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    After several years of lurking, you chose this as your first post?!?
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    The Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni Corps OPEN house will be held on the weekend of 11/23 & 24, 2013. This event is open to anyone interested in joining one of the < world of Drum Corps > most entertaining units as they celebrate the 10th anniversary of their rebirth. More information to be posted shortly including times and location ... HYPE!!!
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    Not strictly World Class I know... however... for those jonesing for a fix of live drum corps, the Drum Corps Europe championships are being held today in Kerkrade Belgium. As they did last year, DCE is hosting a totally free live webcast of the entire event. I think you will find some of the European corps surprisingly entertaining (and good!)... The webcast can be found here: 2013 DCE Championships Webcast Enjoy!
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    Hi guys not seen it mentioned elsewhere so thought I'd bring it to your attention! Drum Corps Europe will once again broadcast the European Championships live on the internet this year. The live stream is free to watch and can be accessed via a banner on the website. For those who can’t come to Kerkrade this year to attend the largest drum corps event in Europe, the live webcast is the next best thing. Four cameras will cover the performances. The presentation is in the hands of Robby Overvliet, and analysts Joe Fitzpatrick and Paul Doop will give their opinions on the shows. The webcast, provided by a team of seventeen volunteers, is a production of the Video Vault (the joint video project of Drum Corps Europe and Color Guard Netherlands), in collaboration with Show & Marching Music who are in charge of the audio recordings. All performances can be viewed online soon after the Championships, in even better HD quality. Waiting months for the recordings to become available is a thing of the past. Once the shows are available as video on demand, DCE will announce this on the website. In addition to Saturday’s live webcast, a preview will be aired on Friday evening. On Friday from 8 pm Kerkrade time (7 pm GMT), Robby Overvliet will take a look at what is coming on Championships day with videos, statistics and interviews. This broadcast will also be available for free. The webcast on Saturday will start at 9 am Kerkrade time (8 am GMT). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdZA5diAHqQ
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    Aside from being associated with a large university and drafting off the alum/local affinity for that university? Nope, can't think of much. The average Big 10 band show is the musical equivalent of a Happy Meal. The only thing missing is the toy.
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    You might get more family members of corps members traveling to a new location, just because it is different than Rochester. I feel like if you stay in one place too long you build your local base, but you start to not get as many people traveling in to see the show. People want a destination when they are going to spend a lot of money to travel. What about moving to a high metropolitan area like Boston or Philadelphia? I realize Washington has a large population, but I never got the final numbers for attendance.
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    Actually, I have resisted commenting because I do not want to be THAT guy. You know the type.... "Boston will be for real this year! Third place is a lock! They'll be contesting for first! Blue Devils and Crown had better watch out! blah/blah/blah" Having said that, and since I have been apparently called out of hiding by several of you, I shall now comment. The grey uniforms are for sale. If interested, go to www.crusaders.com.
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    Hey everyone - I thought I would repost this here. I donated a painting to the Madison Scouts in celebration of our 75th Anniversary and to help raise funds for the Corps. Our banquet is this weekend in Madison where the original painting is being auctioned off. However the bidding has begun. Here is the link to more info! http://www.madisonscouts.org/blog/?p=1040 P.S. Does someone know how to post the pic of the painting on here? I used to be able to do it through flickr, but don't have the capability anymore. :)
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    When you're not the main draw, you do what you can to get support from the university and the fans. They don't sell 100,000 tickets to see the marching band, but the football team sells that. The B1G bands are in a support role, their only job is to entertain the fans during halftime. Why shouldn't they get to have some fun? Not like they're severely sacrificing quality to do it. As much as people decry DCI shows for not being "entertaining" enough, it's weird to say that college band shows aren't high-brow enough.
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    Nothing funnier than a musical snob. These Big 10 bands at which you look down your nose know what their purpose is. They are heavily non-music majors (likely because the music majors see themselves as too good for such pedestrian pursuits), and they do what they're there for- they fire up the crowd and provide entertainment at their level. Drum corps professional navel-gazers could learn something from this. But it's beneath them, I'm sure.
