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    Granted they are a fantastic group, but in the list of sequestration priorities...no.
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    eh - Crown pretty much gets an instant pass on everything. If BD did the same voice over they would get crucified. Same with Cadets. It is what is is - they are the "new darling" - if they win a few more times it will be quite different.
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    I completely agree that it's high time corps like Reading and Hawthorne at the very least make a trip to another region. It makes perfect sense for Reading to travel to Minnesota, and for Hawthorne to perhaps go south. Yes, I understand the financial aspects of such a trip, but as has been pointed out in previous posts, the non-Northeast corps do it every year, many multiple times. If the Northeast corps really have "the good of the activity" at heart, it's important that they back it up with action.
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    I marched in the 80s. I have been on this board before under a different screen name. I swore to God I would never come back, and that I would never go to another show again....AFTER vocals were instituted. The use of the Yowza, and the singing that the Cadets did drove me away. I truly can't watch those shows EVER. That said. This year my son asked me about taking him to see a show. I relented. We went. I was floored at the sound. I was anti amp, anti electronics, and still HATE vocals, always will, but there is no comparison to what I am hearing out there on that field. We can all debate the songs and them being chopped up bits, etc. I am talking about the beauty of the sound, and how well its woven. I am almost to the point that if DCI wants to try woodwinds, then so be it. I have no doubt some corps will go full on overboard and alienate half of the world with their overuse for a year. Then they will learn how to use them wisely and it will be incredible. I bought the Cadets pretour cd and am astounded by the sound. If this is what it sounds like with all the changes in place, then change on. I missed about 5 years of corps over my stubborness. I have some catching up to do.
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    Amazing post... Can't think of the right words. Thanks for that rare (from us BITD types, anyway) opening up on this forum. I started in 1960. Imagine what I felt when my youngest entered drum corps on synthesizer. Oddly, all I felt was proud. Keep writing - I for one will keep reading.
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    Probably because of it being Madison's 75th, I ended up going to 6 performances this year including all three DCI Championship rounds, more than I've gone to in many years.. I have to say that my mind has been brought around as well at least partially. The corps seem to have found the "sweet spot" for Amps and singing and being in Lucas Oil brought out a deep rich sound like I've never heard before. I readily attribute that to the presence of synths on the bottom, but the brass sound just gets better every year and while I think g's produce more sound, I'm over it now and would prefer the beautiful much better tuned and balanced sound of a Bb line. In fact G lines are becoming almost unbearable for me to listen to now. I'm still of the opinion that the activity has been co opted by a few powerful figures for their and their own groups benefit and that it is leading to the eventual melding of DCI into the Marching Band world, but I cannot deny the music is so much better now. In fact I find that I dont even need to see the visual anymore, audio recordings are sufficient.
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    The Racine County Fair, as example, is in a little burg called Union Grove.....20 plus miles from Racine. With that being said, the Kilties' show (Kiltie Klassic) at Historic Horlick Field is always well received as a "stand alone" event and has regular community support. Preliminary plans are for holding it Saturday evening, August 2, 2014. Not only are the Kilties celebrating the 80th year since the corps' founding in 2014, but on that date (August 2nd) it would mark the 100th drum corps show held at Historic Horlick Field since it was constructed.
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    Lee Rudnicki here is pretty much echoing what some of us have been saying for quite some time now. Lee is not the only one that has cache and stature in the activity that are saying this either. The question is if his assessment will have a postive effect that changes things for the better. There is a lot at stake now, and the margins for error are much tighter. DCI can't afford to not grow its fan base. While Corps experiment, the economics and the mathmatics of this enterprise go on unimpeded. The laws of real world Economics and of Financial Mathmatics don't stop while we are discussing what Corps should do in the future. And there is no Performing Arts that has a viable future if it disregards an audience or potential audience. There is very little nobility to having an unsustainable bank account because of a lack of audience growth even if we personally think the product is excellent and better than before. Golf claps for top Corps is not something to be admired nor encouraged. It is not good for the performer who puts in the time, energy, and cost to the effort. Nor is it noble to have a future performer to learn tohave a disregard, apathy, or worse, a distain for an audience.In the end, a performer who performs but without a connection to an audience is left empty and can only look inward for some level of satsfaction with that result. At its most basic levels, music is non verbal communication. Music needs to communicate with its audience. If it does not, it is not the fault of the audience that payed to come to receive that communication.
