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  1. I ran across this recording of the 1976 Bluecoats in a box I hadn't opened in years. I thought now would be a good time to digitize it and share with all the BLUE Alumni and Fans to hear where we came from in history. 1976 was our 3rd Competing year, we competed more including a few contest in Toronto, PA, Ohio and Michigan, we score our first 70 this year, made the US Open and didn't go to DCI in Philly for fear of Legionaires disease. We appreciated our fans, since we first hit the field they were always supportive an we seemed to be crowd favorites back then also. This was the first year we
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  2. If we are talking from an enjoyment level, they are both pretty close in my opinion. Although I enjoyed 3 other shows more than I did Crown or BD. I thought from a pure enjoyment standpoint, it was SCV, Cadets, Cavaliers, Crown and BD, in that order. If you eliminate the really crappy shades of Cadets Sara Jones narration, I would put Crown above Cavaliers for enjoyment, but it didn't work for Cadets in my opinion a few years ago, and doesn't work for me with Crown this year. The counting was ok, as it is in the original work that way, and was performed very well, but I didn't really like it i
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  3. We're only three weeks from the Skyliners Open House and interest has been steadily picking up for months. Come see what all the fuss is about on Saturday, November 23 at Wyoming Valley West High School in Plymouth, PA from Noon until 6PM for what is sure to be a fun, exciting day of drum corps. Visit the website to sign up for the corps at www.sky2014.org Come out and be a part of something special on the 23rd. Adam Burdett, Director of Recruiting adamburdett@verizon.net
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  4. I couldn't not take a video of this, quite impressive! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-xJFo0iyqk
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