of a Caribbean, South American, Latin flavor, music-wise. "The Quietude" settles into the primal feel Sensemaya establishes, while the two Mars Volta tracks transition from what has come before quite well, and leave the audience with a heart-stopping conclusion.
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    So would be cutting off one's nose to spite one's face. Change, merely to have change is wrong, although exciting to some. Good things get lost and people get hurt. One must weigh the benefits and losses. I believe I have stated some serious losses regarding the judge's sheets and as one who has been to many judging seminars and rules congresses. You nor has anyone here mentioned any benefits of tinkering with the stripes and uniform other than change for change's sake.
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    Thoughts of the preseason stuff I've seen, since the season starts next week. Some of these are from personal connections, I'll keep those vague out of respect. Blue Devils - Absolutely phenomenal. This could be my favorite music book for them, maybe 2nd behind 1995, but it's incredible already. It's going to be an uphill battle for anyone to dethrone them. Blue Knights - Hoping it was the quality, but it did seem kinda rough in that video. Drumline sounded great though, as well as front ensemble. Blue Stars - Watch out, they're coming back hard. All I will say. Bluecoats - Seems different for them, but in a good way. Looking forward to seeing this show in its entireity. Cadets - They were solid in every caption, it just did absolutely nothing for me emotionally. I know this show will change, A LOT, so I'm hopeful that I'll end up loving it. Carolina Crown - They have the bones of a great show. They need to figure out a few things and change a few things in the show, but they'll be as good as last year in my opinion. Colts - No personal connections here, just caught some vids throughout the spring before they were taken down. Going to be an upbeat, fun, and crowd pleasing show. If you liked "All by Myself" last year, you're going to love this. Phantom Regiment - Some absolutely incredible musical moments (The opener, wow) that just need to be woven together, which was a problem the last two years, so I think this will be fixed. Nimrod seems a little bit too flamboyant in my opinion, but otherwise, a great music book. Santa Clara Vanguard - Going to be a fan favorite. Closer seems like it will be replaced, but an incredible show. Brass has some magic that I haven't heard from them in quite a few years. Percussion is fantastic as always. Going to be good!
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    There is a dress rehearsal scheduled for 6-18 8 pm in East Troy and 6-20 5pm in Whitewater. We should get a hint then as to any changes.
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    The Star Organization DCPI XX Progam Announcement June 14, 2013 The Star Organization is pleased to announce Season XX program for the defending Class A Champion. Cross (Aberdeen, Scotland) Program "AESOP'S FEAST" Program Selections: -- Etude No. 12 Op. 39 "Le Festin d'Esope" by Charles-Valentin Alkan -- Marche militaire française from "Suite Algérienne" by Camille Saint-Saëns -- Aquarium from "Le carnaval des animaux" by Camille Saint-Saëns -- Finale from "Le carnaval des animaux" by Camille Saint-Saëns Many thanks to Forward Dynamics for program concepts and arrangements. Membership (86) 46 Brass (16 trumpets, 10 mellophones, 12 baritones/euphoniums, 8 contras) 23 Percussion (6 snares, 4 tenors, 5 basses, 8 ensemble) 16 Color Guard 1 Drum Majors Uniform for Season 20 Corps History DCPI VIII, XVI, XVII & XIX Champions (Class A), 11 time Finalist Tour Schedule Clearwater, FL Winter Park, FL Warner Robbins, GA Powder Springs, GA Spartanburg, SC Myrtle Beach, SC Charlotte, NC Asheville, NC Munfordville, KY Bowling Green, KY Lynn, MA Boston, MA Washington, DC Chambersburg, PA Phildelphia, PA (East Regionals) Indianapolis, IN Metamora, IL Dodge City, KS Columbia, MO St. Louis, MO Niles, MI Evanston, IL Dayton, OH Harrisburg, PA Winchester, KY Kingsport, TN Rock Hill, SC Durham, NC Orlando, FL Baltimore, MD
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    Move-in camps certainly help them do that. But your point is well-taken. It seems that not too many years ago, there were more "unfinished products" at early-season DCI shows than there are now. Kudos to the current DCI corps for doing their best to put a complete package out as early as possible.
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    Hmmm, it's rough.. But in all fairness I'm comparing this video to SCV, Crown and Phantoms preseason posts and those three are trying to take it all.
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    I marched next to this GW for most of those Archie years, couldn't know a better person His latest solo with Rebels and Swing House of "Sleepy Time Down South was amazing Sweetest ever
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    I'm looking forward to Surf's new uniforms this year. Looking at their show title, I bet they'll look pretty groovy
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    OMG.... this show is going to be soooooooooooooooo awesome. Just heard it for first time! :babies: :babies: :babies:
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    Defensively cultish? ......................................................................................................... Ok, I can see that! You can have your thread back, it's only slightly dented! :tongue:/>
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    I stand up to clap after every corps performance, regardless. Some more enthusiastic than others, but everyone gets a standing O from me. Members in the smaller corps are always punished by indifferent fans (or fans who don't show up until the bigger corps are on). This attitude perpetuates the "auditioning for a top corps or bust" mentality that wrecks smaller corps. To me, trying to bolster those guys doesn't equate to the "everybody gets a trophy" mentality.
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    I agree - I don't normally like covering up the music with recordings, but theirs worked. Give Crown a chance - theirs might work too. Look for reasons to *like* their show, not reasons to dismiss before even the first performance. Mike
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    There is legitimate reason to be concerned. Any time bad management results in a corps dying, especially with the sort of borderline legal issues VK has evidently experienced, it damages the reputation of the activity. When members, staff and donors get burned, the result is that every other corps has that much harder of a time perpetuating its own existence. It's a legit gripe. Go look up threads (if they're still in the server) about groups like Jester, Spartans before their last resurrection, or whatever Marion called itself before they folded, just to name a couple examples. Opportunities to build a vibrant, thriving organization were squandered by people that either didn't know what they were doing running a business or that were, in certain cases, outright fraudulent.
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