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    And we just can't say..."Great article Lee! Loved what yo had to say!" No, we have to rub salt into a wound. Lee wrote an excellent article and yet one has to use the word "failure." Does anyone really fail? Or do we make a mistakes and hopefully learn from them? Lee is probably more successful in drum corps and in life than any of his hope to be. Seems to me some members of DCP just want to throw mud around or push people down. Bully! Harsh term but the truth. Heck, I was called a bully for standing up for the corps of today. Got kicked out of a site on FB on which I probably had more time in a school bus than others had marching. Anyways, stop trying to make yourself smarter than the next and work together. BE NICE!!! Maybe drum corps is the way it is today because of all the negativism!
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    With 2013 Season drawing to a close, The Bushwackers are already gearing up for the 2014 Season! Open House: 11/24 11:00am~5:00pm. Location: TBD. Please join our Open House Event Page for constant Updates! https://www.facebook...10455065790327/ Are you a Brass, Colorguard, Percussion member that want to talk specifics? No Problem! Brass Interest Page: https://www.facebook...54699957874003/ Percussion (Both Drumline and Front Ensemble) Interest Page: https://www.facebook...56757174520709/ Colorguard Interest Page: https://www.facebook...57305674469141/ You can always sign up for more information on our website at: http://bushwackers.o...n-request-form/ Join the Resistance. Bushwackers 2014
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    You can thankfully add Chops, Inc. to that lineup now that they've announced their return to the field. I do agree that Racine would be a great place for a show like that and it would likely get a huge crowd.
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    How do you know that I pull my own chain? OMG, you have photos or a video from a hidden camera don't ya!?! I am now completely embarrassed!!! :not me:
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    Pay attention to the vets, both during rehearsal and outside of it. You can figure out a lot of things that will make life a lot easier by just paying attention to the way they act, the things they do, etc. Think "when in Rome." EDIT: But don't force it. Be yourself, and be open to suggestions from both the staff and the vets.
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    I do think high school programs have improved over the years, and today many of the young people in drum corps are products if these excellent programs, but if you look at areas where drum corps was strongest back in the day, it's not where the hotbeds of drum corps once were and two examples would be Massachusetts and New Jersey. In the DCI era, Massachusetts had three well known and well loved drum corps: Boston Crusaders, 27th Lancers, and North Star. There were other very good corps as well, namely Holy Family Defenders, Pembroke Imperials, St. Francis Sancians, IC Reveries, and Beverly Cardinals. Though they competed prior to DCI, some may recall names such as St, Kevin's Emerald Knights, the Majestic Knights, and Queensmen. There were also many local favorites. When 27th Lancers folded in 1986, there were very few corps left and I believe since 1987 Boston Crusaders have been eth only corps to compete in World Class (East Coast Jazz and Citations were Open Class) Now Massachusetts high schools od have some very good marching bands who compete, I don't know that any of them compete in YEA or BOA. and while there have been some excellent bands, none have been at the high competitive levels of the drum corps Massachusetts produced. In New Jersey, the saying sued to go "If you were in the top 5 in New Jersey, you were in the top 10 nationally..." That was a bit before my time, and I am not sure Corpsreps or From the Pressbox would agree, and while l I know there are some excellent bands from New Jersey, I do not believe they dominate the scene. It's also interesting that Florida and Texas have a host of excellent bands, but Florida has yet to maintain corps for a substantial period of time and whiel Sky Ryders called Texas home for a while and Crossmen have relocated to Texas, Texas has not had a native born corps last all that long. Excellent band programs do produce many of today's marching members, but they have little of anything to do with the demise of drum corps, rather they filled the gap drum corps left after they disbanded.
