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    Please join me in offering a prayer of thanksgiving today that the life of my sister Regina was spared when the World Trade Towers were attacked on 9/11. She and her staff were out of her office that day at an off-site meeting. One of her staffers stopped at the office to pick up some materials enroute to the meeting for which he never arrived. It was 4 days wrought with anxiety and waiting until we learned he was ok. Not so were countless dozens of my neighbors, parishioners and friends, including a number of alums of the many small corps in metro-NYC area. Amonst the dead were four of my former students, Michael Cahill, Thomas McMahon, Colin Farrell, and Conor Lynch. Only Thomas' remains were identified to this day. Please keep their families, including Mike's wife and daughter in your prayers.I don't have PTS from that day or the many funerals although the memories of watching the burning towers from the windows of where I was stationed twenty miles away are still vivid.I am praying for peace in Syria and the Middle East as I am certain you are.Thanks.
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    From a staging point og view......sure. But Blue Devils will never be one of those corps that I watch on high cam not to miss any of the drill moves. They are the one corps I prefer close up - the "drill effects" just don't add up for me. Later, Mike
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    Thanks to DCP for keeping the 9/11 Tribute. I just watched it for the first time in months and I have got to admit that I shed some tears. Please continue to pray for our country because it is still a dangerous world and there are those who wish to hurt or kill us! Thanks to our military for defending our freedoms (including our ability to have drum corps shows) and our freedom to disagree on stylistic matters! God Bless America and God bless all drum corps people everywhere! Let us make sure we will never forget why freedom isn't free!
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    A few weeks ago I posted on FB that I was going to leave drum corps. By background is....started marching in upstate NY in 1970 (Royal Coachmen), taught Renegades (NY-1982),Rochester Patriots 1984-89, Hoechster Schlossgarde (Germany) 1987-88, Rochester Crusaders 1990, 2001-2003, Heatwave 2003. Presently teaching HS choral music in FL. I just seem to have lost interest! I am one of the rare older people here who like where the activity is. I am not happy that drum corps is dying but do appreciate what the remaining corps are doing to try to add someting different using technology. Like it or not, kids today are tech savvy and it is the way of the world. Old days were nice at the time but as the world changes, so does everything else...including drum corps. I love DCP because of the memories we can share BUT I hat DCP because of the direction some people want to take it. We should be more supportive of this activity rather than go gainst it. What good do we do if we become negative? Negative causes hatred and some of the posts on here are hateful. Most of the blame is put on one man. Maybe that one man is smarter than the rest of us. Maybe drum corps could have died way sooner but the creativeness and the direction taken by that one man has kept DC moving and breathing. I don't know GH and never met him BUT maybe, just maybe, his ideas have kept the activity in DCI from going under. Crazy huh? So, I sort of helped put a corps together down here but decided not to teach corps. I loved it but didn't feel the excitement anymore. I actually lost it in NY as I saw another corps start to decline. Didn't feel like part of the team my last summer. Maybe I wasn't good enough? I lean that way today because throughout my DC career I was never in any "clique." I was never good at BSing either. I never hung around the right people. My friends from my first corps were upset that I was talking about leaving. It was nice to hear that they cared but then, I don't see them anymore since I live in FL and they are in NY. I have a FB page for the old corps but I seem to be the only one that posts, so I don't do that anymore. I just feel that maybe my time is done and so I left the teaching part mostly because I love being with my wife. Love going to breakfast on Saturday morning, shopping and holding hands. That to me is what life is all about! Until 2004 drum corps was my love. My parents were tryingto get me to quit in 1974 and I fought. When I started teaching corps they thought I was nuts! After I started teaching school at 40 years old...it wasn't so bad. I haven't lost the drive really, still would like to do corps but.....I think it's for younger people now. Do I sound crazy? Anyone else feel like this? By the way...I love what the corps are doing today and I applaud the creativity and the education that is happening. Now carry on!
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    Atlanta to Hornell...20 Hours Atlanta to Downingtown...18 hours Atlanta to Annapolis...14 hours Not trying to rock the boat...just sayin'. Dan
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    Blue Devils did something with stadium lights in 99 at their home show. They were going to use blindfolds but decided to just turn off the lights and finished their show.