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    The drum corps year can be understood to have four distinct seasons: Designer deliberations, winter camps, Spring training, and summer tour. But it is in that first season that many corps chance to fall. What really happens during designer deliberations? What show is picked and how do they view it? ( Edit note: Any show nicknames used below are not original from me but come from my sponsorees and their busmates who marched several corps this season as they comment about their peers.) Several years back when Marc Sylvester was interviewed a few times, most notably by Steve Rondinaro and Dennis Delucia, he as drill design consultant made a big deal about picking the right narrative with characters the audience might understand. His hand was clearly seen in Cadets' '05 and '06. Since then he's been with several corps, now Colts, almost as many as Peterson, Beddis, and Van Doren as they seemingly go the rounds of all DCI corps. 2013 might have been different however, as it seems the top 5 corps and the Troopers presented concepts rather than narratives. Sure Crown did have it's poem, but it wasn't the whole show nor it's point which is still being debated. But certainly Crown did not give us a straight line narrative in "Einstein at Myrtle Beach." Nor did the "Bleacher Creatures from Canton," "Hopkins goes to the Barber," or "Tetherballs in Siberia." Not even the one authentic story performed by SCV was a narrative while they "Rotated France." (Their great visual program also gave them the nickname "Frogs' Legs.") Compare this to "Spirit Getting Sauced," Regiment's "Guardgirl fights evil Queen Joan and Suta-saurus," Madison's "Boot camp, Battle, and Brotherhood," Cavies' "Behind the Closet Door," BK "Going round in Circles," BS "No one does Voodoo like you do," and most certainly Boston's "150 Shades of Gray climaxing in Rise" for which they eventually blushed. Oregon Crusaders and Mandarins certainly told us narratives as did Lola and the Academy. And then there was Pacific Crest. So in this "off season" while we debate our technical proficiencies showing whether we preferred the precision of the Cavaliers pits' "Flag-o-matic" to BD's "Clump and Dump" (where a tick less approach is written for the guardster to take a heap of flashflags and randomly toss them on to field while the retriever has so many counts of free form to find the flag and come back to the specified dot,) consider what the designers might be deliberating for 2014. Will we see more concept shows or narratives this season?
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    Congratulations to Heartliner, for making DCE Finals!!! They finished their performance a few minutes ago. Their first-ever appearance in DCE Finals!!!
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    Maybe a little jesuitical in his thinking at times, he, he.
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    I'll have you know that it is strictly a voluntary and UNPAID " guest appearance " and I did not come here to me made sport of, you spectral wraith, you. ( haha!)... on a more serious note, it does appear that the Boston Crusaders are putting together quite the staff. Good for them!
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    Schedule - times are CET SCHEDULE 08.30 - DCE stand open 08.30 - Ticket office and gate open 09.30 - Start day competition 09.30 - Premier Class Prelims 09.30 - Kadoudal 09.48 - Staffordshire Knights 10.06 - Mosson 10.24 - Con Spirito 10.42 - Spirit of 52 11.00 - Tallaght YB Marching Vikings 11.18 - Nexus 11.36 - Besana Secutores 11.54 - Heartliner 12.12 - Break 12.45 - Commodores 13.03 - Starriders 13.21 - Beatrix 13.39 - Black Knights 13.57 - Juliana 14.15 - Jubal 14.33 - Kidsgrove Scouts 14.51 - The Company 15.15 - Junior Class Finals 15.15 - Confetti 15.32 - Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors 15.49 - Jong Beatrix 16.06 - Ravens 16.23 - Johan Friso 16.40 - Jong Jubal 17.00 - Award Ceremony Junior Class 17.45 - End day competition 17.45 - Break 18.15 - Winning show Junior Class 18.30 - Premier Class Finals 18.30 - 10th placed corps Premier Class Prelims 18.48 - 9th placed corps Premier Class Prelims 19.05 - 8th placed corps Premier Class Prelims 19.23 - 7th placed corps Premier Class Prelims 19.41 - 6th placed corps Premier Class Prelims 20.00 - Break 20.30 - 5th placed corps Premier Class Prelims 20.48 - 4th placed corps Premier Class Prelims 21.05 - 3rd placed corps Premier Class Prelims 21.23 - 2nd placed corps Premier Class Prelims 21.41 - 1st placed corps Premier Class Prelims 22.05 - Award Ceremony Premier Class 22.45 - Winning show Premier Class 23.00 - End evening competition
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    Licensing a license? I'm pretty sure Vatican City was around prior to Gail Royer founding Santa Clara Vanguard out of the remains of the Sunnyvale Sparks. I'd let it be...wouldn't want the church to go all "DaVinci Code" on the corps. (Though that would make for an interesting visual where the corps disappears behind their sets and really disappears.)