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    First off... Congratulations to the Ghost Riders !!! I was standing in the tunnel as you folks were playing, you sounded GREAT ! The reality is, there probably is not just one or two reasons as to why the Mini-Corps participation has dwindled. Could be the economy, could be the location, could be DCA's lack of interest in it (money again), could be all the above or non of the above... What I can speak of stems from my (our) experience as a Mini-Corps participant. Money certainly plays a large factor in it. Without getting into detail, we spent just shy of $9,000 this year on getting our show to the competition. This does not include our members individual costs for plane tickets, lodging and food during our stay. Nor does it include the cost of our instruments (most members have purchased there own instrument) gas getting to and from bi-weekly rehearsals (Jan thru May), weekly rehearsals (May thru DCA) and monthly camps. Most of our members travel 50 to 80 miles one way to rehearsals and camp is in the middle of the state (a three hour drive for most). And lets not forget the practice time needed in-between !!! In short... Mini-Corps participation is a HUGE investment in time and personal expense. I know for me... Cost personally is of little consequence. Not because I'm particularly wealthy (because I'm not) but because it gives me the opportunity to continue doing an activity that I both love, enjoy, and yes, get to compete a bit. For me, right now... It's worth it ! To some, it may not be. Combine that with other factors and well, you have a recipe for declining participation. For us as an Alumni Corps, participation in general is way down from when we first started. I'm pleased at the favorable comments said about the Freelancers show spoken here... It makes me smile ! This is exactly what were trying to do. Both entertain the crowed, maintain our signature style and even be competitive. All that with "G" Bugles !!! and as many traditional Drum pieces that we can get in the show. Thank you very much for the "kudos" ! The cost aspect is just going to be there... That's life... Music Licensing etc... is here to stay. Good, bad, or indifferent. Perhaps DCA and DCI can put there collective brain power to use and come up with a solution, but I'm not going to hold my breath. One thing I know for certain. If the audience wants to have Mini-Corps Competition, the fans will need to speak up and let there voices be herd... As well as attend the shows !!! After all, who wants to have all that expense, rehearsal time, and fly across the country to perform a 10 minute show in front of a couple hundred folks... Kind of takes the steam out of your sails... Or Sales ! Well be back again next year... Were already working on what the show music will be... AND, were going to be even better than we were this year ! (gauntlets thrown down !!!)
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    Wow. Great choice for the next photo, Nanci.
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    Put it Racine, and you'll have a couple thousand..........
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    over 1500 miles away and you still get me in trouble
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    I referred to one of the trombone players in the band I was teaching by name... she was first chair tuba for CT and a fabulous player. Unbelievable kid - you would have paid to be her parents. Her name was Mimi. One of the clarinet players got very exercised that I had remembered Mimi's name. She started breaking my ##### from her seat in the band room... "how come you can't remember everyone's name? What is she, special?" As calmly as I could I said, "I'm really genuinely sorry I'm so bad with names. I've been teaching for over 20 years (this was 20 years ago) and I've worked with literally thousands of students. At this point in my life I can only remember the names of the really supermotivated players who power the program, or the total dead weight that hold it back... but I do remember your name Janet." After a split second of the deadest silence the kids did what kids do best, very loudly, and it was a dead issue going forward. One of the names above was changed to protect the ... errrr.... innocent?
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    jamey will be back. not sure about Michel , hope so
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    #1. Go watch Santa Clara Vanguards 2009 show "Ballet for Martha". That drill IS the music. Not representing the music, not enhancing the music, it just is the music. The most musical visual program I can think of. Pete Weber does an AMAZING job of this in my opinion. Blending the music and drill so that it becomes one experience, that's what it is all about. In my eyes that is.
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    It's not just a getting older thing. I've never been good with names. I'll see people every year at corps shows and have no idea who they are. When they greet me by name, I respond with something like, "Hey, great to see you. How have you been?" And that usually buys me some time...and hopefully they don't come back with, "My entire family was killed in an avalanche in January and last week my dog was run over by a beer truck."
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    I'll bite,................many DCI open class corps could/should/would better serve the members of their organizations by going to a 8 weekend only, regional format, culminating in a national championship event, that is not considered the "little kids table" by many........which is all done very well by DCA.
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    ah, another one of the BD pitbulls heard from :tongue:/>
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    Very well-said.