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    Nope. Not yet, anyway. Maybe your post will generate some of that. Personally, I don't see how one of the top couple DCA corps making a single trip someplace far away will have any impact on DCA, esp given the huge costs (read Amy's post about bus costs alone), but maybe someone can come up with a rationale. DCA is still primarily a Northeast circuit, when you look at the season on fromthepressbox. There are only four DCA shows outside of the Northeast where there are at least 4 DCA corps competing...Racine, two in MN and one in GA, all of them in early/mid August. On top of that, at each of the shows, there are only two Open class corps competing, if a 15-point spread can be called 'competing'. Even in June there are DCA shows in the Northeast with 5 Open class corps. One reason the dropping of Empire is so scary to me is that DCA needs to remain strong and viable in the Northeast for there to even be a DCA. Hopefully Bush and the Sunrisers continue their Open class resurgence, Fusion can continue to be competitive, and that C2 thrives. IMO if the Northeast portion of DCA drops below "critical mass", the circuit would have a tough time surviving. "Weekend-only" and "Nationwide exposure" only work when there is a strong core in at lest one area to provide a solid structure for the organization.
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    Well done Michael. But that's why you da Boo! :thumbup:/>
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    Well I guess we'll never know until they try it.
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    Jay's work sometimes looks deceptively simple because he writes it that way and the corps performs to such a degree that they make it look easy. But it's not simple at all. How he worked the corps around 100 poles this past season is a perfect example of that. As for the velocity of his forms, sometimes you have to look at the feet to see what's really going on. I was at one time in the camp that thought his shows moved kind of slow. I have since come to realize that his shows don't move slowly at all...that he plays with different types of velocity in a way that is unique to him. I have been in awe many of the past few years. When I watched Fan Network and saw "Through a Glass, Darkly" for the first time, I practically had to pick myself up off the floor. "Cabaret Voltaire" did the same thing to me. Once I realized what was going on out on the field, I couldn't take my eyes off the pacing and development of the forms. Jay forces one to look beyond drill evolutions, because everything he writes is in the process of evolving to the next stage. That's perhaps why it's a challenge to say what's one's favorite BD drill moments, as he doesn't "do" particular moments as much as entire shows. A typical BD drill "moment" is somewhat over 11 minutes long.
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    Is the guy on the right (side two) praying for guidance or out of frustration given who else is at the table?:w00t:/>/>
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    You got that one right. Bunch of bandos...it is cute to see their responses. Cute...like a little wet kitten...cute. I am old VK and I am TBDBITL, there is no comparison, at all.
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    IMO it didn't seem like the lighting they did in that show really contributed to anything other than the "wow they turned the lights off and have lasers" effect ....sometimes I feel this about some of the electronics in the shows these days....some feels like its there because they feel like they have to but yet add nothing in some cases. Again just my opinion
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    If they don't spell their name at the beginning of each game, they're liable to forget what it is. Shame....
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    I haven't seen this, but if it's already been covered swear under your breaths about old people texting without knowing what's going on. One of the biggest issues with travel for all but the tip-top of the competitive pile is that as a weekend activity you lose a week's rehearsal when you travel. I think that both Reading, Hawthorne, and MBI, judging from how tight the end of 2013 were, could absorb a travel week (i.e. no rehearsal except a couple of hours before the show). Everybody else needs every week from Schools' out through Labor Day to hit their points with their shows. Travel can wreak havoc on a weekend only activity.
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    We already got those when electronics was approved...We just didn't fully realize it at the time.
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    You'd have to catch the harp quietly. Any vibration of the strings would result in a penalty.
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    Following up last year's very entertaining video game show TBDBITL performed a show this past Saturday that had me reflecting on some of the fun drum corps fans came to know with the Velvet Knights, Bridgemen and now with Jersey Surf. I like how they used the huge scoreboard at The Shoe as a prop in the show. Last week the school up north (Michigan for those of you south of the Ohio border) did a script O H N O. The OSU band had a fun response this week. Halftime could be better than the game this year.