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    That may explain that heavenly visual package Pete Weber put together for them this summer. Totally entertaining and energetic.
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    "Stato della Città del Vaticano" and "Status Civitatis Vaticanae", the Italian and Latin names for Vatican City. But we can make believe the Pope's also into the bottle dance.
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    Wow! Smart and Lentz. Nice catches. And a special thanks to Chad Pence as he takes some sabbatical time. What ever horn line he touched he improved and gave us some great sounds to enjoy. Nice guy too.
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    I'd say "Welcome" but as you know on DCP that will be dissected, challenged, and parodied 8 zillion ways by the same dozen usual posters. I confess that I too was a lurker for a long while before venturing forth, and let me tell you, it's been..... Hopefully this will not be your last post or at least not the last for this century. Otherwise, based on the stats on the very bottom of the right hand corner of the first page for forums you'd become a member of one of the biggest religions in the nation, fallen away DCP'ers. Get on the bus!
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    Just playing devil's advocate here, but I was the brass arranger and caption head for the Colts during their first break into the Top 12. Made it 3 times including an 8th place brass finish BEFORE I finished school. Pieces of paper mean little. Ears, knowledge and passion do. While I will not put the cart before the horse, I expect very good things from Anthony and the staff/consultants he'll be surrounded with. Best, Chuck Naffier
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    Thanks! We are EXCITED to get back on the field! ~Scott
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    Freddie, You may have taken one too many blows to the head that you are seeing Stars (Blue, and of Indiana, ha, ha.)
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    Be glad he doesn't live in Texas. Our bands/drumlines play constantly while the ball is in play, whether on offense or defense. I love it.
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    You did them proud! C. Beebe would be pleased.
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    I thought this one was significantly funnier than last time, tbh
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    I was there for 85-87, 92, 99 and 2002, and I'd be ok with going there! I enjoyed the city and actually walked from my downtown hotel to the stadium all 3 days in 99 to avoid traffic and parking issues. State Street was a blast! Yeah school would be going, tho withthe long weekend campus may not be as crazy. Yes, you have to work around the football teams schedule, and heavens yes, the upper deck would have to be closed off like it was at Annapolis. tailgating? hello, how many bars across the street? but there's an untapped resource living in that city: Steve Vickers. Remember, what city had the highest attendance for Division 2/3/Open Class Finals? Madison. Long shot? Sure. But that's one out the NE region option that IMO has possibility
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    Mike Hardiek's work at Homestead High School speaks for itself, some REALLY phenomenal visual programs for the high school level (2011s Childeren of the Sun is arguably my favorite high school production, mostly due to the visual program). Great pick up there for sure. Can't wait to see what they do. And of course Mr. Naffier is just awesome. Very excited to see this team working together.
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    does this qualify for consideration for BD '14's Paws and Claws show that Normy Diploome scooped last week???
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    Ohio State is a heavily military-styled band that looks and plays about the same as it did 80 years ago. I can't think of a worse comparison.
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    Oh.. So Ohio U actually HAS admission standards?
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    No, because Ohio State sucks. Michigan's show this week involved giant laser displays, so they clearly upped the ante on that rivalry.
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    Just went back and watched their 2012 and 2009 programs Boy do I wish one of those would have taken the gold 2012 - feel brass, drill and drums were all better than 13's -- guard better in 13 obviously 2009 remains my favorite Crown program - nothing comes close - LOVE IT Also I personally greatly prefer their cream uni to the purple. Makes the corps look huge and distinctive. But yeah, I know, they show dirt. And the demand of the drill in 2009/10/11/12 to the drill in 13. 12's drill was nuts. 09's drill was just perfect. The drill into the crown = The drill into the final company front = aka unbelievable! The music arrangements and some of the drill moves in 09 have yet to be topped by Crown in my opinion. 13 is so derivative by comparison. But judging by this thread I'm the only one = which is fine. Carry on
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    LOL! So FUNNY! Poor obsessive girl who doesn't understand that "..has no words..." means "Quit asking dumb questions!". Perfect cut, Sky.