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    A worthy opus. When you do NJA, leave out my last NJA show, where I drove 7 hours to West Virgina to do Music Analysis on the field. In the middle of one of the really good bands, the young lady judging Music performance walked up to me during a percussion feature and asked (remember, the tapes were running back then - you have to supply your own really marked West Virginia accent) "Should I be judging this?" I was a bit terse with her. I said, simply, "is it music?" Her reply? "No, it's drumming..." On my tape you could hear me say, quite clearly, "Get away from me..." She had EVERY band out of order, by a bunch. The wrong band won the show. I got home around 9am and called Windy and said, "sorry sir, no mas" After that, just CMBC and Cavalcade (out your way), until I moved up North and did (and still do) MAC in CT.
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    Will King Komoniwannalaya return with the corps?
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    Why not instead have a Saturday show with Cadets, Boston, SCV, Genesis, Spartans, and 7th Regiment? Sounds like a winner to me!
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    It's not I guess... but I was merely pointing out the an applause meter is not the way to do it.
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    How would you gauge awe (gaping mouth silence) How would you gauge sadness (tears or pensiveness in silence) How would you gauge humor (hearty laughs) How would you gauge any other effects on the audience where a loud jeering screaming and clap is not appropriate or necessary?
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    Way to delude the achievement... "From humble beginnings... and what not... and so forth..."
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    I am looking forward to seeing these "dozens of BRAND NEW corps" at quarter-finals next August.
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    Alright, here I go with a dissenting opinion again.... This guy wants modern corps to compete with his nostalgia?! Impossible and uneccessary. All those examples of historical drum corps moments that were popular with fans weren't viewed with a 41 year old DCI drum corps history. It was a time for people where asymmetrical drill was new and exciting... Asymmetrical drill! If you take away the cynical and nastaligic lens that old drum corps guys like to view corps then maybe they'll see it the way I see it. Where everything about drum corps is way better. They are more entertaining, and eye-poppingly amazing than ever. Just because you don't like a BD show doesn't mean the activity is All abstract and obtuse. I mean we have threads here about corps doing "old school" or "retro show". Do you think people in 1981 were saying that? What was retro in 1981? I think atleast half of this class of DCI fans are unfortunately trapped with idea that past always seems sweeter than the present and reliving it by suggesting corps to do retro shows is an indicator of that. I guess the OP is right. How can you find a show like Crown's entertaining when all you can think about is a Bridgeman snare break or constantly thinking "BITD... blah blah blah". Also, the OP said that standing still during your drum solo now would kill your score. Wrong!! What about simply going up and down te 50 yard line? The Cadets drum feature did exactly all those things and they won drums. The stood still, only marched down the 50 and had no body.... Just saying...
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    For me, music is an emotional expression. It's the international language, meaning whatever language you speak when you hear a piece of music you hear the same thing, you don't need an interpretor...and IMHO a show that has the most impact on me is that which moves me, because the performers have effectively communicated that emotion into their performance. I also think that in today's world we don't credit that as much as we should. Music is simply notes on a page, the performers have to invest themselves in their performance, feel it and express it for it to be effective...to me, that has always been the essence of Drum Corps, and why I love it. In my book this year, Carolina Crown does the best job of any corps of expressing power, tenderness and wonder in their show, and it moves me, I can relate to it, I feel it. Not discounting Blue Devils and their technical proficiency but their show does nothing for me except make me appreciate the difficulty of what they are doing. I get it, it's hard. But to me, that's not what music is intended for. It is to communicate feelings so you feel it with them, you are in suspended disbelief while you take the journey with them. Trooper/s show does that...I think we've gotten away from this very simple, yet very difficult mission...how can we move an audience> how can we pull them in and take them on a journey with us? I think SCV's show does that well too. We over complicate things and focus on areas that the common fan will not appreciate. I'm not saying dumb it down at all, bc we all have a high sense of musical appreciation, what I am saying is pull a page out of CC's play book and design a show that accomplishes the objective of musicality...move me! Whatever the results are on Saturday, THANK YOU Carolina Crown, Troopers and Santa Clara Vanguard, you are the essence of musical expression. The whole judging thing has gotten away from the essence of why we are musicians...if I wanted zero emotion and technical greatness, I would have been a math major or software programmer. As a musician, what piece would you rather play...that's what I'm talking about.