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    I feel like Jay Murphy of Blue Devil fame got slighted a little in the Best Drill writer thread and I wanted to learn a little more about him. He's been with the Blue Devils since 1981 and has been the Visual Designer there since 1986. I remember Rondinero praising his 1987 drill design on the broadcast back then, but I haven't really heard much from other people about his DCI work. I seem to recall 2001 ( Awayday Blue) and 2004 ( The SummerTrain Blues MIX) being good designs for his style, so I would vote for those years to be some of his best work. His name is included as one of the great drill writers, so what years do his fans consider to be his best DCI work? Why is he considered such a great visual designer?
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    I'm starting a rumor here that the show "Resistance" is about the old GD horns we used to blow into. Most of them blew back harder. The drill could start in the form of my old "Smith" baritone (they were embarrassed to put a real company name on it - like checking into the NoTell Motel as Mr and Mrs John Smith). Then a form that looks like enormous cheeks puffing out... followed by a tremendously loud High G... Resistance... You asked for it... we supplied it... Getzen Bugles...
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    Is it for the "good of the activity" that non Eastern corps travel to finals and other East shows every year? I would say that it is. The expansion of the all age brand throughout the nation has lead to increased exposure and quality of all DCA corps. Do you feel that the Bucs would be as good as they are if MBI wasn't around? Would class A be better without the Govies? Renegades, CV, Alliance,etc. they have all brought something great to DCA. Losing non-eastern corps from finals would hurt the activity. I would say that it would have the same result eventually if eastern corps perform in different parts of the country. That competition and exposure of the true quality of the all-age activity would lead to increased awareness, financial support, recruiting, audience, and branding for DCA. It may encourage more to take an interest in the weekend model for drum corps, one that I feel may be the future for our activity, and therefore increase the quality and size of our participants. Sure, when you think on the small scale of what is best for this year, "our corps," or our region, it makes a ton of sense to keep with the status quo. It works well for the Eastern Corps, but does it work well for the future of the all age activity? I think that it would be better to take the longer view. The one that is beyond the one bus bill, or the 200 extra people in the stands. The view that we all get better when we support each other. The view that even though it is a pain, traveling brings the non-eastern corps together. It is a model that can work if there is a priority to growing the activity and not just looking out for ourselves. Obviously, it takes planning and can't be done every year initially, but shouldn't we be spreading our brand of drum corps in as many parts of the country as possible? We have something great to offer. I think that if it is an established show with a decent facility and audience at first it might work. Maybe a new show eventually, but not for a while.
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    We already got those when electronics was approved... We just didn't fully realize it at the time. Is the voting membership, or a significant part of it, among that "we"? Maybe having recognized that mistake, they could correct it?
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    of c) she actually couldn't show up even though she thought it was cool? Don't get me wrong, as a tOSU alum I am no fan of U of Michigan, and I personally think the show in this topic is fairly cheesy** However, pop acts utilizing marching bands and drum lines seems to be fairly trendy lately, and outside of the obvious PR move on Byonce's part (having a video intro for a high-profile school at a VERY high profile nationally televised football game) it's not impossible to think Byonce genuinely thought it was cool but couldn't make time to go. **FWIW outside of the "Ohio State taking jabs at Michigan after Michigan took jabs as Ohio State" aspect, I thought the TBDBITL show was also uber cheesy: albeit BOTH shows are entertaining to the fan base which is all collegiate marching band is about.
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    It was one of the most defining moments of my design career because of it's meaning and intent. Never forget. Fran
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    Nah, they only need the hint, not the whole thing spelled out for them. Plus, no NCAA sanctions up in Wolverine country.
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    ...of course BITD charts were hand written, and there are a few big-timers still doing it today (only what they write is transcribed to, mostly, Pyware for ease of teaching/communication)...the computer doesn't "generate" drill, it is "written" within the program...but you can move pretty quickly compared to charting by hand, that's for sure. I teach so many drills these days, well, I'm SICK of Pyware! I mean, you can easily see Pyware drill if you view with that in mind...of course you have to be familiar with *how* it looks, but that's no big deal if you pay attention. If you have Fan Network check out, say, Crossmen and then switch over to Colts...you will definitely see the difference. AFA "changed with the click of a mouse" well, it's just like charting by hand here, just easier to do the job, as far as I know there's no program out there that'll do the thinking for you if you're having to write-out a hole or something...guys are moving pretty fast nowadays, but they are making a living doing it...a *good* living...