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    So yeah, here's some more. I think I've about exhausted what I can mine from the Crown Semis VOD (the battery drill is actually from the Allentown VOD):
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    AAG early 1970’s. We’re having a meeting sometime soon about summer travels. I may ask about this rainy day if it’s on the agenda ; ) Until then hoping for rain to make my garden grow i'm whimsical today...tomorrow is another day : )
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    So what? At least this one has the proper link front and center!
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    Not to mention the luxury of a captive audience there to see a football game. They can't all get a hot dog or relieve nature at the same time. Half of a 95,000 audience is still huge, and a gift that keeps on giving. I'd bet those fans would cheer just as loudly if Crown performed halftime, after figuring out how to program for four sides of the field.
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    Someone on another thread said these recordings are pretty fabulous, except for some early cheering on one. I went to the website and got a bit flummoxed by the geek vocabulary. Are these recordings available in any way for us old geezers who are not as tech savvy or possessing all the latest gadgets and gizmos? One of things I loved about Crown's show this year is how it found such positive resonance across so many generations. Even if the whole show design was not fully understood, even we dinosaurs appreciated that horn line.
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    As one who was taught by several Jesuit professors, was not in fact the corps name Sancians taken from the name of the island where SFX died? At least that is the story in S. Weymouth to this day. I know Xavier Academy in Manhattan, NYC has its own parade drum and bugle corps and drill team. They also do football and soccer games with a limited drill, old school style.
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    So because the Pope has a license plate of SCV1 and Santa Clara University is a Jesuit college, some are concluding that Santa Clara Vanguard is a Jesuit corps? Well SCV's show this year was based on a tale of liberty and rights with characters who are dedicated but flawed, so that would be a Jesuit kind of theme. Also, Victor Hugo who wrote Les Miserables the novel on which the musical was based sometimes irked the Church and the Jesuits do too which could make SCV a Jesuit corps, but are they the most "Jesuit" corps? Maybe, maybe not. Here are some other possibilities as the most Jesuit drum corps: Carolina Crown's show was a combination of many talents and Jesuits always encourage using gifts for something greater than ourselves so Crown has Jesuit possibilities. Blue Devils shows as of late are a stroke of genius but often leave people scratching their heads and saying what? Have you ever been a student in a class taught by a Jesuit? It can be like a combination of "Rewrite of Spring" and "Cabaret Voltaire." As far as Cadets are concerned, Jesuits can be controversial and our friend George H. can be controversial. Bluecoats show questioned what it means to be American and Jesuits question everything. Jesuits are believed to be secretive so perhaps "Secret Society" makes Cavies a great Jesuit corps. Boston Crusaders have the initials BC and BC Boston College is a Jesuit school, though most of us of a certain era refer to Boston Crusaders as BAC for Bad ### Crusaders and a friend of mine who went to BC referred to BC as his "badsass" college. That may not count but I'm willing to be more than a few Crusaders attended BC. However Jesuits are always changing and BAC did have it's famous uniform change. Madison's show depicted a battle. There are Jesuits who do great work with kids in gangs which can be a battlefield and Jesuits always like a good fight, so Madison may be the most Jesuit corps. I had dinner one evening at a Jesuit residence and never saw such a well stocked bar, so perhaps Spirit and it's tribute to speakeasies make our friends from the south the perfect Jesuit corps. The least Jesuit corps of last year's finalists: Phantom: while Jesuits are great at helping people conquerr their inner demons, they are not into murder. Blue Stars: voodoo and the Jesuits are not compatible though their 2008 "Tour de France" show celebrates personal excellence and that's pretty Jesuity.
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    And to most of us other 50 states in the real republic, Texas is just the north suburb of Mexico.
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    Can honestly say I'm not going to miss Lentz as a judge. His name is one I would cringe at when seeing listed on that nights panel. There's a few corps that come to mind that will definitly miss him.....and the Cavaliers are not one of them.
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    Domino's outsells most good quality local pizza restaurants. I think Domino's pizza sucks too. Does that make me a "snob?" Better a snob than an egalitarian who tries to claim that something that appeals to the lowest common denominator has value just BECAUSE it shoots so low.
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