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    "...here to kick arse and chew gum... ...and we're all outta gum!!" Joel "Lothar" Magnuson
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    How much longer will DCI stay there ,its really not a great place for drum corps .Having been there once with the sound bouncing off the back walls i would never go back.I like to seat as high up as i can ,and i recall the same problem in philly with seating in the lower tier that far back .So the next time i went i bought the second tier no back wall ,much better sound .
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    OK, now after thinking about this OP's epiphany, I still have to say I don't enjoy these two things prerecorded: a) singing/chanting b) recorded instrumental music. To me, Drum Corps is performance. I love the song "At Last" (especially Etta James' version) but really strongly disliked the two versions I heard this season. If I wanted to hear a recording I'd turn on my iPod. Picture if BD had overdubbed Melissa Ethridge on top of "When a Man Loves a Woman"... Plus, where does it stop? Do you lay Arturo or Maynard or (pick any top artist) on top of your corps? you want to sing? I'm all over that - put one of the many talented vocalists that each corps has at a microphone, and let the audience and judges decide. I don't want Dick Clark or Deutsche Gramophone deciding what version I should like. It's performance. Guess I'm more of an old fart that "oldtimefan"
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    Interesting article, but I have a couple of comments: 1. I noticed that you never mentioned the words "Jersey Surf" in your post. You mention needing a VK, but apparently you don't realize that Surf is doing a lot of the things you mention in the article. Is this a case of "I want this, but I only care if this happens in the Top 6" that a lot of rants about DCI are really about? 2. How much are you willing to commit to make this happen? How much money are you willing to pay out of your own pocket and raise to offer to a corps (guaranteed) for them to follow your guidelines? Or do you believe that a corps like Bluecoats will read that and say "We've been doing this all wrong! Let's change our entire business plan based on a random blog post!" Without action, this is nothing but typical dcp.txt that the rest of the activity (rightly) ignores.
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    Sorry bud - it would have helped if you had actually read the options when you subscribed. In other news I've been watching the finals performances all night and they are quite good!
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    Incorrect. I had exactly the same issues - replaced the cable - fixed.
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    I hope not. Corps trying to go for Finals their first year is not a recipe for success, unless your name is Star of Indiana. Hopefully they all start out slow doing a couple of shows a year until they're financially sound enough to make it to Finals without folding.
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    UPDATE NOTE: Prepositions are vital. You said, "What I'm getting here is..." NOT, " What I'm getting 'at' here is...". The preposition 'at', which my exhausted mind injected, was not placed in the sentence by you and does completely change the context of the sentence. You were amalgamating statements from others and not conveying your own contention. I am sorry; I misread the sentence.
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    Hmmm...no Dave Veda or Damon Padilla either. What about KC Michel? Well, actually I do know why...
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    I posted this info on my Finals blog, but it's worth repeating here: The US Marine Corps Drum and Bugle was unable to be in Indianapolis because of budgetary considers due to sequestration. (The reason they couldn't be there last year had something to do with scheduling conflicts with transportation.) A representative at the Marines' booth in Lucas Oil Stadium suggested that drum corps fans write to their elected representatives in Washington, DC, telling them how important the goodwill is in having the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps at the DCI World Championships, how important having the corps there is to DCI fans, and why special efforts should be taken to get the corps back to the World Championships in the future. How to find your US Representative (by zip code) and their mailing addresses.Once you find your US Representative by zip code, you may find their telephone number here. How to find your US Senators and their mailing addresses and phone numbers. PS: This is not intended to be a political thread, as has been suggested it could become. If one is so inclined to express the opinion that the USMC D&B Corps should be at the World Championships, above are the links to find whom should be contacted. If one is not inclined to express that opinion to their elected officials...well, that's what America is all about.
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    Ok all you DCA people who post in the DCI World Class section please reply to the following: DCI has 23 active top-tier corps DCA has 12 active top-tier corps DCI has 14 active second-tier corps DCA has 11 second-tier corps DCI has 14 DrumlineBattle and 2 Soundsport groups, (16 total) with Star United being a crossover. DCA has 4 mini-corps with Star United being a cross over DCI has way more combined show audience attendance numbers than DCA Question: Why, then, should DCI follow the lead of DCA?
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    1980's 1990's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajbSFYV-maQ 2000's current
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