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    Haha, you don't have to worry about that. We'll release more information as it becomes readily available =D
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    Garfield, I believe my comment was more along the lines of "why is talking about that so important?" That wasn't hateful just didn't think it was something we should concern ourselves with. In any case, I can't say I am burnt out...just don't get excited about it anymore. I come here for my fix but it's not what it was a few years ago. Thaks for your thoughts everyone
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    Depends on how you define "loaded." MBI has more money in the bank than the other top 9 DCA corps combined. (Well, you'd maybe have to exclude C2 if you count YEA's resources) MBI has the largest budget. Their assests are greater than Phantom Regiment's. This is all on public record if you do the research. They did it based upon financial prudence, diversification of income and on top of that, they can still afford to go out east twice per season. THAT's the model that other DCA corps need to follow if this activity has any chance of long-term survival.
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    A beautiful story of dedication, love, and honor. The Last 24 Notes EDIT: HERE is Mike Boo's touching tribute from April of this year.
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    if memory serves westshore all the way back to the bonnie scots could never hola a corps together for all that long. i always wondered what the problem was. they were here then they were gone and so on. what was up with all that? i mean going way back to the 50's.
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    I believe what you correctly state is known to many on DCP. But any of us who know how DCI really operates knows that what happens at the Janual doesn't happen in a vaccuum. Much occurs in earlier discussions and reviews besides possible rule changes. Where will the activity be geographically heading in '14? Who will pay for it? Who can't pay for it? What has 2013 taught us? What judges stay, which ones go and why? How do we do certain things and not do others? What should not be done again? What can't we afford to do (again)? How much do we increase salaries? Can we afford Michael Boo since he is priceless? ETC., ETC., ETC.
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    And this gets to the essence of of the difference between Gaines and Rosander. Myron understands that seemingly-finite space is actually infinite. How many points are there between 0 and 1 on a number line? It's one finite unit, right? But the answer is: INFINITE. There are an infinite number of points in shapes (a field) and solids too. I'm not judging one as better. From a practical point alone, Gaines is WAY BETTER. Gaines' art is in his ability as a "magician," and I mean that with the utmost respect. I walk away thinking he uses infinite space...even though I know he doesn't [strive to], lol. Gets back to the "dots vs form" thing, of which, again, I have no preference nor bias. I'm just an old-fart brass guy who has seen it all on both sides, and I'm reporting my observation here.
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    Recall that Boston Crusaders used LED lights under the white scrim which they rolled out during Charlie's great Les Miz low brass solo.
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    Our drumline wears red, but the hornline has always been blue. Guard is usually purple (except for the green year, but we don't talk about that much ) Thanks! It's great to be back!
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    Can you guys take this to Marching Band Planet? This thread made me throw up in my mouth a little. Especially the comparison to VK part. Garry in Vegas
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    Bottom line, for the most part, the finances of many corps (as with many other non-profit organizations) are an annual "hand to mouth" existence. A drum corps organization, as with any business, should not place at risk it's short term or long term future if it does not have the wherewithals to meet the expenses of any venture decision; be it travel, purchasing new toys, etc. There is a graveyard full of corps who placed the emphasis on all the wrong things without financial accountability. Membership enrichment comes from within coupled with wallet wisdom, not how many miles a group travels, how many new toys they may have, or who's the compensated staff de jour'.
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    Stanford did a tribute to the Irish potato famine at Notre Dame and a tribute to OJ at USC. There is no question about which college band is VK's legacy. And BTW, this ND alum says both UM and OSU can take a big bite out of my buttocks.
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    That was a VERY impressive LIGHT SHOW. Music - to Ohio State Marching - to Ohio State General Effect - to Ohio State Best use of a gimmick that will work one time - Michigan
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    As a tOSU alum, it seems REALLY odd to hear someone compare TBDBITL, one of the most traditional old-school high profile collegiate bands out there, to VK. I'm not saying you're wrong (and this video = you are absolutely correct), it's just weird! It will be interesting to see what the schools do throughout the season. Both marching bands a pretty respected and well-liked by their audiences, but it's fun to see them feed into the rivalry even more than usual! I know that one of the two schools has a pretty big idea planned/designed for this season (that is not a dig at the rival school) that the University is hoping will be as viral as tOSU video game show or the Hawaii stickman-kicks-a-football show.
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    Absolutely not, but it has been in the best interest of MBI and the All-age activity to have the corps out twice a year. It is time that the Eastern corps take their responsibility in marketing and growing the all age activity nationwide seriously. No one is saying that the Eastern groups should do it every year, or that they never have, but maybe every 5? It obviously isn't easy to do, but it is doable. The growth of the all age activity has largely been outside of the NE over the past decade. It is important for the NE corps to recognize that growth should be supported for the better of the whole activity. Otherwise, DCA should just continue to be a nice regional circuit and corps like CV and MBI should do something else.
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    Whether it's the Inspires (and best wishes to them for this season -- when are Finals? December?) or someone else, it would be great if DCA had two or more international corps on hand for next year's 50th anniversary championships.
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    I did hear some rumblings in Annapolis that Cincinnati Tradition was looking into hosting a DCA show next year. I have no confirmation on this, but there was discussion among Tradition members. This *could* be a decent location to pull corps from all directions.
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    Right... but what would be the difference between a normal midwest or south show and a regional... all the corps would be the same. Basically any non eastcoast show is already a regional because there are so few shows. Take a look at what corps would be at these so called regionals: South: Gold, CV, Sun Devils, Alliance Midwest: MBI, Chops, Govies, Kilties, CT, High Country, *Lakeshoremen Yes, those are some dang good corps BUT... the only real "ringer" in there for the Midwest is MBI and the only one in the south is CV. People will show up anyway to see them but imagine if Cabs or Bucs made a trip there... I bet more people would be interested in going. I bet you anything that people skip one show to go to one the next week because thats the show MBI is taking a trip to. Is there a huge benefit to the east corps? Not really, but it would be good for every corps at that show and would promote DCA a bit more in those regions, showing it really is a national circuit. (no disrespect to any corps, just using facts that the top Open corps bring in bigger crowds)
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    I think the people who've already replied to the thread have the basics covered... Try your best to watch the vets and how they rehearse. I say rehearse because a lot of us will act goofy during the camps; it's our first time seeing our friends since last summer so we tend to pick up right where we left off. Normally though, as soon as we're needed to do something serious, we get on task. That's when you should watch us. Also don't be afraid to come and interact with anyone during meals and stuff, especially not the vets. All of them have been where you have before, and they all now how nerve racking the process is. The weekends can be much friendlier if you make friends quickly. Take in all information the staff gives you, and apply it to your fullest ability. Camps at Crown are very big on that, because it is a learning process. If they ask for a volunteer for something, raise your hand immediately. The more one-on-one time you can get with staff members the better. Especially when you're playing in front of them + 30 other kids. Never relax. If you're in the middle of the block in the middle line during visual block, you're still being watched. You're always being watched. Sometimes staff will ask trusted vets questions... "How is _____ doing? How's their work ethic? How would they handle a summer?" And make sure to take care of yourself. Eat a good meal before you drive/fly down to camp, don't rush yourself. Pack a couple of days ahead, you want the experience to be as relaxed as possible, in the sense of not stressing yourself out. When you get to camp, be sure to always be drinking water or gatorade. Don't overeat during meals... Food truck food does something different to everyone their first time eating it... Mine was not pleasant (the food isn't bad, it's just different than what you eat on a daily basis). But having said that, make sure you eat. Nothing is worse than you getting light headed halfway through a visual or brass block. And try not to stress out too much when you get called in front of the brass staff to audition. There are hundreds of other kids in the same shoes as you are, trying to prove themselves to get a spot. Don't worry about them, and don't worry about how the audition is going to go. Just go in, do what they ask, and own it. Confidence can make or break people at camps. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or something. I'm from NC as well, so maybe if you're close enough we can carpool.
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    Michael Klesch, present music arranger for Carolina Crown, was a bass drummer for the Cadets before he became their drum major for '83; he won the first DC I World Class championship titles with each of these two corps!!! Joe Reichert, drum major of the Cadets in 1995, had been one of their snares. Jim Zulick, drum major of the Cadets in 2005, was previously their color guard captain, a high school saxophonist who learned a mean rifle; he also won World Class championships.
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    Well, one would hope they were looking at the root of the problem, and not the result.
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